Xiaomi Redmi 5A Vs Redmi 5 Vs Redmi Note 5; Full Specifications Comparison, Price, Display, Camera and Conclusion

Xiaomi Redmi 5A Vs Redmi 5 Vs Redmi Note 5

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to make a full specifications comparison between the Xiaomi Redmi 5A Vs Redmi 5 Vs Redmi Note 5. If you’re planning to buy a budget smartphone that is under 10,000 rupees in India or $150 in the USA, these are the three smartphones that you would be choosing from. The Redmi 5A is the cheapest one that is now selling at 5,999 rupees in India or $100 in the USA, the Redmi Note 5 starting price is 9,999 rupees in India or $150 in the USA, and the Redmi 5 comes at a starting price of 7,999 rupees or $125 in the USA. The chipsets are different, the displays are different, and most of all the build quality of these three phones are also different. So, in this review, I’ll point out all the differences and will tell you which one you should buy. So, let’s start-


Design & Build: –

The Redmi 5A is the smallest one and has a 5-inch display, so it’s convenient smartphone. Also, it is the only phone among the three to have capacitive keys at the bottom. So, if you don’t like on-screen keys, this is the phone to look for. The frame of the phone and the back as well is entirely made out of plastic also there is no Corning Gorilla Glass on top.

Let’s talk about the Redmi 5, this is the latest phone from Xiaomi, and it’s also not built out of metal entirely. You’ll see only the backplate is metal otherwise the frame of the phone is plastic, but it is much better made than the Redmi 5A. It has more excellent feel in hand and feels more solid, also the buttons more tactile, and you’ll see that they are more robust and hold their place well. Another significant difference between the Redmi 5A and the Redmi 5 is that you get a bezel-less design. So, if I compare the sizes of these two phones, the Redmi 5 is not very big compared to the Redmi 5A, but you’ll see that the display size is very different. The Redmi 5 packs a lot of screen in a smaller form factor whereas the Redmi 5 packs of 5-inch screen.

Let’s talk about the Redmi Note 5, this phone is entirely made out of metal that is the frame is metal, and the back, of course, is also metal, but the bottom and the top ends are plastic. This phone also comes with bezel-less design and packs a 6-inch display so if you compare the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi 5 you’ll see that the size of Redmi 5 is handier and also lighter in comparison to the Note 5. Otherwise, they both have a bezel-less display, and they have a speaker at the bottom while the Redmi 5A has it at the back. They also have fingerprint scanner which the Redmi 5A does not.

So, if we go about the design of the phone, the Redmi 5 comes out to be the best phone. Of course, the Redmi 5 is handier.


Display: –

Let’s first compare the Redmi 5A and the Redmi 5, both have an HD panel that is the resolution of 720p and support an IPS display, but you’ll notice the screen on the Redmi 5 is slightly better regarding colour balance and brightness as well. You’ll see the screen on the Redmi 5 looks somewhat yellowish while it seems balanced on the Redmi 5.

Now, let’s bring in the Redmi Note 5 in comparison you will see that the display is slightly brighter on the Redmi 5 but if you notice the brightness and the colour accuracy it’s better on the Note 5 as was the case with the Redmi 5 and the 5A, the Note 5 has better light and it looks better in contrast as well that would be true because the Redmi Note 5 has a full HD panel while the Redmi 5 has a 720p HD panel. The best colour reproduction on the Redmi Note 5 that has a 1080p display then is on the Redmi 5, and the last comes the Redmi 5A. Though, there are no significant differences in the brightness levels and that is an excellent part about the Redmi 5A that maintains that brightness level to a great extent despite having a 720p resolution and a small screen in that price segment but still if you want the best display for your price and if you want a bigger screen then the Redmi Note 5 should be your first option.


Camera: –

The autofocus speed is quite lovely on the Redmi Note 5, and the Redmi 5 also has the same camera. Both phones have excellent autofocus capabilities, and the shutter lag is also not that high. The Autofocus on the Redmi 5A is undoubtedly slower; it does take time to grab focus and keep the object bright and sometimes you would need to touch to refocus as it doesn’t identify the object correctly.

The rear camera on the Redmi 5 and the Redmi Note 5 is the same which 12-megapixel, so naturally photos come out to be similar but you will notice that the Redmi 5A does have a dip in details and the sharpness of the picture is also not that good. The colour is also captured by the Redmi 5 in comparison.

The front cameras of all these phones come with a same 5-megapixel sensor for Redmi 5 at 5,999 it makes for a decent camera capturing workable details and colour. But for the Redmi 5 and more importantly for the Note 5 it looks insufficient.


Software & Performance: –

All these three smartphones run on the Android 7.1.2 Nougat with MIUI 9 on top. The Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi 5 are running on the latest MIUI 9.2, but the Redmi 5A will also update soon to the newest version.

You’ll see the uploading on Wi-Fi will be faster on the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi 5 because they support dual-band Wi-Fi.

You’ll see that a difference in chipset also affects the gaming performance of these three devices. You’ll even notice that the games are slightly lagging on the Redmi 5A. Gaming is not a problem on both the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi 5, but I saw that on the Redmi 5A even games like Subway Surfer hang and don’t play well.


Conclusion: –

So, which of the three phones should you buy, if you want the best phone among the three and don’t want to spend much that is as much as rupees 10,000 or $150 purchase the Redmi 5. It gets you the latest design, hardware comparable to the Redmi Note 5 including the camera and all the features and still saves you 2000 rupees. I would also recommend you to get the Redmi 5 because of it’s lighter and handier form factor compared to the Note 5 that has gotten heavier and bigger than it’s predecessor the Note 4.

But if the big screen and bulky form factor do not seem much of a problem to you buy the Redmi Note 5, it gets you the best possible specs for the price and offers pleasant experience both regarding software, camera and display.

As for the Redmi 5A, it’s the cheapest on the budget and gets only if you have your budget constrained strictly to 6000 rupees.