Full Specifications Comparison Between Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Vs iPhone X and Conclusion

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Vs iPhone X


Introduction: –

Hello, Friends! Today I’m going to do full specs comparison between Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Vs iPhone X. Now, some of you guys may not be familiar with the Mi Mix 2 but it’s a very popular smartphone made in China by Xiaomi. It’s very popular in China and India also but it’s not as popular in the United States. However, when Xiaomi built this phone they built it together to the US audience.

It’s the high-end smartphone it competes directly with the current flagships like the Samsung S8 Plus, LG V30, Galaxy Note 8 it’s got all the maximum specifications such as Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM, 64GB to 256GB storage and of course the high-class premium build. So, that’s basically why I’m comparing this to the iPhone 10 so that you guys are aware of the options out there on the market. So, let’s start-


Design & Build: –

Bezels: –

They both have very thin bezels but there are slight differences so with the iPhone you have bezels on 3-sides. They’re very thin giving you an impression that you’re looking at a complete frontal display but then you have a notch on the top that houses the selfie shooter and Face ID scanner.

With the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 you have very thin bezel on the side, very nice looking frontal display but at the bottom, you have a thicker bezel. The front camera houses are the right at the bottom of the corner.

Front Panel: –

So, that’s the difference on the iPhone 10 you have a notch on the top and the camera on the top. On Xioami Mi Mix 2 you have a thicker bezel on the top and on the bottom with a front camera on the right side. By having this front camera at the bottom you don’t get the full frontal camera experience. This phone allows you to do when you pull up the front camera it wants you to rotate the phone to take a selfie.

If I don’t take selfies then I prefer Mi Mix 2 phone design better than the iPhone 10. It just looks cleaner overall the iPhone X looks a little bit less clean with a little notch on the top but it does house some amazing technology including the Facial Recognition.

Rear Panel: –

On the Flipside, when you look at the backside of these smartphones I like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 better also. With the iPhone, you have a glass backing and it’s a very tough and very high-quality glass when you hold this in your hand it feels 100% premium. And of course when you look at the camera it’s a dual camera setup, you have a regular camera, a telephoto camera and you have an LED flashlight. It’s a vertical orientation.

When you look at the MI Mix 2, you have one camera, a fingerprint scanner and you have a dual LED flashlight. Now, a ring around the camera that golden ring is actually gold-plated, it’s 18 carats. This ring gives it a nice sweet style.

Of course, one thing I do like is if you’re gonna have a fingerprint on the back of a phone it’s best to have it, under the camera centred on the screen that’s the perfect place for my finger. iPhone 10 does not have a fingerprint sensor, it has a Facial Recognition which works perfectly. To be honest I’ve using it for a while it works perfectly.

Design-wise, I really like the back of the phone better but here on MI Mix 2 back is not built out of glass, it feels like glass but this is ceramic. Both smartphones have premium look but Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has better looks than the iPhone X.

The Mi Mix 2 has a 12-megapixel camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and the iPhone 10 has dual cameras, primary camera on this phone is better than the primary camera of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. So, already we have two things on the iPhone that are better than Mix 2.


Display: –

When it comes to the quality of display the iPhone display quality is superior. It is Super AMOLED display and it’s got a high resolution. Both smartphones are full screen.

The Mi Mix 2 has a 5.99-inch IPS LCD display. The display looks fantastic and this is not an OLED panel. The colours look excellent. It’s sharp enough to even read the fine text and bright enough outside with no big colour shifting. Videos look great and everything looks clear enough to my eyes. So, in general, the display looks really very good and to be honest I won’t miss AMOLED panel and the 2% extra sharpness of QHD.

The iPhone 10 has a 5.8-inch display does make a phone slightly bigger and this phone is quite handy. It’s one of the best display that you will find on a smartphone paired with technology that allows it to adapt to the environment around it. The display automatically changes hues from blue, red to yellow. So, that you get an optimum viewing in the environment you’re in.

The colours on the display are also quite punchy and amazing to look at they don’t hurt the eyes and of course have great brightness, legibility and viewing angles when you are using it outdoors.

Display, if you no issue with the notch and you want better quality then I’ll recommend you the iPhone 10 display is better than the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. But if go with the Mi Mix 2, there is also a pretty good display in terms of display quality.


Camera: –

Mi Mix 2 Camera: –

The Mi Mix 2 Camera app takes a picture quite fast there are a few shooting modes including a Pro mode that allows you to adjust some image settings. There is also a slow-motion video mode.

The overall image quality is quite good but I expected better results from the phone. It can take some good-looking daylight pictures but some of them could have more detail. Also, I got a few shots that were out of focus.

The low-light camera performance is okay but again I expected a little bit better results from a $615 smartphone.

The 4K video looks quite good and 4-axis optical image stabilization does the job reducing the shakiness. However, I found that there is some video’s continuous autofocus is not always reliable and sound recording quality could be a lot better.

1080p selfie video looks great just bear in mind that awkward selfie camera position.

iPhone 10 Camera: –

The cameras on iPhone 10 are not just about more pixels or more details. Of course, Apple doesn’t utilize their full potential. I think using the software Apple has made use of 3D sensing and you get features like augmented reality on the device. But in daily use, you will see that you can create photos in Portrait mode. There is dual camera at the back and both sensors have optical image stabilization.

We have seen that the iPhone 10 doesn’t match the quality of that of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. There is a difference between the photos taken from these two phones the iPhone X wins in low light conditions and it also captures better details. It’s all up to your choice and if you’re looking for better photos you may go with the iPhone that has a better front camera as well.


Performance & Memory: –

The Mi Mix 2 is powered by Snapdragon 835 which clocked at Octa-Core 2.45GHz processor. It is coupled with 6/8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for the base model. Performance wise, this is very powerful processor I have been never been face any problem. Multitasking is great and the gaming performance is also excellent. I had also no problem with the call quality and the signal reception.

The Apple iPhone 10 has A11 Bionic Chipset which clocked at Hexa-Core processor with 3GB RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage for the base model. This processor is very powerful than the Snapdragon 835, it handled everything like frequent multitasking and the gaming performance is super excellent.


Software: –

Basically, iPhone 10 has a static grid of app icons on the screen which you can do. The only thing you can do to customize your phone is to change the wallpaper. If I go to the settings, I can tap on the wallpaper and I can just pick one of the Live Wallpaper or still wallpapers. Then one more thing you can do if you go to the left top side, you have the side screen where you can add some widgets so you’ve got the appointments, news.

Now, the Mi Mix 2 is much deeper than that so you pinch the screen, you get a quick menu. You have themes, widgets, wallpapers and effects I like the effects. Basically, when you scroll between home screens you can choose a different effect so that’s the tumble effect that I really like. There’s also a scrolling effect. And another thing you have wallpapers and we’re just as obvious but you also have got access to themes if you tap on themes you can pick different themes for your phone. So, the Android is more customizable and personalizable than the iOS.

But one thing you’re gonna lose if you go with that Android system, you will lose that superior app ecosystem on the iPhone. Now, when you go to the App Store the quality of the games you get on the iPhone is simply better than the games you get from the Google Play Store. And the quality of apps on the App Store is better than the quality of the apps on the Play Store.


Biometrics & Security: –

The iPhone 10 comes with Facial Recognition which no doubt very accurate and faster. But the Mi Mix 2 comes with Touch ID which is more fast and accurate than the iPhone X Face ID.


Battery: –

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has 3400 milliamp-hours battery which lasts your entire day. It will give you 5-6 hours of screen time without any problem. It ships with a quick charge 3.0 which charge your device 0-100% in

The iPhone 10 ships with 2716 milliamp-hours battery which also lasts your whole day. It will give you 5 hours of screen time without any issue. It supports Qi standard wireless charging and it doesn’t ship with fast charger.


Price: –

The iPhone 10 comes at the price 89,000 rupees or $1000 for the 64GB base model. The Mi Mix 2 comes at the Price 35000 rupees or $615 for the 64GB base model.


Conclusion: –

Finally, both are excellent smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi Mix has a better design and builds quality, it looks premium from both sides front and back. It has a better display, good camera quality, good battery life, better user interface and the biometrics sensor is also good.

The iPhone 10 has also better design but the build quality is not great as the Mi Mix 2. It has a powerful processor that’s why it’ll give you best performance than the Mi Mix2. The camera quality is excellent and the battery life performance is good but not great.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi Mix comes with a 6 RAM with 64GB of storage for the base model and it’s very cheaper than the iPhone X which comes with a 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for the base model.

If you are iPhone lover and if you want an upgrade from the Android devices then the iPhone 10 is a better choice but keep in mind this is very pricey smartphone than the MI Mix 2. But if you want to experience open-ended software system, you want a bigger display, a premium design, better battery life, excellent biometrics security and a budget smartphone then you have to go with Mi Mix 2.