The Full Phone Specifications Comparison b/w Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel with Review and Conclusion

Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel

Introduction: –

Hello! Guys, Today, I’m going to comparing two of the hottest devices Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel, which of these two is the better phone. We have the taller and the unique full-screen design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 go against the on smoothly running excellent camera of the Google Pixel. Let’s start-

Design: –

Galaxy S8 Design vs Google Pixel Design

We have a metal and glass construction on the Galaxy S8 that looks stylish definitely but it is also more prone to catching fingerprints. It has a weird position fingerprint scanner on the back which is a bit hard to reach and just use weird. The Pixel does not have those issues but it’s slippery. Both phones are built pretty solidly so no issues in that department. The winner of this department is the Galaxy S8 and you can clearly see that it’s a huge step up from previous displays.

Display: –

Galaxy S8 display vs Google Pixel Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 has an 18.5 by 9 aspect ratio display. You can see how much more screen space you get here when compared even compare the phone with the Pixel. But curiously enough the both displays are nearly identical in terms of their width. So despite the Pixel being a 5-inch phone and the Galaxy S8 being a 5.8-inch phone. They have nearly the same width, the height of this S8 it is really different. You’ll see the colors on both phones are looking very good.

Both displays are AMOLED technology but the one on the Galaxy S8 was featured curved edges towards the side. It just looks very well calibrated. The Pixel is also very decent display but the Galaxy S8 is one step further. Now, this is a difference it will matter to photographers and professionals but not so much to regular people. Regular people thought this display look sharp and have pretty much stunning color.

Camera: –

Galaxy S8 camera vs Google Pixel Camera

The Galaxy S8 features a 12-megapixel camera that has improved from its predecessor. The S7 which had one very good camera and it’s equally fast it has Dual pixel autofocus one of the fastest out the focusing technologies around. The Google Pixel is widely regarded as one of the best cameras out there but the S8 is close to Pixel and not quite there yet. Now we’re dealing with some slight over sharpening and a little clarity effect on the S8, this looks a little bit artificial. Now the Pixel has the more natural looks. But on the other side when we look at the edges of a picture the S8 is very well detailed throughout the whole picture while the Pixel loses a bit of that detail towards the edges.

Now for daily use again most people will not be able to tell much of a difference but if you look closely into the pictures and the same place for the selfies too. They’re just more detailed, balanced and they have better color reproduction slightly but noticeably on the Pixel. In terms of video quality, both phones support 4k video recording. The Pixel, it was a little bit sharper, cleaner, and better than the Galaxy S8.


User Interface: –

Now talking about the Interface, We have this issue that there is a little bit of stutter here in the Galaxy S8 and this is disappointing. When you compare it to the pixel is definitely obvious. The Pixel is one of the smoothest running Android phones out there. While the Galaxy S8 runs well and fast but there is a little bit of that stutter which is pretty apparent if you use the two phones. What else both phones have google assistant pre-loaded which is good.

The S8 also has the edge slave functionality which allows you to us quick shortcuts and quickly glance at applications. A quick info you can check out the weather, stocks marketing things like that which is useful. It’s not a huge deal but it’s definitely a nice extra to have. In terms of other specs and features, both phones run on Android 7 Nougat. Now, this is a clean stock version of the Pixel and the skinned one on the Galaxy S8 was supports multitasking.

Performance: –

The Pixel features the Snapdragon 821 which is a good chip but the S8 has the Snapdragon 835 in the US which is an even better chip. Now, Already mentioned about daily performance which is not as you’d expect on the S8 but you can see in gaming. It’s really good. The phone is able to keep fairly steady frame rates and just worked fairly well. Now by default, this phone is said to full HD+ resolution but you can bump this up Quad HD Plus which is even more detailed.

Terms of call quality we have no issues with either of these phones. Every each one of them is able to reproduce voices nicely.

Battery: –

The battery is good for both these phones. It’s very solid to get you throughout the day, day and a half easily and for some people even two days. But it’s not a revolutionary in a way that we’ve seen on the phones like the Moto G series.

Conclusion: –

At the end of the discussion which of these two phones should you get the S8 or the Pixel? Now, if you care about the best smoothest performance and you want to the absolute best camera the Pixel is still the way to go. The S8 is a little bit more expensive but it delivers in terms of design and looks if you want a shiny elegant phone that is still very good. Maybe just a little bit behind the Pixel in terms of performance the S8 is a great choice.

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