iPhone SE 2020 | Should You Buy This Phone Or Not ? | iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone XR

iPhone SE 2020


Hey Guys, today I’m going to talk about the dark side of iPhone SE 2 aka iPhone SE 2020. This is a phone that’s been getting a lot of hype lately because this is what we essentially call a budget iPhone in India. So, Is this new iPhone SE 2020 perfect and Is this iPhone worth all the hype. Well, I think not… Today I’ll be talking about the dark truth of the iPhone SE 2020 and if you are interested in this Phone I suggested to read this article till the end. Now, let’s get started-


The Dark Side of iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 | Should You Buy This Phone Or Not ? | iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone XR

This is the iPhone SE 2020 and I know at around 42000 rupees, this seems like a good deal because you’re getting an iPhone that comes with the powerful and modern A13 Bionic Chipset, the same chipset that powers the latest iPhones. So, es it does sound alright but I don’t think it’s worthy of all that hype that you need it.


First up this is the phone that looks straight out of 2015 or maybe 2016, to be honest, I like the compact form factor in a world full of big phones out there but that’s it, that’s the only thing I like about this design. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s an iPhone it’s a premium phone but the bezels, they look supremely outdated.


When I unbox the iPhone SE 2020 I thought I maybe, you know I could live with those bezels in 2020 but after playing with the device for quite some time now, I don’t think I can get along with big-ass bezels. And one of my annoyance is about this whole design is the home button. I mean iOS is fluid and smooth on the iPhone SE but without the navigation gestures, this just does not feel like a modern experience.


iPhone SE 2020 | Should You Buy This Phone Or Not ? | iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone XR

Pressing the home button to go home or even go the multitasking page is a pain. I especially miss the gesture to switch between apps. When you will look at the whole home button big bezel experience makes me feel like I’m using an old phone and not a brand new phone that is just unboxed. I know some people might prefer the fingerprint scanner instead of the Face ID, but I think Face ID is definitely better now and just more seamless.


It was better with the whole gestures UI of iOS. Now, this outdated design isn’t the only thing that I dislike about the iPhone SE 2020. There are a couple of more things there’s the battery. So, the iPhone SE battery life is a huge letdown for me. It has a modest 1821 mAh battery and that just does not cut it for me also because it’s 2020 and Apple still bundles 5-watt charger in the box.


Battery Test

In my testing of the iPhone SE, the small battery drained pretty easily after an hour of PUBG GamePlay on the phone at HDR Ultra. The iPhone SE connected to Wi-Fi lost 24% battery while heating up to 10-42′ degrees. Now that battery drain for a brand new phone is a lot. But anyone who uses the phone extensively which is pretty much everyone these days this won’t cut. It also did a video test the iPhone SE lost 16% battery after watching one hour of video at max brightness on YouTube at 480p again that’s a pretty fast battery drain and I think of it you cant quickly charge this phone. The 5-watt charger takes around 2 hours to fully charge this 1800 mAh Battery. So, the battery life is a little underwhelming, to say the least.


iPhone SE 2020 | Should You Buy This Phone Or Not ? | iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone XR

Talking about underwhelming the iPhone SE in 2020 still has a single camera on the back. So you get the 12-MP sensor the same Sony sensor found in the iPhone 8 and thanks to the A-13 Bionic Chip and its new ISP. The iPhone SE supports smart HDR and portrait mode and to be honest the pictures from the phone look decent enough. But my problem with the iPhone SE is in the fact that there’s no ultra-wide-angle lens.


Everything about it, Android phones going from budget phones to mid-range phones to flagships all have an ultra-wide-angle lens but the iPhone SE 2020 does not. The 12-MP camera is good but that does not make the iPhone SE special.


iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone XR

iPhone SE 2020 | Should You Buy This Phone Or Not ? | iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone XR

Now, if you compare the two the iPhone XR brings the new iPhone design with an edge-to-edge display with the notch that houses Face ID and that means it looks way better, way more modern. Some people might hate the notch but I think it looks modern compared to the iPhone SE 2020.

  1. The iPhone XR battery performance is something everyone raves about to compare the iPhone XR comes in 2942 mAh battery which is huge compared to the iPhone SE is 1821 mAh battery.
  2. Now I know the iPhone XR comes with the A-12 Bionic aces of the A-13 Bionic but I don’t think that makes a huge difference especially iPhones.
  3. Apart from that both of these phones have 12-MP cameras on the back although the iPhone XR has the newer sensor the iPhone SE has the updated ISP from the A-13 Bionic.
  4. They also have the same 7-MP front camera and both come with the IP-67 rating and wireless charging.



So, if you ask me between the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XR, I go with the iPhone XR without any doubt, any day. Now, that brings me to the dark truth about the iPhone SE 2020. This is the phone that’s been getting all hyped up as the budget iPhone of India as a true value for money iPhone. And well, while it might be value for money I don’t think it’s anything special or worth the hype. I mean, I have been waiting for an iPhone SE successor so long and when the iPhone SE 2020 arrived I was disappointed because this is the iPhone 8 this one is just Apple way of reusing its iPhone it designs to gain some traction in countries like India. I’m using the iPhone SE is like taking a step back to 3-4 years. The new iPhone SE is hyped but I like I said it’s not worth the hype.


But those are my thoughts on the new iPhone SE 2020 and I will be comparing it to other phones say the OnePlus 8 in the coming days so stay tuned for that also what do you think about the iPhone SE 2020 tell us in the comment section below.