Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vs iPhone 8 Plus; Full Specifications Comparison, Price, Camera, Battery and Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vs iPhone 8 Plus

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to make a full specifications comparison between Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vs iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus released in September 2017 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus released in March 2018, there is 6 months difference. The 8 Plus has come with the same design of 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy S9 Plus similar to the S8 Plus. So, let’s start-


Design: –

The iPhone 8 Plus has the classic iPhone design we don’t have to go on too much about this. But that rear glass panel that they put on the 8 Plus makes this phone feel more premium than the versions before. On the rear panel, It looks spotless at the bottom of this device, but overall it’s an iPhone 7 plus but a better glass rear back for wireless charging. This device is also a little bit wider than the Galaxy S9 Plus, but it’s thinner its 7.5mm versus 8.5mm on the S9 Plus. So, surprisingly it’s more tenuous even though it’s more substantial than the S9 Plus.

The design features a functional, practical home button at the bottom and a more massive earpiece for stereo speakers on the front. Overall, though if you’ve seen this on the street, you would be confused from the front at least instead this is an iPhone 7 Plus, 6S Plus or even a 6 Plus all the way from 2014. On the whole, though the iPhone 8 Plus I think has a very conservative yet classy and professional-looking design.

So, discussing the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus design. We all know it’s an iteration of the Galaxy S8 Plus which already was ahead I think of Apple when it comes to you just pushing an innovative design on the front. It has a skinny bezel, it just looks more premium, more creative and it seems more advanced in my opinion. Now, on the rear you also have a shinier blue as well as a more bright lilac purple and the black is pretty conservative It doesn’t shine too much.

On the bottom, you have the USB Type-C, speaker grille is now a difference in design over prior Samsung’s, and you have a speaker up at the top. So, both of them are pretty great in design when it comes to just feeling premium, but the Galaxy S9 Plus is ahead when it comes to just the looks innovation and just feeling more advance in your hand.


Price: –

Now, it’s logical to compare the iPhone X to the Samsung Galaxy  S9 Plus because they’re both want the most premium phones and when you go into a store you’re going to be looking at because they both look very high-end. But the iPhone 8 Plus is closer in price to the Galaxy S9 Plus so if you go to the Apple store you will see that $949 for 256 gigabytes and $799 for 64 gigabytes.

Now, on the Samsung device you can go on Amazon you will see the $839 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in any colour that you want. So, only $40 more than the iPhone 8 Plus which is competitive with the iPhone X. So, just for the price alone, I think the S9 Plus offers more for the money.


Display: –

You have the LED-backlit IPS LCD panel on the iPhone 8 Plus, Retina is the marketing for being over 326 pixels per inch this one’s a 1080p Retina, and it comes in at 401 pixels per inch.

Now, on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, you have an OLED display Super AMOLED 2K panel, and this thing is that 529 pixels per inch. It has 2960 by 1440p, so it’s not quite a 4K display, but it’s enough for a phone. It’s HDR 10 compliant as well I haven’t seen many HDR contents on the iPhone 8 Plus. The 8 Plus gives you 3D touch where the Galaxy S9 Plus doesn’t.

The S9 Plus has a much more significant screen to body ratio 84.2% than the 67.4%, that means is much more bezel on the iPhone 8 Plus.

Now, the Galaxy S9 Plus gives you a 3D touch home button so keep that in mind, you don’t have 3D touch across the board, but you do have it on Home button which allows activating this device from the lock screen.

The iPhone 8 Plus get is very nicely accurate and balanced colours. You get a true-tone display which adjusts to your ambient lighting condition to make it easy on your eyes. The 8 Plus is one of the most comfortable phones that I’ve ever used on my eyes probably even more so than the Galaxy S9 Plus. It’s just super accurate, and my eyes only play well with it. Now, that might be just a personal preference to me, but it just looks enjoyable to the eye at night.

Now, one thing I don’t like about the iPhone 8 Plus is blacks are kind of grey they don’t look too black, so if you do anything with a black screen, it’s not super pitch black. But for an LCD, this display is fantastic, and it does do this whole rotation thing which the S9 Plus also does now on this device.

Now, with the Galaxy S9 Plus, you get a very saturated, very vibrant display but it’s also not oversaturated. This display curve also gives you an edge panel with customisations that you can put to your liking on the side.

One thing to mention about both these displays is that if you’re watching videos, you watch it in the way. It was meant to be seen on the iPhone 8 Plus and 16 by 9 ratio just like you would watch it on a laptop.

Now, on the Galaxy S9 Plus you’re not looking at in that way, it was created on a laptop you can stretch it but you watch on that S9 Plus I think it seems more beautiful like it looks just more saturated, more enjoyable so you have the benefit of watching the standard resolution the way it should be looking like on the iPhone 8 Plus. But you have the advantage of a more enjoyable colourful experience with more in-depth blacks for a more immersive video watching experience on the Galaxy S9 Plus. The Galaxy S9 Plus is so much sharper than the iPhone 8 Plus.


Camera: –

Let’s talk about the Camera, Dual cameras on both 12-megapixel these cameras are both so good. It’s tough to choose which is better. But I can tell you right now when it comes to these two devices you’re picking accuracy on iPhone 8 Plus versus super detailed sharpness, punchy photos on the Galaxy S9 Plus that’s the best way I can describe both features loaded the Slo-mo is way cooler behind the Galaxy S9 Plus because it goes and Super Slo-mo. You got hyper-lapse, AR Emoji which is trying to replicate face ID doesn’t do a fantastic job, but it’s something you have live focus and bokeh effect on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

On the iPhone 8 Plus, you have portrait modes which are better, but the ability to change that bokeh is incredible for the S9 Plus.

If you’re a videographer and you’re looking for accuracy you want to edit in Final Cut, or you want to edit an iMovie, you want to do tweaking to your photos you might like the iPhone 8 Plus a little bit better. Overall, if I had to pick one camera then I chose the S9 Plus I think the detailed shots just stand out a little bit more than the iPhone shots. That’s not the say it’s the wrong camera on the iPhone it’s fantastic and fantastic camera, but the S9 Plus is going to be the wow factor camera.

The 8-megapixel on the S9 Plus and the 7-megapixel on the iPhone 8 Plus. If you want to more detailed realistic looking photo from the selfie get the 8 Plus and if you want a softer, more pleasing then get the S9 Plus. You got skin modes and some cheesy features on the Galaxy S9 Plus. You also get full selfie mode, selfie focus which is like a portrait on the front, so it does one of the 8 Plus there.

On the front of the Galaxy S9 Plus shoots in 2K so I would choose the S9 Plus for front video.


Software: –

You’re getting iOS 11 on the iPhone 8 Plus. In iOS 11, It’s buggy, but it’s not that buggy on the iPhone 8 Plus it runs fantastic. So, if there’s any phone I could say that iOS 11 runs great on this would be one of the first ones I would recommend I’ve had no lag on this phone whatsoever. Now, sometimes apps will do some weird things and will have a few bugs on 8 Plus but other than that it’s a stellar performing phone and it feels very smooth day-to-day. It’s just super liquid smooth.

On the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, when it comes to software, you’re getting Android 8.0 Oreo with Samsung experience version 9.0, and they have fixed up some of the lag and twitches that I’ve seen last year Galaxy S8 Plus. Oreo runs excellent on this device, and they’ve optimised TouchWiz to run pretty close to the same as the iPhone 8 Plus so using these on day-to-day.

Both are very advanced phones. However, the iPhone 8 Plus does a better job of hiding those advanced features. Now, the iPhone is a much more sophisticated than you think. On the other hand, the iPhone S9 Plus doesn’t hide any of that it shows you right up front an advanced phone.

So, software wise, if you want to a more straightforward experience, it’s still the iPhone, if you’re going to a more honest experience but adds some complexity and some advanced features that you’re ready to take on you’re open-minded to try you’re not afraid of these phones anymore. The Galaxy S9 Plus offers just enough more features over the iPhone 8 Plus to make it feel like a more advanced phone.


Performance: –

The A11 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 8 Plus it’s actually superior to the Galaxy S9 Plus’s Snapdragon 845 when it comes to raw CPU performance, it actually about a year ahead of the processing technology in this device but the 6 gigs of RAM and the optimizations and Android 8.0 Oreo, as well as Samsung 9.0, make that speed more felt especially if you tweaked animations on S9 Plus, it just feels so fast. Now, the iPhone 8 Plus in the same regard does feel soon, but there are slower animations on iPhone. It just doesn’t feel quite as quick on the day-to-day as the S8 Plus.


Sound: –

You do have stereo speakers on both of these, but you do have the Dolby Atmos feature which makes it a little bit louder on the S9 Plus. You have no 3.5mm Headphone Jack on the 8 Plus, and you get that on the S9 Plus. So, the S9 Plus offers more when it comes to the Audio. You get very loud crispy dual speakers on the iPhone 8 Plus which you also get on the Galaxy S9 Plus, but I think they are little better hearing on 8 Plus.


Battery: –

The iPhone 8 Plus ships with 2691 milliamp-hours battery and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ships with 3500 milliamp-hours battery. My best time ever was about 9 hours of usage on the 8 Plus which was a mixture of standby and usage, and my best time I’m going to go by the screen on time for the S9 Plus so far has been about 6 hours of screen on time.


Conclusion: –

So, let’s wrap it up,

How do you decide which one to buy here?

Now, a lot of people said that iPhone 8 Plus looking like 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus, it’s over from the start but not quite this phone iPhone 8 Plus has so much power in it. The 8 Plus more powerful than the Galaxy S9 Plus. The 8 Plus has better battery life; it also offers a fingerprint scanner that is a little bit more accurate easy to press over the S9 Plus. It has 4K at 60 fps recording; it provides a bit clearer speakers.

The Galaxy S9 Plus has an Iris scanner, Samsung Pay which works in more locations, curved display; it does give you AKG headphones in the box, IP68 vs IP67, fingerprint scanner on the rear, dual optically stabilised cameras. So, I think the Galaxy S9 Plus offers more for the money here.