In-Depth Specifications Comparison B/w Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


Introduction: –

Hello, Friends! Welcome back, today I’m going to take a look at the in-depth comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. To put things in perspective the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was launched in April 2017 while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched in September 2017. So, there’s the six-months difference between the two phones.

Inevitably a lot of users have questions such as I already have the Galaxy S8 Plus or the Galaxy S8 so is there a reason for me to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8 or I need help choosing which one to get or are they the same. And of course, a very basic question “Just tell me which one is better”.

Of course, in this discussion, we will do a deep dive to look at every aspect of these two brilliant smartphones and deliver a crystal clear answer to all those questions and queries in the end. So let’s get started-


Design: –

It is immediately clear that both of these smartphones have an identical build which is Gorilla Glass 5 on the back and front panel surrounded by a metal trim around the edges of the device. The story is slightly different when I inspect the design. Obviously, both smartphones offer a big and tall display that dominates the front panel of the phone and both phones offer the unique dual curved edges.

As a result, both smartphones look absolutely beautiful but there’s a slight difference in the overall shape. You will see the Galaxy Note 8 is slightly more squared around its corners while the Galaxy S8 Plus has more rounded corners.

Another difference in the back, the Galaxy Note 8 has the LED flash, Heart rate sensor, the Camera and the fingerprint sensor placed in a rectangular frame while on the Galaxy S8 Plus, they’re all separately housed. It’s not a big deal but the bundled version just seems to give it a cleaner look.

The bottom line is both of these smartphones looks gorgeous and offer top-notch build quality.

Both smartphones also have IP68 grade water resistance which will protect your submersion into the water for up to 30 minutes. They both have Bluetooth v5.0 as well as a single Non-stereo speaker at the bottom along with USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The volume rockers, the power button, the Bixby button all reside in the same location on both smartphones. So, in the category of design and build I would say it is really up to the people subjective taste to decide which one is more appealing to them.

Dimensions: –

The Galaxy Note 8 measures 162.5 millimetres in height, 74.8 millimetres wide and 8.6 millimetres thick, it weighs 195 grams while the Galaxy S8 Plus measures 159.5 millimetres in height, 73.4 millimetres wide and 8.1 millimetres thick, it weighs 173 grams. As you can see in all metrics the Galaxy Note 8 has the higher number. It’s wider, taller, thicker and heavier but in practice does it make difference or most importantly this is not a deciding factor in making a choice.


Display: –

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a Quad HD+ resolution which is 1440 by 2960 bringing the total PPI to 521. While the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a slightly smaller 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display also with a Quad HD+ resolution 1440 by 2960 but because of the smaller display size, the PPI calculated to be 529.

So, both displays are stunning and are equally sharp, crisp and clear. It’s the same exact underlying technology and also both smartphones have HDR 10 compliant displays and although there isn’t a lot of HDR content available for smartphones. You will find a few movies on Netflix that will allow you to enjoy the HDR  content.

The only difference here is that extra 0.1-inches of real estate on the Galaxy Note 8 which is not a factor that should play any role in your buying decision.


Processor & Memory: –

Both smartphones come with a Snapdragon 835 processor in US markets and Exynos 8895 in Non-US markets. Both galaxies also come with 64GB of internal storage but with the ability to expand your storage using a microSD card. You will be able to add an additional 128GB of extra storage via a microSD card. But here is the difference The Galaxy S8 Plus has 4GB of Ram while the Galaxy Note has 6GB of RAM.

And of course, I have done some tests on the Geekbench that shows the performance difference in terms of understandable numbers. In this department, I will assign the win to the Galaxy Note 8 because of its larger RAM but also observed that both smartphones still have flagship performance.


Software: –

Both phones run the same version of Android which is Android 7.1.2. Overall, the interface of these smartphones and software features are nearly identical with some very slight polishing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both Galaxies have deep and rich software features that would take hours to unravel.

You have the edge panel that allows you to access side widgets by swiping from the corners. You have the secure folder that allows you hide documents, pictures, videos and applications securely tucked under a password that no one can access. And you have a rich theme store that allows you to customize the look and feel of every nook and cranny of your smartphone. Those are just a few of the features so really both smartphones are identical in software and they are feature rich.


S-Pen: –

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a weapon in its arsenal that takes it on a whole other level for those of you who actually need that level. The Galaxy Note 8 has the Stylus S-Pen and as you may or may not know the S-Pen is a stylus a tool designed for precision note-taking and precision sketching. You can sit down and sketch or draw a masterpiece if you learn how to use the S-Pen and if you have the patience for it.

On top of this, if you want you can use the S-Pen to navigate your smartphone instead of your fingers. Finally, the S-Pen also adds a whole dimension of software functionality to your Galaxy Note 8 in the form of the Air Command Menu. This is a menu that can be invoked using the S-Pen and it has some excellent features such as smart capture that allows you to capture and screenshot any portion of the screen you select using the S-Pen.

You also have the translate feature which allows you to translate words and phrases from one language to another with ease. And you will see from that menu, there are so many features. So, the bottom line is the Non-S-Pen functionality on both Phones is nearly identical and without a doubt very diverse. But the S-Pen brings a new dimension to the table that gives it an edge over the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This is a department that certainly has a major role in deciding which phone to choose. So, basically, you just have to carefully analyze whether or not you need the S-Pen or not.


Camera: –

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has Dual camera setup, a primary camera and a secondary camera. The Galaxy S8 Plus has a single primary camera, both primary cameras on both phones are identical. They are both 12-megapixels with an aperture of F/1.7 and they produce photos that have the same quality sharpness and clarity. But the Galaxy Note 8 has a secondary telephoto lens which is 12-megapixels camera with an aperture of F/2.4. A telephoto lens is a lens that allows you to zoom in.

In the case of the Galaxy Note 8, you get two times optical zoom so that’s the benefit. And also the fact that optical zoom allows you to take some amazing portray shots in which you can retain crisp focus on the primary subject but have the background blur out in a creamy bokeh effect. That’s only difference we have here. Keep in your mind, both cameras are identical and we’ll offer some world-class high quality in the smartphone realm. But if you do want your smartphone to have Dual Cameras, the ability to utilize optical zoom and take some excellent portrait shots, Galaxy Note 8 is the best way to go.

Beyond that both phones are able to record full HD video at 30 or 60 frames per second, 4K video at 60 frames per second as well as slow motion video at 240 frames per second. They also have identical front-facing cameras at 8-megapixels with F/1.7. The win here does go to the Galaxy Note 8 only because it has the extra camera but it’s only something to consider if you see yourself utilizing the secondary telephoto camera.


Security & Sensors: –

Both smartphones have identical security features and both phones have the fingerprint sensors. On the back whose location I’m not happy. Both phones have the famous iris scanner as well as the facial recognition tool. The fingerprint sensor and the Iris scanner are highly secure and work flawlessly every single time. The facial recognition tool is not secure but it’s still an option you can use. So, in this department, you have a total draw.


Battery: –

The Galaxy Note 8 has a battery capacity of 3300 milliamp-hours while the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a Battery capacity of 3500 milliamp-hours. And even though there’s a difference in overall capacity, the both smartphones will easily last a full day of medium to heavy use. As a matter of fact, in my initial tests, the Galaxy Note 8 outlasted the Galaxy S8 Plus by the 30 minutes to an hour which sounds counterintuitive. But it is probably due to internal software tweaks.

Additionally, both phones have a diverse selection of charging option such as wired fast charging, wireless charging and also wireless fast charging.

They both also have the maximum power saving mode which transforms your smartphone into a very basic smartphone by disabling heavy duty tasks like gaming and only allows access to the bare minimum applications such as phone call, text messaging, calculator, calendar and such which could considerably extend your battery life in a pinch. So, you have identical features and very close overall battery life, I will call this a draw.


Price: –

Move on to the pricing and colour options, the Galaxy Note 8 is currently retailing for $929 while the Galaxy S8 Plus has fluctuating prices but I’ve seen it range between $675  to $845 based on interval sales. Both devices are available in four colours, Midnight black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue and Gold depending on your market.


Conclusion: –

So, is the Galaxy Note 8 just a larger Galaxy S8 Plus with an S-Pen and if you already own the Galaxy S8 Plus should you upgrade or should you just keep the S8 Plus?

So, let’s do a recap to see on both phones, we have an identical build quality, nearly an identical design and equally impressive Quad HD+ display, IP68 grade water resistance, Wireless charging, Bixby capabilities and also overall similar software experience except the S-Pen features.

So all the core features are there making these smartphones identical so far. But then add the higher 6GB of RAM, the extra camera, we talked about as well as the S-Pen with all the functionality brings to the table such as the note-taking, sketching and additional software capabilities. And we then realized that with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you have a superior smartphone. So, here clearly the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.


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