Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV Review, Full Specifications, Price and My Opinion

Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV

Introduction: –

Hello! Guys, Today, I’m going to take a look at Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV Review. Even though TVs are not as popular as they used to be most people still have them at home. I’ve had never had the most expensive TV set out there but I came across the Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV that just blew my mind. So, let’s find out-

Design: –

Samsung 55-inch class Q8C curved QLED TV design review

When it comes to the design, the Samsung TV that only looks and feels like a very expensive product. It is made almost entirely of metal. The bezels are really thin and it’s definitely one of the best looking out there. On the back, there is a place to mount the TV to the supplied stand which I already did. You can also mount the TV to the wall using a standard visa plate which is sold separately. I didn’t have a chance to test it but Samsung claims that you can hang your TV snug to the wall with a Samsung no gap wall mount.

Everything including the cables can be hidden with your covers to make your setup look nice and clean. The TV stand is also made of metal and it is really sturdy. As it needs to hold the weight of the TV which is over 50 pounds or more than 23 kilograms. However, you cannot adjust the angle of the TV as the stand is fixed.

Display: –

Samsung 55-inch class Q8C curved QLED TV Display review

The star of the show is 55 inches curved display which is by far the best I’ve seen on any TV. First of all, there is so much detail to the 4k resolution. Also, the colours are so lifelike, deep and punchy thanks to the technologies like QLED that allows us to reproduce 100% colour volume with the help of Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology.

The difference is visible even to the untrained eye the colours on my old TV look washed out and the image is not as clear and detailed even though it has also 4k resolution. Also, I was amazed by high contrast, very deep blacks, and stunning dynamic range thanks to the AGR 2000 standard. Honestly, it’s really hard to show the quality of the display on camera and it looks so much better in person.

User Interface: –

Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED TV user interface review

As far as the user interface goes it’s super fast and responsive. You can choose from quite a few pre-installed apps or download and you once like on the most of the Smart TVs. You can also adjust all sorts of settings including video, audio and so on using your smartphone which is awesome or a remote control which can also control your TV box or other devices. So, you don’t need to mess with different remote controls.
There is also a voice control feature which I found to be working fine most of the time but in some cases that if you didn’t understand what I wanted to say when I was in the YouTube app.

Sound Quality: –

You can connect external speakers to this TV but I bet you won’t need to do that since the invisible front-firing speakers are very good thanks to Dolby Digital Plus DTS premium sound 5.1 and 60 watts of RMS power output. The speakers can get very loud, the sound is balanced rich and clear. There is a good amount of bass and the speaker setup gives you that immersive surround sound effect.

Connectivity: –

Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED TV connectivity review

As far as the connectivity goes I didn’t have any issues with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Also, devices like portable to hard drives to work fine and the TV recognizes them immediately.

Conclusion: –

The Samsung curved QLED TV is without any doubt one of the best 4k TVs the money can buy. The curved 55 inches display is just stunning thanks to the QLED, HDR and other latest tech squeezed into it. So, far I can’t really tell you any shortcomings as this TV definitely exceeded my expectations except for non-adjustable stand, inconsistent the voice commands and price.

Samsung calls this television set their most spectacular TV yet and I should agree but premium devices like this carry a really high price tag of 3500 dollars. I’m not going to debate if this TV is worth the price or not I’m just going to tell you that if you pay the premium you will get it truly premium TV that is without any doubt one of the best on the market.

Indian Buyers Buy Now Price
Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV Samsung 55-inch class Q8C curved QLED TV Price Rs.  Pre-Book
International Buyers
Samsung 55-inch Class Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV Samsung 55-inch class Q8C Curved QLED TV price $ 3497.99

SPECs: –

DESIGN Dimensions-   48.2 x 27.7 x 3.6-inches

Stand size-  32.8 x 7.3 x 31.7-inches

Weight-  51.1lbs withstand, 44.1lbs without stand

Type-   boundless 360 with brushed Metal Back Finish, Curved Panel

-Edge-lit LED

-U-Type real stainless (sterling silver)

-CEA 4K UHD certified

DISPLAY Size-   54.6″ measured diagonally, 3840 x 2160p 4K Ultra HD

-Motion rate 240

-UHD upscaling

-Depth Enhancing technology

FEATURES -Quad-Core Processor

-Smart HUB, Apps Platform, Voice Interaction, Ultra clear panel, Ultra Black

-Supreme UHD dimming technology, RVU, V-chip, Bluetooth, USB HID support

-One connect, Eco sensor, Peak Illuminator Pro, TV to Mobile Mirroring, Easy Pairing

SOUND -Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Premium sound 5.1, 60-watt

-Front-firing (4.2 CH), Multiroom link, Bluetooth Headset support

CONNECTIVITY -Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth



-HDMI-4, USB-3, Ethernet, RF( in terrestrial/cable input), Digital Audio Out(Optical)

-Audio  return channel support via HDMI Port, RS232C

KEY FEATURES -Quantum Dot Color, Curved TV, Smart TV, 360 Design
INSTALLATION FEATURES -Optical Cable, No gap wall mount ready, Optional Stand Support
POWER Power Supply-  AC 110-120v  50/60Hz

Typical Power Consumption-  80W

Maximum Power Consumption- 195W

Standby Power Consumption-  Under 0.5W