How to Check Genuine PTC Sites: Earn Money by Clicking Ads with Top 5 PTC Sites
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How to Check Genuine PTC Sites: Earn Money by Clicking Ads with Top 5 PTC Sites


Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to discuss best PTC sites. These are sites where you click on an advertisement, you keep that page open for about 5-10 seconds and you earn money. Now, what you earn from these is anywhere from a tenth of a cent, I know it’s a very rare to earn, a decent amount of income just by clicking every day. I’ve used these sites and I found that’s not really worth the time. It would take years to have a decent amount of cash built up to withdraw.


What is the PTC Sites?

It’s a very common question that comes in almost every person which interested in PTC sites to make money. The PTC sites are known as ‘Pay To Click’ or ‘Paid To Click’ sites which is one of the popular freelance online work. Nowadays, millions of people who depend on PTC sites. But there are very rare people are making good money from the PTC sites. It is a very easy process to make money online without any investment from home. I’ll tell you best PTC sites available in the market for worldwide users. PTC sites offer you to click the Ad and view them for 3 to 60 seconds, complete the easy tasks and playing the games and for that, they will give you the money.


How to Earn Money by Clicking Ads (In Mathematically): –

One thing is you have to remember with these Paid to Click sites, these are not getting quick rich or these are not going to make you a millionaire within 1 or 2 years. The PTC sites are honest ways of making money but it is a building process. You can earn money by clicking ads every day, all the ads making your money every day then you reinvested your money into rented referrals.

Let’s understand mathematically, one rented referral costs around 20 cents so buy one rented referral. You’re now at $0 that runs a referral as you click every day. You’re going to make the same amount of money and that rented referral is going to earn you 2 cents a day at max. So, hypothetically if he clicks all 10 days then he is made for you 20 cents. So any other clicks after that first 10 days, they clicked is your profit now. So, in a month you earn 60 cents with one referral.

Now you can again reinvest and get three referrals, you can keep building like this. I know this is a slow process but if you think about it you can throw in $20 get 100 referrals and start earning $2 a day. Now, you’re up to $60 a month so keep $20 and use $40 to get yourself another 200 referrals and start earning $4 a day. You’re going to be at $20 in a day with the help of 1000 referrals.

It’s a good income but you don’t have to stop there that’s not the limit, I think the actual limit is 4000 referrals. You can also upgrade your account but you have to pay for it. You have also a direct referrals way, direct referrals obviously you keep forever, those are people you’ve referred person. This is a system that can you don’t need to have investment money, you make your own investment money.

If you have 4000 referrals then you are going to earn $160 in a day. Calculate 1 Day = $160 So, 1 Month = $4800 Keep in mind this is only one PTC site earning. If you’re working on 5 PTC sites then you can earn $24000 in a month. So, keep that in mind and start running referrals with if you are using Paid To Click sites, invest smart and be patient about it.



Join Only Genuine Paid To Click sites: –

So, how to know which PTC site is genuine or which is not?

You have to know benefits of Paid To Click sites and how PTC sites earn from the internet?

  • The Buyers or agents pay for 10,000 visitors only at $15 to $20 for advertising their ads on the PTC websites.
  • PTC websites only give $0.001 maximum to the users for watching the advertisement. “=> 10,000 x 0.001 = $10
  • So, the Paid To Click sites takes rest money for their benefit or interest.
  • Sometimes, PTC websites give daily 2 or 3 ads of $0.01 to $0.02 for hold the user. A genuine PTC websites never pay for anyone $0.01 to $0.02 per ad if they do then the PTC site is really fake.



1- Do a Google Search: –

If any PTC website is demanding money for registration then do google about that website. And you get so many reviews about that website because there are already some experienced people who must have wrote self-experience about the website. So, this is very beneficial to all users to choose the real PTC sites.


2- Go with Only Old PTC Websites: –

There are millions of Paid To Click sites, whom you can join. This is very tough decision for a fresher to choose a genuine PTC sites from fake PTC sites. You should join only those PTC sites that career is more than 2 years in the industry and you can definitely join these sites without any hesitation.


3- Go only Good Referral Programs PTC Sites: –

Generally, PTC websites have referrals programs because this is a very easy method to raise membership. Most PTC sites have a Referral program and you need to go only the sites that conduct the best referral programs. So, before you join the PTC sites make sure the site has a good referral program and that all the promotional stuff is easily manageable. If you are satisfied with the referral program of the PTC site then you’ll be propelled to get more member to join, thus earning more money from referral commissions.


4- Paid to click sites has an Active Forum: –

This is very general amongst Paid to Click sites and this is a key factor for all genuine PTC website. PTC websites with Active forums to help their member contribution their opinions and information with other members. People can use the forums to ask for queries and contribute your experiences. Active Forums ascertain that users are able to communicate with each other and give feedback about the PTC websites and common tips about the career.


5- Payment Proof in Forums: –

The best genuine PTC sites encourage their users to post proof of payments in the forums. There is commonly a portion reserved for users to post their payment proof. This is to indicate new users and others who might be in suspicion that the site does pay and it’s genuine. This motivates the users and as a result, they become engaged as well.


6- Check the Supports System of the PTC websites: –

When it comes to choosing a genuine PTC site to join, the support system is a very important part. Don’t join the Paid To Click sites who do not have a great support system. Every genuine PTC sites should be a contact form so any user can ask their queries. For this, you can complete and send the form and if its reply does not come at the right time, 3 working day maximum, then understand that the website is a fake.


Top PTC Sites: –

There are dozens of PTC sites out there in the market but ExtraordinaryMart picks you only a few Best PTC sites which I have used and they are 100% genuine.

Here I’ll tell you only top 5 Paid to click sites which I have used and presently I’m using those and they are the best PTC sites.


1- ClixSense



2- Neobux




3- Paidverts





5- Scarlet-Click Info

Scarlet-Click Info