OnePlus 6 Vs Galaxy S9 Plus; Full Specifications Comparison, Price, & Conclusion

Hello, Friends! Today I’m going to make a full specifications comparison between the OnePlus 6 Vs Galaxy S9 Plus. Now, as we make this comparison, I’m going to take a look at the display quality, the build quality, the specs, the features, what the S9 Plus has that the OnePlus does not and vice versa. Now, a lot of people are wondering if the OnePlus 6 can beat the Galaxy S9 Plus especially because it’s price is lower than the S9 Plus. So, as we talk in this discussion, I want you guys to be aware of the price difference between the two smartphones.

Thus, the S9 Plus right now it $840 for the base model which is 64 gigabytes of storage and 6 gigabytes of RAM, the OnePlus 6 is $529 for the 6 gigabytes RAM version with 64 gigabytes of storage. I have the one that has 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage capacity, so the price on this one is $579 in the United States. So, let’s dive in and talk about these phones-


Display: –

The first thing I want to talk about is the display, the front of these smartphones. Now, one thing I do want to give credit to the OnePlus 6 for is the front glass on both of these smartphones is Gorilla Glass 5 which is something you would expect from a premium smartphone, so they ’re and scratch resistant, durable screens. But when it comes to actual display quality, the Galaxy S9 Plus pulls ahead very quickly.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus display right now is the best display on the market. Now, the Galaxy S9 Plus has a higher resolution, it is Quad HD Plus resolution, and the OnePlus 6 has 1080p resolution, and of course, that means that the S9 Plus has many more pixels that means it’s going to be sharper and crisper when you look at it carefully. That is not to say that the OnePlus 6 display sucks anyway it’s a very bright and very vibrant display with stunning colour accuracy, it is, in fact, an AMOLED display, and the S9 Plus has Super AMOLED display.

Samsung is an expert at manufacturing displays so this display is going to be sharper, crisper, it’s going to be more vibrant and even brighter. When you go to the maximum brightness then the OnePlus 6 however, that’s something you get because you’re paying more for this smartphone and of course, Samsung does have a track record of having a better display overall when it comes to displaying manufacturing. Now, as I look these displays side by side and I look at the text, this one has better contrast whereas OnePlus 6 also has excellent contrast, but it’s a little bit more washed out as opposed to the Samsung which is sharper.

The next thing I want to talk about it the actual design of the display. So, the OnePlus 6 has a notch which is not a big deal for some people, but some people don’t like it especially when it comes to viewing videos. So in portrait orientation, as I traverse through the phone, it doesn’t matter to me that there’s a notch, but when I go ahead and watch a video in full-screen mode that’s what I have a slight problem, and the issue boils down to this.
Now, the Samsung S9 Plus as bezels are all even from all sides, the upper bezel is a little bigger than the bottom bezel, but overall you get a sensation of a balanced screen. With OnePlus 6 you have a thicker bezel on the bottom, and you’ve got thinner bezel on the upper then you have a notch over here.

So, I prefer the S9 Plus display to watch movies and on top of that quick thing relating to the actual media consumption is that the S9 Plus does have stereo speakers, so the sound that comes out from these speakers is much more vibrant than the single mono speaker that we have at the bottom of the OnePlus 6.


Design & Built: –

Design-wise, I can’t say which one is better I like S9 Plus is better obviously and mainly because it still has those curved edges on the corner over here that is a merely unique signature design element that belongs to the S9 Plus. But the OnePlus 6 does not look bad, both of these smartphones feel very premium in hand, so somebody gave them to me and said which one do you think more expensive, I cannot say that it’s the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus because both smartphones are incredibly premium to hold in your hand.

If you flip these phones over you will see the back of these phones, there’s going to be a lot of fingerprints. One thing I do like about the OnePlus 6 is you can buy the OnePlus 6 with the matte finish even this is glass somehow they made it matte, so it doesn’t attract as many fingerprints of the S9 Plus’s pure glass back.


Camera: –

Both smartphones have dual cameras, and both cameras produce amazingly rich photos. Now, the Galaxy S9 Plus going to be a little bit more advanced but for the average user, it doesn’t matter. Both of these phones can record at 4K at 30 or 60 frames per second which is fantastic. Both devices have Super SLo-Mo modes, the S9 Plus can record 960 frames per second but only for 6 seconds but the OnePlus 6 can record 480 frames per second but it can go up to a minute. So that option for me a little bit more desirable than the S9 Plus.

The camera quality overall again the S9 Plus is slightly better it’s going to be cleaner, sharper and it’s just going to take better photos overall in all lighting conditions, and that’s because it has a better sensor and better software calibration right now. But that does not mean the OnePlus 6 is far behind it a random person came to me and said which camera do you like better. Honestly, I don’t care I can go with either camera and be satisfied on a day to day basis because I’m not a photographer.

The front camera on both of these smartphones perform very well so I’m not going to go into that I don’t use it that much, but the rear cameras as far as the video capability concerned are almost equal and as now as photo capabilities are worried they’re also approximately equal. Both have the regular camera which is the standard size, and of course, it has the telephoto lens which allows you to get some beautiful portrait shots.


Software: –

Both of these smartphones have Android 8.0 Oreo, so it’s got the latest operating system in both of them, but Samsung has the Samsung experience overlay while the OnePlus 6 has the Oxygen OS overlay. Both of these smartphones come with the same exact processor, so when it comes to power output they are the same, but because the OnePlus 6 has a more lightweight system, it is, in fact, snap here to operate. The Samsung experience is a little bit heavier than the Oxygen OS.

The OnePlus 6 merely is more lightweight to look at for, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has things like the edge functionality so we can have these edge screens on the side which are widgets and you can quick tools, you have all these options you can add here. So, you can all these options such as apps shortcuts that you’re not going to find only OnePlus 6 even though OnePlus 6 has some excellent customization properties hidden in this menu, some things are also similar to the S9 Plus but when it comes to software functionality the Galaxy S9 Plus is in fact much more vibrant in feature.

I suppose you get the idea about the software again the S9 Plus has more in it, it doesn’t lag, but it’s not as snappy as the OnePlus 6 because OnePlus 6 is lightweight, but then the OnePlus 6 does not have all the features that the S9 Plus has as far as software is concerned.


Other Specs: –

Other things to look at the S9 Plus has wireless charging, and it’s got IP68 water resistance so you cannot damage the S9 Plus with water but you can damage OnePlus 6 with water, and of course the OnePlus does not have wireless charging. Both of them has fast wired charging, but the charger on the OnePlus 6 is, in fact, more quickly than the fast charging on the S9 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus does have a heart rate sensor, and it can even read your blood pressure.


Conclusion: –

So overall, there’s a bunch of differences the OnePlus 6 lacks some features, but it has some positives, but it also drawbacks the stuff like software features such as the edge screen that I used on a daily basis.

I would say for most purposes, and great the cameras are the same especially for an average consumer, but the display on the Galaxy S9 Plus is better than the one on the OnePlus 6 even though this is not a sad display.
So, if you’re going to the store and you’re buying the OnePlus 6 for $579 the 8 gigabyte RAM version and then if you go to the store and buy the S9 Plus you’re paying $840, and the difference in price is $261, and that is a lot of money. So if you pay that extra premium, you’re getting a phone that has more features than the OnePlus 6, but if you want to pay in the range of the $500 you’re getting a phone that is almost as premium as S9 Plus minus some flagship features.

So the decision is going to come to you, the S9 Plus is better than the OnePlus 6, but the S9 Plus is also more expensive than the OnePlus 6. So if you want to spend less money and still feel that you owned a premium product with the latest processor of 8 gigabytes of RAM potentially the fastest smartphone in the market, then the OnePlus 6 is a perfect choice, but you have the money you might be better off with the S9 Plus.