In-Depth Specifications Comparison Between the OnePlus 5T Vs Mi Mix 2 and Conclusion

OnePlus 5T Vs Mi Mix 2


Introduction: –

Hello, Folks! Today I’m going to do a deep specifications comparison between the OnePlus 5T Vs Mi Mix 2. To be more precise the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and the 5T which is the one for you. So, today I’ll tell you about the whole story of both smartphones. Let’s start-


Design & Build: –

The Mi Mix 2 design is absolutely stunning from the back side because of the gold ring and of course, the beautiful ceramic. The mid-frame is made of aluminium and the display is covered by 2.5D curved glass and Gorilla Glass 4.

The OnePlus 5T doesn’t have a groundbreaking design, in fact, the design of the 5T feels inspired. When it comes to building through the 5T reign supreme. It’s made of anodized aluminium because of it feels light in hand. It weighs just 162 grams lighter than the Mi Mix 2 by 33 grams. While the Mix 2 Ceramic back is almost scratch-proof, it is a lot more slippery in hand.

So, while the Mi Mix 2 fares better in the design aspect of things the OnePlus 5T despite being taller, feels more ergonomic and also slimmer and lighter. But as always beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and given that both phones don’t have any major issues. There’s no clear winner here.


Basic Stuff: –

The 5T support for Bluetooth aptX HD well the Mix 2 has a barometer apart from that everything else is pretty much the same. Both phones have all the basic sensors and radio in place and they all work quite well, had no issues with cellular reception and call quality. There’s a 3.5mm headphone jack in the OnePlus 5T while the Mi Mix 2 doesn’t have.

The Fingerprint scanners are accurate, they hardly ever go wrong that’s it the 5T is noticeably faster at unlocking. It’s definitely among the fastest scanner of all time. Now, with the 5T have also introduced Face Unlock it’s just as fast, It may not be as secure or accurate. So, given the headphone jack and Face unlock the 5T scores points here.


Display: –

The OnePlus 5T sports a 6.01-inch Optic AMOLED display with the screen to body ratio of approximately 80%. The Mi Mix 2 also sports and almost similarly sized 5.99-inch display and an almost similar screen to body ratio of roughly 80.8% but with an IPS LCD panel. The aspect ratio of both displays is 18 by 9 and the resolution is Full HD+ so both are equally sharp. They get bright enough to outdoor friendly and do provide excellent viewing angles but the OnePlus 5T offers much deeper blacks meaning a higher contrast.

It also comes with different calibration options like DCI-P3, sRGB, Adaptive Mode and default to choose between better colour accuracy and more punchy colours while the Mi Mix 2 display is calibrated to DCI-P3.


Camera: –

The MI Mix 2 doesn’t have a great camera on paper, it did manage to outperform the OnePlus 5T under low-light. But OnePlus has now swapped the telephoto camera with a new 20-megapixel f/1.7 unit that’s as wide as the primary camera meaning it loses lost lists or Optical zoom but the secondary camera is dedicated to low-light photography.

The image quality differences are quite a bit and they may just short with the OnePlus 5T or noticeably brighter and sharper. In the pitch-dark scenes, the 5T obviously fares better job. The Mix 2 gets the colours right for the most part compared to the 5T but also tends to mess them up with green tint at times.

Outdoors under good lighting conditions, both phones managed to get some super sharp images. The 5T has better dynamic range, the image looks brighter and there are more details. The 5T also get the colours rate more often than the Mix 2 does. The 5t captures more natural images than the Mi Mix 2. The background blur is also stronger since the aperture is f/1.7 compared to Mix 2 f/2.0 that’s it. When HDR is triggered on the 5T it gets a bit too aggressive and as a result, the images have boosted contrast.

Front Camera: –

The 5-megapixel selfie camera on the MI Mix 2 shoot selfies that are as sharp as the shot with the 16-megapixel front camera on the OnePlus 5T. The Mi Mix 2nails the skin tones but selfies shot with the OnePlus 5T have better dynamic range. The 5T selfies also have a wider field of view meaning more often than not group selfies won’t require a selfie stick, there’s also a bit of bokeh. The Mi Mix 2 has 4-axis OIS when the OnePlus 5T has EIS.

Video: –

Both phones can shoot 4K at 30 frames per second. The video shot with the Mix 2 looks shaper and the OnePlus 5T gets the colours right though. The dynamic range is quite good in both footages. The address of stabilization on the OnePlus 5T leads to a jelly effect whenever there’s fast movement. The 5T can also click Portrait mode picture where the subject stays on focus and the background is blurred out. This is something people have become fond of off late and the Mix 2 skipping it might turn out to be a deal breaker for some. So, when it comes to the camera the OnePlus 5T comes out ahead.


Processor, Memory & Performance: –

Both smartphones pack some serious power underneath the hood, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip make sure these phones handle anything thrown at me it web browsing, Image processing, gaming or even video rendering. I feel the OnePlus 5T is faster than the Mi Mix 2. Don’t get me wrong, the Mi Mix 2 is blazing fast too, there’s little difference in Performance could be attributed to Oxygen OS that’s much lighter and more Stock that EMUI-9 that runs on the MI Mix 2.

Both skins are based on Android 7 Nougat but the 5T is expected to get Oreo soon. EMUI 9 is feature-rich, it comes with a lot of first-party apps has more features and arguably the best home screen customization on any phone.

Oxygen OS, on the other hand, is close to stock but does have a number of useful features like the Alert Slider, it’s a physical slider but you can customize the actions here. Both smartphones offer excellent user experience there is UFS 2.1 storage that’s blazing fast.

The MI Mix 2 comes with 64GB internal storage and 6GB of RAM for the base model, and 128GB internal storage with 8GB of RAM. The OnePlus 5T comes with only two variants 64GB of internal storage and 6GB RAM, and 128GB of internal storage with 8GB of RAM.


Battery: –

The OnePlus 5T has a 3300 mAh battery fueling it while the Mi Mix 2 support a slightly larger 3400 mAh battery has used these phones for about a week each and found Mix 2 battery life to be about 10 – 15% better with light usage. The Mi Mix 2 had almost 50% charge at the end of the day that’s a job well done by Xiaomi. But then the 5T has support for Dash charge which charges the phone back up 200% real quick, the Mix 2 charges back fast too because of Quick Charge 3.0 but just not as fast as the OnePlus 5T. So, marginally faster charging or slightly better battery life.


Price: –

The Mi Mi 2 bears a  price tag of 35,999 rupees or 573 dollars more than that of the 6GB RAM or 64GB storage variant of the OnePlus 5T and 2000 rupees or 30 dollars less than that of the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variant. Considering you’re good with 64GB of storage the OnePlus 5T definitely offers more value for your money.


Conclusion: –

Finally, both phones are great. You get a better build quality, superior camera performance, great AMOLED panel experience, a close to stock experience and the latest craze the portrait mode. Even if you want 128 gigs of storage for the same reasons I would still recommend you get the 8GB RAM with 128GB storage variant of the OnePlus 5T despite it being priced 2000 rupees or 30 dollars more than the Mi Mix 2. But If you love EMUI and the excellent design of the MI Mix 2 then you have to go with Mix 2.


You can check out the full specifications table and also, you can buy both of the smartphones, so click the link below-

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