The OnePlus 5T Vs Essential Phone Full Specifications Comparison, Price and Conclusion

OnePlus 5T Vs Essential Phone


Introduction: –

Hello, Folks! Today I’m going to do a full comparison between the OnePlus 5T Vs Essential Phone. We’re gonna take a look at everything from Build quality, battery life, and camera quality. so, if you’re looking to buy one of these for your next smartphone then you came to the right place.


Design & Build: –

The OnePlus 5T has an all-metal build, it’s simple end design but it’s effective. It’s subtly curved on the back. It’s comfortable to hold and it feels like a premium product.

The Essential Phone has a totally different look, it’s more squared off with harder edges. This phone is built with some high-end materials and you can see it instantly. You get a titanium frame with a full Ceramic back. It’s all beautifully fused together and some people might fight me on this but I think this is one of the best Build phones released this year. It just feels so solid and so heavy in the hand and it’s built like a tank and there’s just something about it when you feel it. When you have it in your hand so when it comes to raw in the hand feel I would take this over OnePlus 5T.


Basic Features: –

Both have their faults like the Single Speaker at the bottom, it’s easy to cover up when you’re holding it and they both don’t have wireless charging. There is an upcoming accessory that you can buy on the Essential Phone to enable this down the road. But the OnePlus 5T still has a Headphone jack so I find that to be a major win and the OnePlus Alert slider is one of the most underrated hardware features on any Phone.

The Essential Phone does have a neat magnetic pin connection on the back that allows for modular accessories like the 360’ Camera. But accessories are so limited at the moment that I don’t find it to be a selling point at this time.


Biometrics Security: –

Security wise, they both have Fingerprint scanners on the back, both are quick but I say that the OnePlus 5T is if you care about that. The 5T also has a Face Unlock feature that is just crazy fast.


Display: –

They both have large and fantastic looking displays but they are different. The OnePlus 5T has an 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen with 1080p Optic AMOLED display, very colourful with tons of contrast, content looks fantastic on this phone. The bezels are minimal on the top and bottom.

But the Essential Phone it has a more of a futuristic look with this unconventional 19 by 10 aspect ratio and a higher resolution 2516 by 1312 Quad HD display. It has that edge to edge look with the original notch cutting out from the front-facing camera. I don’t mind the way this looks and if you’re watching the video it automatically resizes so it doesn’t get in the way but it could bother you so keep that in mind.

The one thing that you do need to know about the Essential Phone’s display is, it’s not the brightest so you may have some problems with outdoor visibility. We’re with the OnePlus 5T you’re not gonna have those problems because it’s a nice and bright display.


Camera: –

Both have dual camera setups but have totally different approaches. The Essential Phone has Dual 13-megapixel camera setup with F/1.8 aperture and one of them being a monochrome sensor. While the OnePlus 5T has a 13-megapixel main camera with f/1.7 aperture and a secondary 20-megapixel camera for better low-light shots.

Camera Interface: –

The Camera interface is very simple on the Essential Phone it’s not a lot of features here but you do get toggles for the new Portrait Mode and the Monochrome camera. The speed of the camera app is still inconsistent sometimes as fast, sometimes it lags a little bit in between shutter and processing so keep that in mind. But I think that the front-facing camera on the Essential Phone is the first one to record 4K video.

The OnePlus 5T Camera software is much better in my opinion and faster with better organization. The modes are easy to get to and there’s a fully manual mode with raw capture and Portrait mode is also available.

Main Camera: –

The daytime photos out surprised how far the Essential Phone has come with all of this camera improvements are doing a good job keeping up with the OnePlus 5T which is surprising and sometimes even getting better photos so I hope Essential keeps working on this. But most of the pictures the OnePlus 5T shows the higher dynamic range and handling the shadows better and also produce the slightly brighter and more vibrant pictures.

When it comes to Portrait mode I’m surprised how good the Essential phone do in some of the shots but after reviewing a bunch of them the OnePlus 5T is more consistent has sharpened results with better object detection.

Video: –

Both of these phones shoot 4K video but if you notice the Essential Phone has zero stabilization, they said OIS might come with a software update. OnePlus 5T has Electronic stabilization and it’s doing a decent job.

On night-time video, though it’s a totally different story the OnePlus 5T video is super noisy with muddy details while the Essential Phone has great noise reduction and vibrant colours.

When it comes to the Low-light photos the OnePlus 5T fights back with better noise reduction and better detail. The white balance is also more accurately represented here by the 5T, the exposure is handled much better showing high dynamic range in most low-light shots, better details in the shadows and noise levels are so much better with the new update that just came out.

Front-Camera: –

The Essential Phone is terrible at selfies at night so I wouldn’t take them. The 5T absolutely crushes the Essential Phone here + you have a flash mode on the 5T which can give you better front-facing camera shots. So, I’m gonna have to give the overall camera win to the OnePlus 5T.


Processor, Memory & Performance: –

Both smartphones run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor but the OnePlus 5T has 6 gigabytes of RAM standard and has available 8 gigabytes of RAM model if you a little bit more which is insane. The Essential Phone has 4 gigabytes of RAM and this phone does come with double the storage at 128 gigabytes where the base mode of OnePlus 5T comes with 64 gigabytes so you have to pay a little bit more for 128 and they’re both UFS 2.1 storage so both fast.

The Essential phone performance used to be spotty but with a ton of software updates the experience is now smoother, scrolling is nice and it’s still not the fastest phone out there but I love the Simple and near stock Android experience. Gaming is also pretty solid on this phone too with some nice frame rates.

Software: –

Where I feel like the OnePlus 5T pulls away is on the software side you get that Stock look and feel but the controls and customizations are much deeper with Oxygen OS. You can set a dark theme if you want to get better battery performance out of the AMOLED display. There are a ton of customizable gestures. You get support for icon packs without using another launcher, you can toggle full-screen mode so much more you can customize.


Battery: –

The Essential Phone has a 3040 milliamp-hours battery while the OnePlus 5T has a slightly larger 3300 milliamp-hours battery. But I don’t find the battery performance to be much different. With both of them I’m getting about 4 to 5 hours of ‘Screen On Time’ it depends on your usage per day. But I wouldn’t say either these have killer battery life but they should get you through the day but if you do need to top-up they both feature to put charging capabilities with the included chargers. But the Dash charging on the OnePlus 5T still remains the fastest plug-in charging that I’ve seen yet in my testing. Every time I’ve tested I’m getting about 96 -97% charge in 60 minutes that’s really fast.


Conclusion: –

Finally, this is a really tough decision to choose one which is better. I do have to say the Essential Phone when it was first released for $700, it was definitely not worth it but it had a ton of updates now. I, think even on Black Friday they were selling it for like $400 which is almost a no-brainer because now, you are cutting the price down and things are getting better. I wish the phone would have just launched like this. If I had a pick one and this is a tough one if you care about my opinion at all I would probably pick the OnePlus 5T. That’s because it gets software updates, the camera is more consistent and I think it’s just a better overall package when it comes to your $500.

So, let me know which one that you like best, in comment section below-