OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus Full Specification Comparison With My Opinion
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OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus Full Specification Comparison With My Opinion

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus 

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Welcome back and Today’s discussion we will do a full comparison between the OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus. To put things in perspective the OnePlus 5 was released in June 2017 while the iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016 so, the iPhone 7 Plus is 9 months older. The OnePlus brand has made quite a buzz in the smartphone world since its inception and has positioned itself to be compared to be flagships from all brands including Apple. So, people are wondering which one of these smartphones is better and that’s exactly we’re going to find out in this discussion.

Build & Design: –

OnePlus 5 Design vs iPhone 7 Pus design

When you look at these two phones side by side with a quick glance you might think it’s the same phone. So, the design language is quite similar with dual cameras on the rear occupying the same position as well as having pleasing rounded corners. Not only that even the build quality is virtually identical both phones are constructed with a unibody aluminium finish. So, overall both phones are pretty well crafted and premium.

But the iPhone 7 Plus quickly pulls ahead once you realize that it has two high-fidelity stereo speakers one on the top, one on the bottom. As well as the fact that it is water-resistant with a grade of IP67. So, you don’t have to worry about water splashes, rain or even dust and sand on the beach.

One Plus 5 on the other hand, has only one mono speaker and has no water-resistant. But it does have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Regardless, in this category despite having a similar design language and craftsmanship quality, the iPhone 7 Plus is the winner for speakers and water-resistant.

Display: –

OnePlus 5 display vs iPhone 7 Plus display

Both the iPhone 7 Plus and the OnePlus 5 have a 5.5-inch display with a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 which is 1080p and 401 pixels per inch. Both displays look gorgeous. They’re sharp, rich and vibrant iPhone 7 Plus does use a LED-backlit IPS LCD technology while the OnePlus 5 uses optic OLED. So, in this department, it is a draw.

Camera: –

OnePlus 5 Camera vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus has 12-megapixels standard angle camera with an aperture of F/1.8 and also a 12-megapixels telephoto camera with an aperture of F/2.8. The OnePlus 5 has a 16-megapixel standard angle camera with an aperture of F/1.7 and a 20-Megapixel telephoto camera with an aperture of F/2.6.

The Primary functions of these telephoto options are that they both allow for two times optical zoom which is a great function and they also allow you to take nice portrait shots that can blur out the background which is known as bokeh effect.

As for quality OnePlus camera has a camera come pretty far and for an average consumer which most of us are it will yield similar quality as the iPhone 7 Plus. If you get all scientific you might notice that the iPhone 7 Plus overall is a better camera but we are not professional photographers.

Now, both cameras are capable of recording at 1080p @30 or 60 frames per second, 4K at 30 frames per second and slow motion video. The iPhone 7 Plus does do a better job stabilizing video at 4K resolutions where the OnePlus 5 is quite jittery for now. So, in this category, I will say that it is a draw because both cameras are great and unless you are a professional photographer you won’t sweat the little differences.

Processor: –

The iPhone 7 Plus has a Quad-Core A10 Fusion processor with 3 gigabytes of RAM and a base storage of 32GB with the option to buy 128 gigabytes or 256GB model.

The OnePlus 5 has an Octa-Core Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM if you get the 64 gigabytes storage model or 8 gigs of RAM if you get the 128-gigabyte model. Neither smartphone has an SD expansion slot. If we talk about the benchmark scores, you’ll see that both of these smartphones are quite powerful smartphones.

Now, it is important to mention that the OnePlus 5 starts at a price of around 600 dollars for the base model while the iPhone 7 Plus starts of 740 dollars for the base model. So, there certainly is a massive price gap between the two which might affect the buying decision for our tight budgeted people. In this category, I will give the overall win to the OnePlus 5 since it has more RAM and more storage for a much lower price tag but the raw performance is almost equal.

Software: –

The iPhone 7 Plus runs the latest version of iOS while the OnePlus 5 runs the latest version of Android. OnePlus does have its own tweaks and modifications atop Android and they call this the Oxygen OS. As usual when comparing the iOS and Android are two big difference- the first one is customization, Android system is the much more open-ended environment and allows for extensive customization via visits, themes, home screens tweaking. You can certainly tweak an Android smartphone to fit your personal sense of style. You can even tweak the status bar icons on the top of the display to hide or show, what’s necessary and even modify the software keys, on the bottom, to perform different functions.

iOS on the other hand, when it comes to home screens is just a static grade of app icons with very basic customization capabilities such as being able to change your wallpaper. On the other hand, iOS does offer more polished apps and a greater gaming experience. Just about the every game on the iPhone 7 Plus including graphically demanding games will run at maximum performance with smooth and lag-free gameplay.

Now, OnePlus 5 is able to split-screen multitasking which is a great tool to have as you can run two supported apps side by side. And the iPhone 7 Plus, it appears will never have this option. The iPhone 7 Plus does have 3D touch which is a pressure-sensitive screen that allows you to access quick actions and other gestures by pressing down on the screen with a certain amount of pressure.

So, basically, we are looking at an open-ended system with the OnePlus 5 that is more customizable, more tweakable versus a close-ended system with iOS which has a richer app ecosystem and a greater gaming experience. Here, both are the winners.

Fingerprint Scanner: –

Both phones have superfast fingerprint sensors that work flawlessly 99% of the time. The OnePlus 5 fingerprint sensor seems slightly faster to unlock the phone is that really big deal is your life so fast-paced that a few milliseconds of speed is going to change everything.

Battery Life: –

This is a category where the OnePlus 5 takes a lead. The battery life on either smartphone is rock solid and will last you a full day for medium to heavy use. In this respect, they are equally great. However, when it comes to charging the OnePlus 5 takes a massive lead, it has what is called charge which allows you to charge your phone from 0-68% battery life in 30-minutes and it takes around one and a half hours to charge the phone to 100%. The iPhone 7 Plus takes almost 3 hours to charge fully. So, the winner is OnePlus 5.

Conclusion: –

Overall, let’s the few things that the iPhone 7 Plus has that the OnePlus 5does not. IP67 grade water-resistant, dual stereo speakers and 3D touch that’s it, everything else is practically the same. OnePlus 5does have faster charging. Beyond the only differences the only other category to worry about the software. And this is where you should base your choice, do you want an Open-ended customizable or a better apps ecosystem? Because remember the iPhone is basically an app and gaming Wonderland.

But you do have to pay the premium for iPhone 7 Plus and the price almost never goes down. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget OnePlus 5 is the way to go and you’ll not be disappointed. And the iPhone 7 Plus has its own unique flavour. It is a very well made smartphone, it’s powerful and its build around a superior ecosystem. So, end of this comparison make sure to drop a comment down below and let me know what you choose?

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