MacBook Pro 2016 Best Reviews, Specifications, and Current Price

Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Introduction: – 

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to talk about New 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar. It’s very expensive and very interesting laptop. It’s a slightly new aesthetic a pretty similar to last year. All of this generation MacBook Pros are thinner and a smaller footprint that last years.

Now all in their very boxy sharp shaped like the edges are literally sharp. I kinda like the aesthetic even if you don’t like this is like your favorite laptop. The metal unibody construction kinds make all plastic and rubber type laptops feel a lot cheaper. So at least you might feel like you’re getting your money’s worth when you pick it up and hold it.

Display: – 

Macbook pro 2016 Display

It has a resolution of 2080 by 1800 over 15.4inches that are good for 220 pixels per inch. Although these are the same specs as the previous panel. It is 67% brighter and the display now supports the cinema P3 standard for a wider color gamut. Colors are much more vibrant and with the brighter display, we have deeper contrast which gives you a lot more depth to the screen.

Generally speaking, it looks a lot more vivid definitely, makes an impact. Something you might notice if you’re an existing 15-inch MacBook Pro user is the fact that the new MacBook Pro has smaller text and smaller icons. Although we still have a very glossy display they improved the Anti-reflective characteristics just like on 13-inch. So, you’re seeing improvement here on the 15-inches.

Now, once again if you haven’t heard the back way that will logo has been sacrificed for this new display technology. I think that’s a worthy trade-off but of course, it would be nice to have that signature feature retain.

Keyboard: – 

macbook pro 2016 keyboard features

Now, I’m going to talk about the keyboard which is using a second generation butterfly mechanism from the original MacBook. So it’s a much better than that one so if you were put off by the keyboard. This is definitely worth taking a look at I’ve actually been using it for a few weeks on the 13-inch model and I absolutely love it.  So, you much more confident when striking the keys with this keyboard. The keys are much more solid.

There’s a lot’s of mechanical action taken up your time. So, you can fly across this keyboard. Fast typer you’re going to love this one. This keyboard also has much lightening than the previous model each key gets it’s own LED lights.

Trackpad: – 

We have that gigantic trackpad just below the Keyboard. So this is a force touch trackpad which works as it did on the previous model. Of course, we have all the surface area. Because this trackpad is so wide you have to rest your palms on it in order to time.  It has excellent palm rejection just like a 13-inch model.

This is especially important with this 15-inch model because the trackpad is even wider. So, you’re definitely going to be resting your palms on this while typing. So, I can rest my palms on the trackpad even lean pretty hard on them and it doesn’t register a click.

So, again this is a force touch trackpad. So, it replicates a physical click with a vibration motor call a tactic engine. You’re not getting a physical slick is jut a Spore sensor that detects. You’re pressing with your fingers or leaning on it with your palms.

Speakers: –

I welcome in the new speakers flanking the keyboards are pretty good. I think, maybe I expected them to be way better because of how good they were on the little tiny 12-inch MacBook. The grills on the sides of the speakers is actually a bit of an illusion. The speaker itself is only you know small happened circle near the bottom. they still sound very good and get very loud for a laptop.

Touch bar: –

macbook pro 2016 touch bar review

The keyboard function keys are replacing by the new touch bar.  It’s actually really cool. It is OLED touchscreen and its resolution is 1085 by 30mm. The touch bar has sort of a matte texture which matches the keys. It’s also very anti-reflective. So you won’t get a lot a glare on the strip to the far right we get our touch ID sensor which does have a sapphire crystal lens over top of it. Here are two things fingerprints & viewing angles which we have to concern.

Viewing angles because you never really looked directly down at the touch bar. You always looking at it at a short of an angle and fingerprints because it’s a touchscreen. The viewing angle to actually a really good job with it’s pretty much never difficult to read. Its brightness is great, clarity is great and it’s matte finish. So, it also does a really good job with fingerprints.

macbook pr0 2016 fingerprint sensor

Speaking of fingerprints all the way to the right of the touch bar is power button with a touch ID sensor onto. So the fingerprint reader this is awesome. In when waking up the machine, I’ve gotten super used to doing touch ID purchases and especially logging. It makes typing a simple PWD (password) in seem super inconvenient.

The right most section of the touch bar is a persistent set of keys that always shows up.  This set is customizable through with the help of the touch bar settings. So, I replaced usual Siri button with a spotlight search because I use that way more than Siri and you can expand it with an arrow to show the entire normal set of the function keys.But then some apple apps forget new functionality, new buttons to show up in the middle. So, if you’re an app that doesn’t support the touch bar. plenty of apps that don’t support the touch bar because here is just a big blank space. That’s I’m waiting for an update.

Since Apple has had time to work on it. they developed their own apps from the MacBook Pro to work with it. It sort of works well for like sliders or a timeline. So, in quick time player, you can quickly and really smoothly scroll through a video. You’re watching so scrubbing is really neat and I the photos app, for example, becomes the slider for scrolling through all your pictures or videos in a library.

MacBook Pro 2016 Best Reviews, Specifications, and Current Price

In Safari is definitely where I think it’s the best those, So, in the simple browsing you have, you know your back buttons are typical buttons, your search button for new URL your new tabs, then the middle you get some tabs switching. So, you can switch between the open tabs.

Now anytime you have a video of any kind open in safari. The middle of touch bar turns into a video scrubber just like in quick time. So if you’re in a youtube video, when you are scrubbing the YouTube videos and also the Instagram Videos is easier than dragging with the mouse. So it’s great on safari and also legitimately useful in final cut pro. The best thing about the touch bar is when I can quickly do things on it that I couldn’t ordinarily do with just a mouse or use the keyboard shortcuts. So the bottom line is this is the MacBook pro and pro already knows your apps, keyboard shortcuts.

USB Port: – 

macbook pro 2016 USB type-c Connections

Of course, the big story this year is the i/o we’ve gone with all USB type-c connectors and on the 15-inch MacBook Pro, all four of them are 440 gigs per second Thunderbolt three ports as well. Which means they’re very high-speed ports. they can power 5k displays high-speed data transfer.

If you have the right adapter you can use any devices on this from HDMI display port SD or USB type connectors but that’s the thing there’s no way of getting around the fact that you’re going to need some adapters to use this computer because not everything is using the USB type-c connectors and like all MacBook Pro returning once again is 720 Facetime HD camera with a LED indicator and an ambient light sensor.

Ventilation: – 

Now the new MacBook Pro looks a lot like a blown-up version of the MacBook. we have the same integrated thing which is milled out of the same one piece of aluminum that forms the top. which makes it look a lot neither than the previous model which had plastic strip here. which was part of the antenna system installation has been minimized.

Although you’ll find ventilation hidden within the hinge of the MacBook Pro which is not smaller than the previous model. but unlike the baseline 13-inch MacBook Pro we also get ventilation on the sides which are especially important for high power computer with a core-i7 processor and dedicated graphics. This is somewhat similar to the ventilation on the previous MacBook Pro but it’s a bit longer than the previous model .the built-in fans are designed to be much quieter than previously.

Performance: –

When we come to performance I have the most powerful version of the MacBook Pro you can buy. So this should give you a rough idea of what performance like Apple is primarily focusing on the graphics performance. So, Apple says should see a 130% improvement over the previous models. That’s definitely the strength of this laptop is now when it comes to the standard geek bench test differences are not quite as definitive of course there is an improvement with the new model but it’s not that significant. We also get much faster SSD’s.

Well above 2000 on the read speed and the near 2000 the write speed, that’s the significant improvement over the previous model. Now the interesting thing about the new MacBook Pro is that the battery is much smaller. It goes from 99.5 while hours 276 but Apple says it should deliver an average of 10 hours which is an hour better than the previous model.

Conclusion: – 

Ultimately there’s a lot to like about the new 15-inch MacBook Pro got a great design that’s much more compact than before which makes 15-inches a lot more manageable than. It used to have this fantastic new display and we have that mastic trackpad which is very clever and the touch bar definitely adds a new layer to the interface. which is generally useful if used rights and of course this is something that will evolve over time as software and applications are updated to use it.

It’s fantastic to finally have touch ID for logging in and Apple Pay but there’s no getting around the fact that some pro users not too happy with the i/O situation. of course that means are going to have to use dongles with basically every peripheral you already have today and USB-type-c really isn’t that ubiquitous yet.

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SPECs: – 

  • Dimensions-  0.61 x 13.75 x 9.48 inches
  • Weight-   4.02 pounds (1.83kg)
  • Storage-  256GB SSD
  • Memory-  16GB RAM
  • OS-   MacOS Sierra
  • Processor-  2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
  • Graphics-  Radeon Pro 450 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, Intel Graphics 530 (automatic graphics switching)
  • Display Resolution-  2880×1800 (220ppi)
  • -720p FaceTime HD camera
  • -two 5K displays or four 4K displays at 60Hz
  • WLAN-   802.11ac Wi-Fi,
  • Bluetooth- v 4.2
  • -Touch Bar with integrated Touch ID sensor
  • -Four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports
  • -Stereo speakers, three microphones, 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Silver, Space Gray
  • -Up to 10 hours of web surfing, iTunes movie playback, and up to 30 days of standby time