Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review, Full Specifications, Price, and My Opinion

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th Gen)

Introduction: –

Hello! Guys, Today, I’m going to take a look at Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon review. This is their flagship ultraportable from their business line of laptops. So there are no fancy features here but you do get solid functionality and hardware across the board as well as excellent engineering that makes this laptop that I can highly recommend. So let’s find out-

Design: –

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Design review

The design of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Normally, I’m a fan of the all-metal bodies but the Lenovo has used soft touch plastic around the entirety of this body that looks really decent, it’s minimalist and it feels great to hold. It also has the advantage of reducing the overall weight of this Laptop. It’s a 14-inch laptop but it weighs just 1.39 kg which is below the average that we see even for 13-inch laptops. This laptop won’t be turning any heads thanks to its business-oriented design but I appreciate some of the features included here like the 180-degree hinge which gives you the most flexibility in display positioning and some of the subtle angles and curves around the edges help hide some of the thickness of this laptop.

Ports & Slots: –

thinkpad x1 carbon ports and slots

The X1 Carbon users perhaps the best range of ports I’ve seen on a laptop recently. On the left-hand side, you get two Thunderbolt 3 ports both of those are of course USBC and either of them can be used for charging. There’s also a full-size USB 3.0 port full-size HDMI and a proprietary connector that is used with the included Ethernet Dongle. Of course, Ethernet ports are simply too large to include on ultraportables.

lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon ports and slots

There’s also an additional full-size USB 3.0 port on the right-hand side as well as the 3.5mm audio jack and quite a significant Vent for the cooling solution. Hidden away on the back edge of the laptop is a micro SD and SIM card slot. It’s really nice to see both of these features included here you can quite easily expand the storage of this laptop without having dongles or external devices hanging off all over the place and LTE connectivity can be very handy although this does cost extra in some regions and models of the X1 Carbon.

Fingerprint Sensor-

There is a fingerprint sensor included below the Keyboard on the X1 Carbon and I really appreciate how a number of laptop manufacturers are including the security feature on the Ultraportable of these days. The one of the excellent Carbon is it’s very responsive and works extremely well to secure your device. It’s much easier than entering a Pin or Password every time and I wish more laptops had this feature in it.

Display: –

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Display review

The display is 1920 by 1080 full HD matte display and you can see they’ve gotten rid of that kind of permanent screen protector over lacing that made things look murky and icky. Now you just have a very thin bezel how trendy that is and a normal matte display. So very low glare QHD IPS display. The display is actually pretty nice vibrant and pretty rich looking. Contrast is actually a little better in average because the black levels are pretty nice on this.

Keyboard: –

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Keyboard Review

This wouldn’t be a ThinkPad Laptop without the signature keyboard that has been used for generations. It’s quite good on the X1 Carbon the travel distance from each key is fantastic for an ultraportable and this leads to great tactile feedback across the board. Most of the keys are very adequately sized such as the modifier keys, the function keys leaving the arrow keys and this helps makes the laptop keyboard quite easy to get used to and used on a daily basis that said the worst feature of this entire laptop is included in the keyboard on every keyboard ever made except for the Lenovo ThinkPad keyboard.

The control key is in the bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard yet on this device you’ll find the function key in the bottom left-hand corner and this makes it really hard to simply pick up this laptop and hit things like ctrl-c and ctrl-v to copy and paste without having to rewire your brain. It takes a long time getting used to this key position.

Trackpad: –

It’s a Microsoft precision track that usually Lenovo goes with their own Synaptics drivers very full-featured drivers and stuff this they’ve done that but there still are some synaptic enhancements. It’s a fine trackpad except for the fact that it’ll suddenly stop taking input it won’t track this it won’t track tops and then it’ll come back in. I find if I just go fiddle with the settings and then come back in it works fine until I reboot again. So clearly they need a driver update for that. NAB point pointer as always for you traditionalists in the ThinkPad world with dedicated buttons up here.

Processor: –

This is a Dual-Core 15watt Ultra bug this is not a Quad-Core Work Station. You have Intel HD 620 graphics Intel 7th Generation KabyLake CPUs. We have the Core i7 7600-U you’d that is 2.8 gigahertz that’s a little bit fancier than the Usual 7500-U that you’ll see in most Ultrabooks.

Performance: –

It’s an Ultrabook Dual-Core, it has integrated graphics which means for most folks is probably plenty enough for everyday productivity. If you want to play serious games like Fallout 4, this isn’t the kind of laptop for you obviously. If you’re doing 4K video day in and day out, note- a dual-core Ultrabook is not the ideal choice. It’s fine for recreational use of occasional use. And for 1080p editing it’s fine for photoshop it’s good for most things like that. In terms of benchmarks assists just where you would expect it among its competition.

Battery: –

Battery life, the battery and these keeps getting bigger 56 watt-hours that’s pretty ample sized battery for what we have inside this. It’s 3 cells and you’ll see in internal it takes a good deal of the interior space of the laptop. Now Lenovo claims up to 15 hours of use which is just I don’t know how you could possibly do this. I’m finally, I’m getting more like 6-7 hours maybe it’s that fan calmed down it would actually improve some.

Conclusion: –

Overall, it’s got a nice sturdy build, it’s light, the keyboard is a dream when you expect from Lenovo. The display has done a good job of picking up the quality on their displays. Even the basic full HD model here is a very nice one. In terms of SSD storage, it’s a well-configured machine but there’s a lot of money. By the way, if you would like a smack down with the Dell XPS 13 just write out in the comments because it’s certainly a lot of overlap both being traditional laptops, no 360 degrees hinges, no touchscreen option to this one just like the base XPS 13.

So in sum what’s good for it, it is good for those who are looking for a super thin and light with a slightly bigger screen than average, pretty good upgradeability as Ultrabooks go but not the RAM, Fast PCIe, NVMe, SSDs those are the things are positive. Whatsoever what’s not to like, obviously the price (around starting at 1200 dollars), RAM is not upgradable, the Trackpad drivers are a little bit wonky, the fan noise hopefully that will be addressed in BIOS too and battery life is okay. So it’s all up to you.


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SPECs: –





WLAN-  Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265 (2×2)AC with  Bluetooth 4.1

WWAN-  Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A

BODY Dimensions-  12.7 x 8.5 x 0.6-inch

Weight-  Starting at 1.39kg

DISPLAY Type-   14-inch FHD (1920x1080p), anti-glare, IPS, 300 nits, Non-touch

Graphics-  Intel HD graphics 620

PROCESSOR OS-  Windows 10 Home

Processor-  Up to Intel Core-i7-7600U (4MB Cache, up to 3.90GHz)

MEMORY – Up to 16GB LPDDR3 1866MHz

Storage-  Up to 1TB  SSD PCIe OPAL2.0




-2 Intel Thunderbolt 3

-2 USB 3.0


-Native RJ45


-Micro SIM

WEBCAM Integrated 720p HD camera
SOUND -Dolby Audio Premium
POWER -Up to 15.5 hours