Lenovo Legion R720 Review, Full Specifications, Price, Buy Online and Conclusion

Lenovo Legion R720

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to do a full specifications review of Lenovo Legion R720. The Legion R720 is coming with Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU, 4GB RAM, i5 7300 HQ or i7 7000 HQ CPU and 1 Terabyte storage. In this review, I’m going to do detailed discussion in every department. So, let’s start-

Specifications: –

The Lenovo Legion R720 powered by Nvidia 1050 Ti, this ones got 4 gigabytes of Double Data Rate 5 RAM. The Lenovo Legion R720 has an i5 7300 HQ, so that doesn’t have hyperthreading, unlike this 7700 HQ that’s an i7 branded one. That one’s a little bit faster for 3D performance, but the CPU is perfectly fine for gaming. So, it has 8 gigabytes of RAM the original configuration but just using one sodium slot out of the 2. This one here instead of just having a one terabyte drive and this also has an SSD which was one of the benefits. It’s got a fast PCIe 4 lane SSD in here, it’s the Samsung PM961 NVMe SSD 128GB, and that’s paired up with that slower spindle drive for your storage so you can put files on that. You don’t get a lot of free space on that fast drive but boot times are excellent, It’s under 10 seconds, and it gets into Windows desktop blazing faster which is good.

Design & Build: –

Lenovo Legion R720 Design & Build

Now, the boot of the laptop is all plastic, and you will see it’s got those red accents, so you know straight away. Thus, the lid of it has a little bit of flex, but it’s not bad it does show fingerprints but the build quality overall I do like. Now, along with the back, you will see that we do have some exit vents and the cooling on the system is excellent, it didn’t run into any thermal throttling or any problems. This model here barely goes over 70 degrees so straight away cooling is excellent on this which should be in a gaming laptop.

You’ll see the above of the screen though we do have a 720p webcam with dual array microphones. The bezel around the outside is slightly thick, it’s not super thin or modern-looking, but at least it is matte, so we don’t have any problems with reflections on the screen. Now, it does have the rubber around the edges which is a nice little touch that’s going to stop it from scratching up the palm rest which made out of plastic to this palm rest.

Ports & Slots: –

Lenovo Legion R720 Ports & Slots

On the left-hand side, we’ve got a Kensington lock there which is good to have so you can lock this down if you needed. We’ve got a USB port on here, it looks like Type-A port but this is not it is in fact, the charging plug here and it’s very sturdy. We’ve got a status LED light. We’ve got a Gigabit Ethernet Port there a full-sized USB which is just USB-3, and we have Stereo Headphones out with mic support and then a reset button there which is good to see. We don’t usually have this on most laptops.

On the right-hand side, we’ve got 2 Full-size USB-3 ports again an SD card reader. Now, the SD card reader is not that fast at all it mazes out about 24 Mbps reads and writes. We have HDMI out this is the only 30Hz 4K maximum that it supports. And then we do have a Type-C port so this type-c port does not support display out, it is only USB-3 data.

Display: –

Lenovo Legion R720 Display Review

The Lenovo Legion R720 has a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS matte-coated panel from LG. This display isn’t perfect for professionals at all with the kind of results I got from the gamut tests; I did on the colour reproduction. So, the monitor is an LG D0590 it used in other gaming laptops, and it’s instead a low-end budget. The maximum brightness comes out at 280 Lux which is good, and on the lowest settings, it doesn’t even register one Lux. It’s very dark, so that’s the positives of this screen here but looking in close to detail at some of that calibration; I have the sRGB results of my testing here with my Spider 5 was 65% so that is very poor for sRGB coverage and then only 49% of Adobe RGB. So, for professionals, if you wanted to use this for video editing and colour editing you need to have correct colour for photos and things not recommended at all a budget gaming laptop. For gaming, I found this screen is beautiful and general use.

Webcam: –

It does tend to shake around a little bit, and you start typing you can hear a bit of the noise from the keyboard. We’ve got Dual Array microphones there, and resolution it shoots at is 720p at 30 frames per second. Overall, I feel for this kind of budget gaming laptop that the quality of the webcams it’s not unusual. If you want better quality, then use of course an external webcam.

Keyboard & Touchpad: –

Lenovo Legion R720 Keyboard & Touchpad

The Keyboard is quite nice. We get a digital keyboard as well to the side of it there, and the key travel is 1.3mm, they have a nice feel to them. This keyboard feels to type-on almost identical to the Steel Series keyboard, you often see on MSI’s gaming laptops. It’s backlit, so we’ve got two levels either low brightness or the high brightness there. It’s not a bad keyboard it’s a typical Lenovo keyboard which is excellent. So, great to type-on that is a huge positive there I do like it.

Now, you see above the keyboard we do have what looks like some grills here for an Intake or insulation. It is in fact frontwards, outwards firing speakers so these speakers they also have Dolby audio tweaks to them, so it’s just mainly in an equaliser here so, you can tweak the sound output.

TouchPad: –

Now, my biggest complaint when this laptop has to be the touchpad. It’s an Elan one it does have Elan just to controls and things like that but it’s rather weak, I don’t like it. It’s quite leggy it’s got your buttons there which to me feeling a little bit bad to use. The main thing with the touchpad is it’s a little bit inaccurate at slow minor or more beautiful movements when you do those if you’re doing like any editing work or using Photoshop, it’s just a real pain. Being a gaming laptop, I feel that most people would be using a mouse, so it’s not a deal breaker, but if you happen to have no mouse and just using that touchpad, it will frustrate you. Now, there is a solution on the Internet, and that is to install there’s like a hack to install over those Elan drivers, windows precision drivers to improve that touchpad.

Software: –

You get with the Seagate Lenovo’s Nerve Sense which probably the only thing you want to keep on here because it does allow you to do the extreme cooling. So, this will enable you to put the fans on a maximum, so it’s very similar to MSI’s call the booster for that they use on the GL 62M, so you turning that on and the fans will get rather loud then, but of course, it will give you maximum cooling performance.

Performance: –

Lenovo Legion R720 processor, memory & performance

This CPU can multitask well. I won’t give you an example of that but just to say that you can run a lot of things at the same time. So, even you have an Adobe Photoshop opened at the same time just doing a video edit and streaming now 4K so it can keep up with 4K. If you’re going to be using other streaming services like Amazon Prime, this laptop is going to run it perfectly fine as long, of course, you have the fast enough internet connection that can maintain the kind of transfer rates you need for 4K streaming. So, you will see it’s only dropped 13 frames here out of 3000 which is when I went from the smaller window to large full screens when it lost a few frames there. Overall, outstanding performance when it comes to streaming 4K. Now, it’s quite capable the CPU to edit 4K video on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Gaming: –

We have a Nvidia 1050 Ti with 4 gigabytes of RAM on here it’s Samsung RAM. Now, the maximum overclocks are managed to get on the memory is 800 more or less before it would end up crashing and causing a blue screen of death.

Now, the MSI GL 62M with same exact GPU and RAM spec and even Samsung RAM I managed to get a thousand so this is going to vary from unit to unit. I have added 100MHz to the core clock. Now, why I’m doing this is because it combines about 10% performance and there are no trade-offs. There’s no instability with my current overclocks at the moment is that artefacts or anything so that’s why I’m doing this.

Here, you can play mostly all the high-quality games like GTA 5, Witcher 3, Battlefield with high settings and you will get a decent framerate of around 85 frames per second. I have seen it as high as 100 but you know there are entirely a few cars or rendering on the screen.

Wireless: –

Wireless Performance, I’ve got a bit of a complaint here with the wireless that even connected up to my home network with an FTP server download over high-speed wireless AC router. I could not get any more than about 200 megabits per second.

Thermals: –

They are perfect after two hours of gaming continuously the CPU hits 73 degrees only so this is good. It’s an excellent cooling on this Lenovo have done their job with this particular gaming laptop and only 70 degrees on the GPU Max again after 2 hours. So, outstanding performance.

Conclusion: –

Overall, the Lenovo Legion R720 is an excellent laptop for gaming. The build quality is quite decent it’s all made out of plastic, and we do have the red accent backlit keyboard great to type-on, I don’t like the touchpad because it doesn’t support precision drivers.

The gaming performance from the 1050 Ti it’s quite good you can overclock it and squeeze out an extra 10% or so which is right a little bit boost there and all the games I tested so all your triple-A titles are all going to be perfectly fine and playable 1080p on this, you just have to set high or medium settings some of the more advanced than more demanding settings.

The i5 7300 HQ feel like a perfect match for this GPU, it does not CPU limiter at all, and it doesn’t run into a CPU thermal throttling at all but if you intend to do 3D CAD and video editing and stuff like that and you need more performance go for the i7 7000 HQ.

Battery life is another area which is bad on this laptop, but that’s to be expected gaming laptops and never have good battery life. So, you have got powerful hardware and only a 41 watts battery in here so burns through it in about 2 hours If you are not playing games and playing games you are just going to get around an hour.

Now, wireless another area where is a bit of an issue of my unit. And also this is not great for professionals that want to do Photo editing, video editing.

Finally, for the $959 pricing, I think it’s a good deal you’ve got some beautiful performance as a gaming laptop.

Indian Buyers Buy Now Price
Lenovo Legion R720 Coming Soon Rs 61,500
The American Buyers
Lenovo Legion R720 GEARBEST $ 958.99
Bangladeshi Buyers
Lenovo Legion R720 Coming Soon Tk 78,000
Pakistani Buyers
Lenovo Legion R720 Coming Soon PKR 1,00,000

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