iPhone 7 Plus vs S7 edge vs Note 7 full specs comparison with reviews and conclusion

iPhone 7 Plus vs S7 edge vs Note 7

Introduction: – 

Hey guys, Here I’m going head-to-head with The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and The iPhone 7 Plus. So just as promised let’s battle these mammoths and see which one is the winner and in which way. There are so many things to compare here so just like always this will be an ultimate comparison. Comparing everything you guys need to know when choosing between one or the other one of these devices. So, let’s take a look-


Design: –

The design of The iPhone 7 Plus hasn’t really changed much. On the first appearance, it’s almost identical to the iPhone 6s Plus and The 6 Plus before it. The one major thing is the camera bump and attends events have been removed. They’re all great looking devices but how do they feel in your hand- The iPhone 7 Plus is the biggest of them all that makes it uncomfortable to hold not only that but the actual material is very slippery. The fact that has such wide bezels makes it really difficult to use that large display. So the Galaxy Note 7 has the biggest display of them all yet.

galaxy S7 Edge design reviews

The Galaxy Note 7 and S7 Edge both share a very sleek design very similar in looks one being slightly more chunky than the other. The Galaxy S7 Edge is the smallest of all three phone. It’s one of the smallest devices. It’s very easy to grip and at times I actually kind of wish the bezels was a little bit thicker on The Note 7 just because I find myself triggering things on a display. It is extremely comfortable to hold on to so while both phones are holding on to the designs from the previous generation. The galaxy Note 7 And S7 Edge are both the sleeker looking devices. They both look brand new terms of actual sizing The iPhone 7 Plus is the heaviest device is the smallest display and Note 7 is the second chunk is with the S7 Edge being the slimmest and thinnest design.

A quick look at the bottom of the phones reveals that they’re all using different ports. The iPhone with lightning, Note 7 with USB type-c and micro USB on the S7 Edge.

So may be on to build all three phones here do share a water resistance capability. However, the iPhone 7 Plus has the weakest rating of the bunch IP67 vs IP68 on the Galaxies. So, that means you can only take it up to a meter underwater for 30 minutes versus a meter and a half of the Galaxies.

The Note 7 does have a Gorilla Glass 5. It’s arguably the best of the bunch so there is in terms of build and design all beautiful phones in their very own ways.


Display: –

So, let’s move on to the most important thing and that is display.  This is the number one thing I interact with on my phone. It’s very important to have a great, bright and clean display. The iPhone 7 Plus has 5.5inch IPS LCD display with 1080 x 1920 pixels (401 PPI) resolution. It does have a brighter display not quite as bright as the note 7 or the S7 Edge and it now features a P3 color Gamut which The Note 7 already have.

Samsung S7 Edge display reviews

The galaxy Note 7  has 5.7inches Super AMOLED display with 1440 x 2560 pixels (518 PPI) resolution and the Galaxy s7  Edge has 5.5inches Super AMOLED display with 1440 x 2560 pixels (534 PPI) resolution.

I went to ahead and compare all these displays in low-light the darker colors definitely appear darker as there’s an infinite contrast ratio all and panels. It looks great on all the colors, especially it’s just when you get into the more darker stuff that on the Galaxies all and panels you can definitely see less light bleeding through. It’s very interesting how every single phone here has a unique perk when it comes to displaying technology. The iPhone 7 Plus has 3D touch which actually comes in very handy. It’s a pressure sensitive display.

Galaxy Note 7 S-pen features


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has its unique S-Pen. So, it’s stylish. It also does have the curved Edge which the S7 edge has except it’s a little bit more apparent on the S7 Edge so it’s not as useful as the other ones.


Performance: –

iPhone 7 Plus vs S7 Edge vs Note 7

The Apple is always optimizing what they have so well this time around It brings 2.23 Gigahertz processor. Quad-Core two of them on both devices being the powerful ones to on the less powerful scale. So, Geek bench results are actually quite crazy The iPhone 7 Plus out does the S7 Edge, Note 7 as they share the same processor by a wide margin.

Next up I went ahead and ran on two benchmarks I wanted to see what the scores would be and after completing these benchmarks the scores were apparently much higher on the iPhone 7 Plus and when it comes to heating up the iPhone 7 Plus did heat up the most.


Camera: –

iPhone 7 plus vs Note 7 camera comparison


The iPhone 7 Plus has a complete overhaul in that department. Now the iPhone 7 Plus has a 12-Megapixel Dual-Lens camera with 4 LED-flash and I’m just amazed at how good it is. I’ve been using it for a while now. The iPhone 7 Plus seems to do very well in terms of colors much better versus the 6S Plus and I’m so Happy Apple is actually focusing on great quality with the front facing camera. it’s now 7-Megapixels and the quality is better comparing it to the Galaxies.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7 have almost same qualities of cameras. S7 edge has 12-megapixel with LED flash and F/1.7 Aperture. The front facing camera of the galaxy S7 edge is 5-Megapixel which is not better than in the comparison of iPhone 7 Plus. Same specifications of the camera of Samsung galaxy Note 7. Both their cameras of galaxies are not better than the iPhone 7 plus camera.


Wireless: –

Now, Looking at wireless there’s really not too much to say here The iPhone 7 Plus is the most capable as a traveling phone. the other devices have a higher theoretical download speed.


Battery: –

Taking a look at the batteries the iPhone 7 Plus has the smallest battery of the bunch 2900 mAh versus a larger 3500 and 3600 mAh battery. The Galaxies have the advantage of fast charging and wireless charging which is in a league above the 7 Plus.



Other: –

iPhone 7 plus stereo speakers

So, the last thing I wanted to touch on its special technology this is something that stands out to me is that the iPhone 7 Plus now has 4 LED-flash will both the 7 And 7 pLus. Now has a capacity of home button which has no physical touch to it whatsoever has stereo speakers which are really big one for me, personally and The Dual-lens camera with optical Zoom.

iPhone 7 Plus vs s7 edge vs Note 7

The portrait mode is a really big deal as well. It’ll blur your background in real-time and no other phone on the market does is right now. You can get some crazy good shots with it. I’m just impressed, it’s my favorite feature of the 7 Plus. There’s also instant setup would select Apple accessories. So, you’ll use NFC to go ahead and connect with that W one chip instantly. No software setup.

The Galaxy does have a virus scanning which is honestly pretty cool. It does have the new stylish which has been re-imagined. it’s much better much more useful and it does have a 3.5mm headphone jack. It does have wireless charging and quick charge. So, even if the battery life isn’t that great. You can charge it up almost instantly.


Price: – 


iPhone 7 Plus (32GB/128GB/256GB) Price-      @amazon    (Rs. 61,999/71,998/89,999)

iPhone 7 Plus (32GB/128GB/256GB) Price-      @flipkart    (Rs. 57,599/65,599/73,599)

iPhone 7 Plus (32GB/128GB/256GB) Price-    @snapdeal   (Rs. 68,999/79,099/85,824)

Galaxy S7 Edge (32/64/128GB)             Price-      @amazon    (Rs. 50,890/N.A./56,900)

Galaxy S7 Edge (32/64/128GB)             Price-      @flipkart    (Rs. 50,900/N.A./N.A.)

Galaxy S7 Edge (32/64/128GB)             Price-     @snapdeal  (Rs. 50,000/N.A./54,999)

Galaxy Note 7   (64GB)                               Price-       @amazon  (Rs. N.A.)

Galaxy Note 7   (64GB)                               Price-       @flipkart   (Rs. N.A.)

Galaxy Note 7   (64GB)                               Price-     @snapdeal  (Rs. N.A.)


iPhone 7 Plus (32GB/128GB/256GB) Price- @amazon ($ 749.99/719.99/779.99)

Galaxy S7 Edge (32/64/128GB) Price-             @amazon ($ 439.39/574.99/795.00)

Galaxy Note 7 (64GB) Price-                                 @amazon (Rs. N.A.)


Conclusion: – 

Of course, each phone doesn’t have its own merits, Personally for me the flash the Camera is N0.1 about the iPhone 7 plus and also the virtual home button is really cool.
The galaxy comes with a lot more innovation that’s for sure it has a deeper water resistance rating. Sharper and brighter display vs the iPhone 7 Plus and of course, many other reasons for choosing this one. But if we are talking about the Camera then the iPhone 7 Plus is better than both phones and the Note 7 Camera is better than the S7 Edge.

Overall, though, I’m quite surprised these phones are amazing. I mean they are top of the line. Choosing between one of the other is going to be a very difficult task.

So, guys, here, it is very difficult to say that the which phone is better from others. Each phone is best from the own place, so its only up to you.


For Indian Buyers: – 

iPhone 7 Plus 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


For International Buyers: – 

iPhone 7 Plus-                            iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge-       S7 Edge

        Samsung Galaxy Note 7-             (N.A.)