iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6 full Specifications comparison and Reviews with Conclusion

iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6 –

Introduction: –

Today, I’m going to compare the iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6. There are benefits to each side, but which one is right for you? Well, Let’s go ahead and find out.

Now, I’m going to ve comparing the design, specifications, features, Camera, and performance between these two flagship Phones. There may not be a clear winner at the end.

Design: –

iPhone 6 Plus-

iPhone 6 Plus design reviews

The iPhone 6 plus brought around and look to its design language but in the larger plus edition, the screen was bumped up to 5.5inches. The result is an attractive phone of Apple’s. Typical design cues made a little bit harder to handle because of its size. Typical buttons include the volume rocker on the left side with the silence toggle and the power button has been brought to the right side from the top for better access.

Alone tactile home button up front also includes a fingerprint scanner underneath and it lies somewhat concave to the front panel and 2.5D glass adds to the more rounded look. A metallic construction automatically up the phones attraction with lines denoting where the separations are in the parts. Of course, the Apple logo on the back is under the camera optics in the top corner.

Nexus 6-

Nexus 6 design reviews

The Nexus 6, on the other hand, blew itself up to rather mixed reactions mostly because of it’s handling. Motorola’s design language took center stage here as the phone looks like a large Moto X except the backings is always made of plastic with the Nexus 6. No buttons on the front mean that the inputs are made with soft keys and a curve on the back does help with the phones feel in the hand.

The Camera optics is top of the back side of the Phone with the iconic Motorola dimple and the Nexus logo. A metallic frame also helps the Nexus 6 adding yo what is one of the exquisite Nexus devices yet. The main story in the design department is handling because aesthetic remains an opinionated matter.

The iPhone 6 pLus is thinner and I’s rounded sides make it a little bit more comfortable to grip. But the larger bezels of the iPhone make it similar in size to the Nexus 6 on the less thickness make the Nexus 6 a little harder to handle in one hand. Though it’s curved does what it can to help. You’re always going to perform hand gymnastics to go from side to side or to reach the top. But in the end, both of these phones managed to be really easy on the eyes despite not always being easy in the hand.

Display: –

iPhone 6 Plus display Specs

Large Displays are par for the course here as the trend continues to pick up a steam bit in the case of the Nexus 6. You get a little bit more power in its display that might make you choose it over the iPhone 6 Plus. That being said Apples display technology gets a bump up to 5.5inches and a full HD resolution. 401 pixels per inch.

What I always notice about iPhone screens, however, is that their output is just a little bit more subdued compared to say the AMOLED display common Android flagships. And that’s exactly what the Nexus 6 supports an AMOLED screen just under 6inches. The big story is Nexus 6 is it’s super high-resolution going beyond full HD. Google and Motorola decided to meet the trend of Quad HD with a display that is 2560 x 1440 supporting 493 pixels per inch.

Nexus 6 display specs

The result is the display that is not putting some intense power and for work and play you’ll be able to reach truck text and enjoy any media in a large fashion. The may have been some issues with burning reported but on my particular unit, it hasn’t been an issue at all. Nonetheless, we have an evolution in of these devices surely a welcome change for any veterans in either camp but if want a higher resolution to eke out that much more enjoyment from your smartphone. The larger and more powerful screen of the Nexus 6 is the obvious choice.

Performance: –

The Nexus 6 supports the usual type of processing package created by Qualcomm and in the Snapdragon 805. Enjoys the kind of high-level performance that you’d expect. Multitasking is an easy affair with 3GB of RAM and me could run just about any application without any slowdowns. While I may have seen a few hiccups and transitions here and there it has more to do with the occasional bugs and Lollipop. That are sure to be fixed and updated versions and nonetheless gaming is still a breeze with Adreno 420.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus like put together their own processing packages and any iOS user tell you that their architecture works well for their needs. The A8 is the processor choice for this iPhone and its Dual-Core 1.4 Gigahertz cyclone ship is backed by Quad-Core graphics and the power VR GX6450. The iOS has gradually become more about flashiness interface but all in all the simplicity of the operating system can still be felt. Moving along the Applications is pretty seamless and even if 1GB of RAM is available. You’re still able to keep a good number of apps running simultaneously.

Comparing Android and iOS is already top on its own but obviously, there are a lot of users on both sides that report very good experiences.
iOS runs really well on Apple’s architecture on the iPhone 6 plus and even though lollipop could use just a little bit more polish. It still runs really great on the Nexus 6.

Hardware: –

Hardware offerings on either of these phones take on mostly the typical fare with the iPhone 6 Plus boasting one specific addition over the Nexus 6.The fingerprint reader on the iPhone is a press version meaning that you can easily unlock the phone by pressing the home button to wake it then you can leave your finger there.

Aside from that, however, you get the mostly the standard bells and whistles with various connectivity options and even NFS this like though it is rather restricted to Apple Pay for the time being.The bottom mounted speaker performs as expected with a pretty good sound stage and few thrills after that a 2915 mAh battery powers te iPhone 6 Plus bringing a fair amount of battery life though with enough power usage. It will struggle to get past the one day mark. Previous version iPhone did have famously problems with longevity and the larger higher resolution screen and this edition does bring down the bigger battery to size a bit.

On the Nexus 6, however, the lack of a fingerprint reader is helped by its media consumption features. The main enhancement on the Nexus 6 is right on the front. The Dual front-facing speakers whose placement simply trumps the bottom mounted the unit on the iPhone 6 Plus. And as far connectivity goes the Nexus 6 is the first of the line to get access across the board with a version on sprint and then one possibly coming Verizon very soon.

Camera : –

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Reviews and Specs

Moving along the camera performance, this is going to vary based on the environment and user. Both cameras feature optical image stabilization, but the Nexus 6 beats the iPhone 6 plus on paper with a 13-megapixel camera. The iPhone 6 Plus has 8-Megapixel Camera and please don’t underestimate this Phone Camera, It’s amazing.  Each camera has its strong points and weakness but I’ll let you be the judge on this one.
In my experience, the iPhone 6 Plus does win in low light performance, but in bright environments, it’ll be hard to declare either device as the champion.

Nexus 6 Camera Specs

For video recording, the iPhone 6 Plus shoots up to 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second. It’s definitely the solid camera for capturing video and the optical image stabilization helps to keep photos and video steady. Google Nexus 6 shoot up to UHD quality and also includes optical image stabilization it helps shaky hands. Both of these cameras are capable of great things and you won’t be disappointed either way.

Battery: – 

Nexus 6 Battery life

In battery life, the Nexus 6 actually suffers from the same issues as the iPhone 6 Plus. A much larger display and a big bump in resolution bring the 3220 mAh unit battery to side making this phone get close to the day and a half mark but never really getting past it. Unless you really want a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 6 Plus the front facing speakers on the Nexus 6 or a compelling Notch and it’s belt especially when you consider that gorgeous screens for media consumption.

Price: –


iPhone 6 Plus Price  @amazon      (16GB/64GB/128GB)-   Rs.  (59,999/56,999/59,999)

iPhone 6 Plus Price  @flipkart       (16GB/64GB/128GB)-   Rs.  (51,499/60,298/71,000)

iPhone 6 Plus Price  @snapdeal    (16GB/64GB/128GB)-   Rs.  (39,900/N.A./N.A.)

Nexus 6 Price             @amazon              (32GB/64GB)-            Rs.  (22,999/20,999)

Nexus 6 Price             @flipkart               (32GB/64GB)-            Rs.  (32,486/29,999)

Nexus 6 Price             @snapdeal            (32GB/64GB)-            Rs.  (17,999/N.A.)



iPhone 6 Plus Price  @amazon    (16GB/64GB/128GB)-    ($ 385.00/$ 448.99/$ 607.00)

Nexus 6 Price              @amazon           (32GB/64GB)-                      ($ 308.88 /$ 429.99)


Conclusion: – 

Here, in this whole comparison, I just want to tell you one thing that both smartphones are amazing. But if you are searching for a Performance (Speed) and Camera quality wise then the iPhone 6 Plus is better than the Nexus 6. And if you looks in the smartphone Display performance, Battery backup and good quality Camera then I’ll suggest you Nexus 6.

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