In-Depth Comparison B/w Huawei Honor 9i Vs Xiaomi Mi A1 with Conclusion

Huawei Honor 9i Vs Xiaomi Mi A1


Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to do a comparison between Huawei Honor 9i Vs Xiaomi Mi A1. You can get Honor 9i for 18,000 rupees or 275 dollars whereas Xiaomi Mi A1 is available at 15,000 rupees or 230 dollars. So, doesn’t make sense to spend 3,000rs or $45 extra and buy Honor 9i or is Xiaomi Mi A1 still a great value for money smartphone and better than Honor 9i. So, I’ll find out in this discussion which smartphone is better and why?


Design & Build: –

Both the smartphone weighs nearly the same when it comes to weight one of the phones don’t feel heavier than the other. But there is a difference in terms of overall design and look as you will see Honor 9 comes with the Full HD+ display which gives it a better look when it comes to the front of the phone. You get this 5.9-inch display with 18 by 9 aspect ratio on the front along with dual camera setup. This is a 13-megapixel + 2-megapixel camera setup on the front.

In case of Xiaomi MI A1, you get a 5.5-inch display and a 5-megapixel front camera. You will see when it comes to the front panel of these devices the Full HD view display gives a better look to Honor 9i.

Moving on to the back, you have dual camera setup on both the devices and fingerprint scanner. You get 16-megapixel + 2-megapixel camera on Honor 9i and a dual 12-megapixel implementation on Xiaomi Mi A1.

Both smartphones have metal construction. On the right side, you will get a volume rocker and power button on both the phones. On the bottom side, you will get a USB Type-C Port on Xioami Mi A1 whereas a micro USB 2.0 port on Honor 9i and a 3.5mm audio jack. On the top, you have an additional IR port in case of Xiaomi Mi A1.

So, In terms of both the phones feel sturdy and premium in hand but when it comes to the overall design I’ll say Honor 9i looks slightly better when compared to Xiaomi Mi A1 due to its Full HD+ display.


Display: –

You get a 5.9-inch display on Huawei Honor 9i, this is an 18 by 9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1080p. Unfortunately, there is no founding Gorilla Glass protection here, Huawei did provide a screen protector in the box itself.

When it comes to Xiaomi Mi A1, you get a 5.5-inch Full HD display and it is being protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. So, in terms of display protection, you’ll get a better display protection on Xiaomi Mi A1 but you get a bigger 5.9-inch display on Honor 9i.

The colour reproduction on both the smartphones is nice. In terms of brightness, you will see the Xiaomi Mi A1 is brighter when it comes to overall brightness and even in outdoor conditions, I found Xiaomi Mi A1 to perform slightly better when compared to Honor 9i in case of sunlight legibility.

But overall, if you are someone who uses a phone to consume a lot of multimedia content like Movies and the YouTube videos that the Full HD+ display and a bigger 5.9-inch screen might be more suitable for you. But if you are someone who is just looking for a great display then Xiaomi Mi A1 offers you a good display as well.


Camera: –

You get the dual 12-megapixel camera on Xioami Mi A1 as compared to 16 + 2-megapixel camera on Honor 9i. On the front, you get 13 + 2-megapixel camera on Honor 9i as compared to a 5-megapixel camera on Xioami Mi A1. So, Xioami Mi A1 does offer you an extra 2x mode that you can zoom in because this is a Dual camera set up there. They are using one normal lens and one telephoto lens whereas in case of Honor both in front and back they are using a depth sensor as a 2-megapixel depth sensor to give you bokeh shots. Both the smartphones can capture boke shots and portrait shots.

The Front cameras work well on Honor 9i and it works really well because of the Front-facing depth sensor. So, you get the portrait or bokeh shots. The colour reproduction is also nice and the colour appears to be slightly more punchy. The details are nice in case of Xiaomi Mi A1 but if you have to pick one then you have to go with the Honor 9i front camera.

When it comes to the back camera, both the smartphones can capture bokeh shots. In case of bokeh shots or the portrait shots, I found Xiaomi Mi A1 to be better when compared to Honor 9i. In overall, camera experience is well in terms of the level of details, clarity, colour reproduction both work fine. This is more or less same when it comes to normal or daylight conditions but if you have to pick one.

I’ll say Xiaomi Mi A1 offers you a better camera experience, it is more consistent when compared to Honor 9i low-light performance is better in case of Xiaomi Mi A1. The bokeh shot of the portrait shots is better in case of Mi A1. The front camera works well in Honor 9i but the back camera works well on Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone.


Performance & Memory: –

Both smartphones are being powered by different processors, you get Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 on your Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone and Benchmark score is 63000. Huawei own Kirin 659 processor in case of Honor 9i and again benchmark score is 63,800. So, the benchmark scores are more or less same.

You get the latest version 7.0.2 as compared to 7.0 preset on Honor 9i. Both the smartphones offer you 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage on both the devices.

Now, Xiaomi Mi A1 supports more sensors when compared to Huawei Honor 9i. It has extra game rotation vector sensor then it also has Gyroscope which is not present on Honor 9i. So, you won’t be able to enjoy a lot of VR content on Honor 9i. Again, Xiaomi Mi A1 has an extra step detector whereas you just get the step counter on Honor 9i smartphone. So, in terms of sensors, you do get extra sensors also there is an IR blaster on the top in case of Xiaomi Mi A1.

When it comes to performance both the devices can handle multitasking with ease but I found the gaming experience to be slightly better on Xiaomi Mi A1 when compared to on Honor 9i. So, if you are a gamer who plays a lot of games both the devices can handle games but Xiaomi Mi A1 has a slight edge, here maybe due to the presence of stock Android. In terms of rest opening and closing of applications or daily usage. I didn’t find any major issues between these two smartphones. Both the phones can handle day-to-day applications and normal stuff easily.


Software: –

You get the Stock Android experience on Xioami Mi A1. You do have some extra applications like Mi remote application to run the infrared blaster. When it comes Honor 9i, you get the Emotion UI 5.1 which offers you a lot of more interesting stuff and features like App doing which allows you to use Two Whatsapp and Facebook accounts then you have some gestures permissions etc on Honor 9i does offers you some extra features when compared to Xiaomi Mi A1. So, depending on your preferences if you like the Stock Android a few one more customization and themes then you can go for Honor 9i. But if you want to stick with the Stock Android and anyone can be a better option.


Battery: –

You get a 3340 milliamp-hours battery on Honor 9i whereas you get a 3000 milliamp-hours battery on Xiaomi Mi A1. The battery usually lasts one day for both the smartphones without any issues.

In terms of other features, you get fingerprint scanner on both phones and it works really well.


Conclusion: –

Overall, which smartphone should you buy?

You can go with on Honor 9i if you want a display which offers you upgrade full view experience. You can enjoy a lot of multimedia content like Movies and Videos and a great Selfie experience the front camera works really well on Honor 9i.

But if you want a smartphone which offers you slightly better performance when it comes to gaming. A slightly better display protection and sunlight legibility, a better camera, extra infrared port and a gyroscope as well. Then you can go with Xiaomi Mi A1, to make it simple Xioami Mi A1 seems to be a better value for money smartphone when compared to Huawei 9i.