HP Spectre x2 2017 Review, Full Phone Specifications, Best Price, and Conclusion

HP Spectre x2 2017

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today, I’m going to take a look at HP Spectre x2 2017. HP Laptops has a solution for you with the Spectre x2. The HP Spectre x2 retains the slick high-end style that we loved from the original model. While we’re finding things a bit to make it much more user-friendly. It’s a much stronger Surface Pro competitor than before but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. So, let’s start-

Design: –

HP Spectre x2, HP Laptops, HP Spectre x2 Design

You have dark ash colour, along with the copper on the kickstand, which is a nice two-tone look. They’ve been using it in the Spectre series for a while now, and I really like it. The kickstand also pretty cool. It’s a U-style kickstand, so it just pops out and it can go up to 165 degrees, just like the new Surface Pro. It’s made from stainless steel, copper-plated, it looks really nice.

Now, HP said that they did this design, so that didn’t really have to really dig into the chassis of this thing. So they could put a little bit bigger battery in there, along with some other components and I think it works very well. It gives it, its own design language that’s distinct from Surface, but at the same time, it’s very functional.

The device itself is very clean looking. In fact, it’s slightly more clear that the Surface Pro. You got more rounded edges on it. On the top, you have very rounded edges, along with radial vent, it only takes about 200% of the entire device versus Surface Pro, which goes around to the sides as well.

On top, you do have the Power button. It’s a little hard to press, but that’s okay. You’re not going to accidentally turn on this device while it’s in your bag, which is really nice. On the right side, you have the volume buttons up and down along with one of two USB Type-C ports. Now that is USB Type-C 3.1, which we need to give out about five gigabits per second for data transfer, power, and display out. It is not Thunderbolt 3, and in fact, this device does not have Thunderbolt 3.

Turning to the back here you have a 13-megapixel rear camera, and it’s actually pretty solid. It’s about on average of the mediocre smart phone, and while you won’t use it very often, it’s definitely nice to have it.

You also have over here the nice Bang and Olufsen logo. You have a little notch here for the kickstand as well, which is really nice for pulling it out. Coming to the bottom you have standard pin connectors here for the keyboard. To the other side, you have the other USB Type-C port, same as the other style, you can use this for charging, display, or a data. You also have a little tiny LED there for when plugged in it tells you if its charging or not. Now there is no USB Type-A and you also have a Micro SD slot there. And finally, you have the headphone jack placed in the upper left-hand quarter just like Surface Pro.

Display: –

HP laptops, HP Spectre 2, HP Spectre x2 Display

You have a 3000 by 2000 display resolution, which is of course 3:2 ratio, so it’s the same as the Surface Pro, but that resolution is 9% higher than the Surface Pro. HP has done a great job with their display technology in their recent devices, same here, it’s just very easy to look at and it gets about 450 nits for brightness, which isn’t the brightest in the world, but most laptops in the 300 range, so definitely pretty decent. It is glossy of course but not too glossy, overall very good.

Turning to the top here you do have a full HD webcam which works pretty well along with Windows Hello for facial recognition and the Surface Pro is slightly faster because Microsoft has tweaked their system to be so, but the HP overall works very well and very similar to all other Windows Hello devices on the market.

For bezels, they are definitely sighted thicker than the Surface Pro but that’s okay because you get to hold this like a tablet, So I don’t really have any issue there. Now, compared to the last Spectre x2 from 2015, they’ve had a significant reduction in those bezel sizes, so overall pretty decent.

Sound: –

For speakers you have two up here, they’re both front-facing which is really nice. Now, these are tuned by Bang and Olufsen, which of course HP has a good relationship with. They’re pretty good speakers, they definitely sound great for voice and music, it does lack richness in bass though, obviously, that’s pretty hard to do in a device this thin, but overall they’re okay speakers. I would say above average but not my favourite on the market.

Keyboard: –

HP Laptops, HP Spectre x2, HP Spectre x2 2017 Keyboard

For the keyboard, HP has done another outstanding job. Now if you had an issue with the Alcantara keyboard for Surface Pro, you get all metal here, which is really nice. Now, I have no issue with Alcantara, it’s been lasting fine with no issues. But obviously metal no problem there for lasting a long time, very solid, no flex to it whatsoever, moreover the keys have one and a half millimetre of key travel, which is higher than the 1.3mm in a Surface Pro. Also has to backlight on it, just one stage, so it’s o or off, it’s not the best the world but it gets the job done. I really don’t have any issue with it.


When comes to the trackpad, HP Spectre x2 is still using their elongated design here, which I don’t mind actually. It’s very smooth and its glass and overall its feels very well and has a decent click to it. It feels very well and has a decent click to it. However, it is using Elan drivers, not my favourite. I don’t know why HP just won’t use Precision in their consumer line, I keep bugging them about it. It’s a good trackpad, it can be better, that’s all I know.

Processor: –

This is running an Intel i7-7560U. Now, I haven’t really seen that kind of processor before. It is tuned slightly slower than a Surface Pro, so that’s because there’s about 3.8 GHz at Turbo versus 4GHz. Will you notice that in real life- probably not? It’s a really good processor but performance is not quite as good as the Surface Pro at i7. In fact, it’s only marginally better than the Surface Pro at i5 so just keep that in mind for performance.

You have 128GB/256GB/512GB or even 1TB PCIe NVMe storage. Now, this SSD is Intel, which we haven’t seen very often, usually, they are Toshiba or Samsung. The read speeds are really nice on it, you get about 1250 Mbps, and their write speeds are about 500 to 600 Mbps, so not as good for writing, but for consumers, you really want that fast read speeds and you get that here.
However, I will say HP has done something different, which it has two fans on the inside for cooling it. The idea here is two fans can run slower and keep the device cooler versus one large fan, which would be louder. So, overall for quietness, it never really gets above 40db.

Pen: –

In the box, HP throws in the really nice pen, its intrigue with 1024 levels of pressure. Now, it’s not nearly as good as the new Surface Pen with the Surface Pro but that’s okay. It’s about on the same level as the Surface Pro 4’s Pen, which I really don’t have too many complaints about. If you are going to be using this for note taking or basic drawing, it’s a really nice pen. And now you’re not going to get advanced tilt support, or you’re not gonna have that zero latency that has the new Surface Pro, but that’s okay. It’s very good pen, it’s free in the box and overall I really have no issues with it.

Battery: –

The battery life on an HP Spectre x2, is about 6, 6 and a half hours, that’s not terrible but it’s definitely below average for 2017. Now, the HP Spectre x2 does have USB Type-C charging, so you can plug it in for about 30 minutes and get about 50% battery back, so that is pretty clever as well.

But the real strength here of the HP Spectre x2 is simple, its value, for about 1200 dollars you can get a Core i7, 256 gigs of RAM storage, and 16 gigs of RAM. Now, that’s about 1800 dollars for the same configuration with Surface Pro.

Conclusion: –

Overall, the new HP Spectre x2 brings along so much needed improvements but a few issues hold it back from being must have. HP seriously has to do something about battery life especially now that Microsoft offers twice as much with the Surface Pro. The touchpad problems which we’ve criticised with the last model are simply inexcusable. HP can build show-stopping stylish machines. Now, it needs to make sure it is easy to use as the competition.

Indian Buyers Buy Now Price
HP Spectre x2 2017 HP Spectre x2 2017 Buy Now @amazon.in Rs. 70,433
International Buyers
HP Spectre x2 2017 HP Spectre x2 2017 buy now @amazon.com $ 1599.00

SPECs: –




WiFi– IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatible

Bluetooth- v4.1 technology

BODY Dimensions -11.57 x 8.15 x .54-inches with Keyboard, 0.31-inches thick without keyboard

Weight– 2.51lbs/1,14kg

DISPLAY Type & Size– 12.3-inch, IPS 10 points multitouch

Protection– Gorilla Glass 4

Resolution–  3000 x 2000p (293 PPI)

Aspect ratio– 3:2

  • Intel Core i5-7250U
  • Intel Core i7-7560U
  • Full HD, Windows Hello face-authentication
  • Up to 16GB RAM
  • 1866MHz LPDDR3

Graphics– Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640




  • Two USB Type-C (Power, Display, data)
  • USB-C to USB-A dongle adaptor included
  • Headset jack
  • micro SDXC card reader
FEATURES Sensor- Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyro

Pen– HP Active Pen (N-trig Pen)

  • Front-facing stereo speakers tuned by Band & Olufsen
  • Up to 8 hours
  • HP Fast Charge thru USB-C