HP Envy X2 Review, Full Specifications, Price, Buy Online, and Conclusion

HP Envy X2

Introduction: –

Hello, Folks! Today I’m going to take a look at HP Envy X2 Review. I’ve been using the HP Envy X2 for the past one month as my daily driver. I was very curious to see how the Windows 10 would perform on a Snapdragon 835, in essence, a mobile processor an ARM processor and I was a little bit surprised by somethings disappointed in others, but overall I have to say it’s been an exciting ride. Let’s find out if it’s worth your money-

Key Features & Ports: –

HP Envy X2 ports and slots

The idea running Windows 10 OS on a mobile processor an ARM processor such as the Snapdragon 835 has been an intriguing idea and so I gave it a go as my daily driver for the past one month, and the result is well. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, on the one hand, it’s pretty astonishing and pretty fascinating. On the other side, it’s a bit disappointing especially when it comes to performance. Either way, it’s an exciting device with a lot of potential down the road. In this review, I’m going to concentrate on the Pros and Cons of the Envy X2.

Now, one of the benefits of running a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the built-in LTE. In fact, it uses the Qualcomm X16 LTE modem that’s the modem you’d find on some high-end smartphones. The speed is good, and it was giving me a little bit better battery life than when I was on Wi-Fi that’s pretty good. If you need more storage, there is a microSD card slot now you only get one USB-C port it does data charge and displays out. Unfortunately, no Thunderbolt 3 here and that’s it.

Display: –

HP Envy X2 display

The first thing that hit me when I started using the Envy X2 is how good this display is. You have a 12.3-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1920 by 1280 that’s a 3 by 2 aspects ratio, and I prefer a 3:2 aspect ratio especially when it comes to 2 in 1. This is probably one of the brightest displays out there even better than the Surface Pro in the 2 in 1 category, better than the category average of 293 nits and better some of its competition especially the Nova Go TP370QL which also runs a Snapdragon processor; only the iPad Pro came in higher.

It covers the colour gamut well at 121% sRGB, and it’s better than the category average of a 112%. The viewing angles are excellent, there’s no screen bleed, the blacks are intense, and I thought the colours were very vibrant popping off the display something I want to see on an excellent panel. The bezels are on the compact size and the reason being is because you’re going to use this in tablet mode. But overall this is an excellent display probably one of it’s stronger suits.

Audio: –

Now, when it comes to sound on the Envy X2, I was impressed. There is a Bang & Olufsen branded speakers; there is a hint of bass, there is some volume to it that is pretty good. Overall, for a thin and light tablet, I was impressed. There is a 3.5mm audio jack worked well, there was no interference or any static when I connected my headphones it was pretty good.

Webcam: –

The webcam camera is pretty good at 1080p 30frames per second, perfect for Skype, for video conferencing.  When you need to use it so definitely something that is pretty good, one of the better you get on a two in one.

Performance: –

The Envy X2 is powered by Snapdragon 835 which is a low-power processor with weak single core performance. So, this level of performance isn’t all that surprising. You’re just not going to get Core i5 performance that Intel provides to 5 to 15 watts in a sub-tree watt power envelope. Now, the ability to emulate x86 apps on ARM architecture is undoubtedly impressive but to Celeron N3451 of Intel smallest x86 processor is significantly faster in most x86 workloads. While the low-power Core i7 7Y75 obliterates it and apps feel sluggish to use which isn’t what you’d expect or what you’d want from a premium table and the top of all this you faced with many limitations of Snapdragon 835 can’t run 64-bit apps.

It doesn’t support x86 drivers, and it doesn’t support OpenGL newer than 1.1 and apps that customise Windows may not even work. It’s still very early days for the x86 emulation on an ARM, so we need to take a wait-and-see approach but so far out of gate things are somewhat limited. But if you’re held down on using this device I’d instead stick to the Windows Store you WP apps for decent apps enough need of performance I think you’ll be fine and that’s good for about handful of you users out there that like to use edge as a browser or watching videos and you’re okay with other essential apps and games.

Keyboard: –

HP Envy X2 keyboard & processor

The keyboard cover attaches to the Envy X2 using magnets and pins so nothing too unusual here. As the stand is integrated into the cover rather than the tablet itself. There are couple more steps to get to the tablet setup in the cover then with a more straightforward surface style kickstand that we saw with the Surface Pro. Having the stand attached to the Keyboard also means you just can’t pop up the tablet alone if the position was integrated into the tablet body.

The Envy X2 strengths as a media consumption device would be even stronger, propping up the tablet, watching a video and join that outstanding battery life is something you still can do, but you need to carry that case with you. But as you all need to bring this keyboard along with you to use the stand this sort of the experience is a bit diminished.

Now, the good news is the Keyboard is pretty good. It has excellent tactile feedback, the keys are decently sized for typing, and there’s not a significant amount of flex in the cover while smashing out a word document and the good news is the keyboards backlit. Unfortunately, it’s only one level of backlighting but the keys lit up pretty evenly, and it’s pretty good when you’re in the dimly lit environment.

Now, I thought the trackpad was okay as well considering it didn’t have much space allocated to it. It’s a wide trackpad which is typical of HP devices as of late. Now, two-finger scrolling worked okay, and you can make your Windows 10 gestures overall responsiveness was excellent.

Stylus Pen: –

HP Envy X2 Stylus Pen

Now, when it comes to the HP Pen, they do include that at this price point $999 so you don’t have to buy it as a separate accessory as you would with the Surface Pro. Now, having said that it uses the centric pen technology the same as the Surface Pen. Unfortunately, doesn’t have quite as good pressure sensitivity, here we only get 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity as opposed to the new Surface Pens 4,096 so it’s not quite as good. Now, I did notice a bit of lag that’s probably due to its weak processor overall not the best.

Battery: –

The HP Envy X2 has an epic battery life; this thing is a battery monster. It took about 15 hours and 8 minutes of constant web surfing on Wi-Fi to drain the Envy X2 of its charge. It averages around two days between charges or 48 hours, and I think that’s pretty good when I’m using it for what I call mix used, this thing is an endurance king. The Envy X2 beat out the Asus Nova Go which also runs on an ARM processor, it beat out the Lenovo Mix 720, Surface Pro 2017 and outlasted the iPad Pro but it even survived the category average of 8 hours and 46 minutes. Overall, this is a battery beast, and it charges fast I got a full charge from 0 to 100% in about an hour, and 45 minutes that’s pretty good.

Conclusion: –

So, what you think about the HP Envy X2?

I have mixed feeling on it; on the one hand for the Road Warrior, this is perfect you got your excellent battery life, built-in LTE excellent, superior efficiency great connected standby time, excellent for Microsoft Office.

But things start to fall apart when you try to do too much with this machine it just can’t handle it. It’s running an emulation mode so when you get x86 apps some of them work well some of them don’t, forget about 64-bit apps right now supposedly support will be coming down the road via software updates from Microsoft.

As far as performance, it didn’t do well as you will see the benchmarks score and from the overall performance, you’re not looking at doing any Triple-A gaming on this so you can forget about that any video editing, it is not that kind of machine. But if you’re in the market for a productivity machine that has excellent battery life, built-in LTE connected standby always-on like a smartphone this may be your ticket, I think there’s a lot of potentials here I don’t think it’s ready right now for the mass audiences.

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HP Envy X2 Coming Soon Rs 63,000
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HP Envy X2 Coming Soon $ 999.99