What is the Torrent and How to uTorrent Download for Windows and Androids

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to tell you how to uTorrent download free for Windows and Android Mobiles. So, what is Torrenting, how to use uTorrent and what is the benefits of the uTorrent? These type of many questions come to the people mind.

It’s the word that comes up pretty frequently on the Internet and for those who don’t know what a torrent is, I’m just gonna you briefly cover you.


What is the torrent?

So, the Torrent is basically file sharing method from which you can share your files from your system to another system without using any other medium or any other mediator sites like Rapid Gator or Rapid Shares. You first might have seen torrents not in the context of a Tort but as downloading files on the internet when LimeWire came out.

You know LimeWire was a real big backdoor way to download stuff whether it be music, movies, games etc. The LimeWire was pretty much one of the first big hitting applications, now you get uTorrent and BitTorrent. So, there is a website where you get these torrent files and these files you can find just by googling and PirateBay.

The torrent is not a legal, the legality part comes in when you start sharing copyrighted material that’s where people get them and put in a bunch. It’s important to understand that there is a risk involved. It’s not like one of those risk-free programs, 100% risk-free or your money back guarantee, it’s not like that.


What is torrenting?

When you download a torrent file and it to a downloader such as uTorrent or BitTorrent several things happens in the background. Torrent client tries to establish a connection to the tracker to receive a list of peers that are currently transferring pieces of the file.

This can be users who are downloading the files associated with the torrent currently, or seeders who already have downloaded the complete data and are now making it available to all downloaders. The speed usually improves with the popularity of a download.

The issue was that really large files would require good hosting servers, and a large amount of bandwidth to be shared (else, many users would experience slowdowns or problems due to a server saturation).

An American man named Bran Cohen invented what is now known as the BitTorrent protocol to solve this problem. The BitTorrent protocol divides a large file into small chunks, allowing users to download sections of it and to exchange the sections between themselves until the file download complete.


Legal or Illegal: –

How is torrent legal?

If you are using the torrent for sharing your files that you own, that you have copyright and all the material in that particular file folder or anything is particularly created by you or you have the permission to create those things then you can share that files. And that’s the legal thing that means if you are sharing that file using the torrent matter it’s a legal thing. So, Torrenting is legal in that way.

How is it illegal?

If you are sharing a copyrighted materials like software, music contents, videos, movies, games etc. through torrents and between your friends or anyone else then it’s illegal. You shouldn’t share any copyrighted contents with the help of torrents.

So, the benefits of torrents while sharing files is you don’t have any kind of limitations on how much large files you can share with the torrent. And like any other site you have a limited amount like 10GB, 20GB, after that you have to sign up for a premium account uTorrent doesn’t have any kind of limitations in that particular category.

Also, if you are using torrents to share the files you have to keep your system switch on because the file is directly uploaded from the person you have shared the torrent files who is downloading that particular file using torrent. So, you are uploading that file to that particular system to that particular person and torrents works for that matter.



What is the Peer, Seeders and Leechers?

kickass torrent site for downloading torrent files

Seeders are the one who has the complete set of file and who is willing to upload the data at full speed. So, it means when I’m talking about these three guys, the sharing ratio matters means the upload and download speed. So when your file’s seeders are green then you’re willing to upload the file at very high speed. That’s why the more seeders the more fast speed you gain the file when you’re downloading.

Peer is the time when you were not only downloading but you were also uploading. This is peer to peer network, it is nothing like you are going to download but the thing is you also want to upload. So, you have that capability, it’s up to you if you would want to share. So, here what’s happening is you were not only downloading but you were uploading the file at very high speed. So, that’s what makes you a peer.

Leecher is a complete opposite of peer. Leecher downloads the files or the information or data from the others at very high speed. But when it comes to giving it back means the upload your data back whatever you have with you. The Leecher says I’m not going to share any data even if I am going to share any data, I’m going to upload at very low speed.

Conclusion: –

Seeders- This is the one who has the complete set of file and who is uploading a file at very high speed, so that way it helps the community.

Peer- This is in the middle of upload and download of any movie whichever you are downloading right now. Downloading the movie at the same time you’re uploading the movie to others at very high speeds.

Leecher- This is a mean guy and he is not willing to upload anything or even if he is willing to upload anything but he’s going to keep the speed at minimum. And the opposite, he is going to download the data from the others at very high speed.


When you download any file so what you do is?

You simply download the torrent file from torrent websites like Kickass, Torrentz.eu, 1377x etc. with the help of uTorrent which is the best torrent software. What next happening is it gets connected to the tracker, the tracker will take you and put you into the network where the people have the Mad Max files. And then you will get connected with the help of tracker to other guys. Then you start sharing your data, sharing means to upload and download.

So as a time goes by you start downloading the data at the very same time you uploading the data and then the time comes, you have the full set of file your download is complete. So, that’s what generally happens.


How to uTorrent download for all windows and Use?

torrents websites

It is a very easy method, come here in Google search box and just type ‘uTorrent download’. You can also directly go to these sites like uTorrent.com and filehippo.com. But when you search for this keyword ‘uTorrent download’ then you will see the link that uTorrent.com which is the official website of uTorrent and filehippo.com, you can download it from any sites.

download uTorrent

utorrent official websites for download utorrent software

Then you come through here and you don’t have to get the Pro version, you don’t have to pay for anything. Here is uTorrent download it for free.

  • After installing, on your PC or Laptop
  • Come here on Google Search box and type 1337x.to which is the best torrent website for me.
  • Now, you can search any movies, games or any other things.
  • For example, I have searched for Spiderman Homecoming 2017.
  • Now, you can click on any link which health is good (means seeders and leechers are good).
  • After clicking, you will see the download links and I’ll only prefer you magnet link for downloading the files.

1337x.to magnet link for downloading files


  • When you click on it, you will see the Open BitTorrent Box so click on Open BitTorrent.


1337x.to bittorrent box


  • Now, it will take you to the uTorrent software and the file will start downloading in a few moments.

utorrent downloading files



How to uTorrent download for Androids?

Here, I’m also going to tell you how to uTorrent download for Android Mobiles. Where you can download movies, games, music and other things very easily using uTorrent on Android Phones.


  • First, click on the Play Store and search for uTorrent.
  • Now, go to uTorrent- torrent downloader and click on install.
  • After downloading click on open, you can allow, you need to give the permissions, they are good to go.

how to install utorrent on android

  • Now, if you live in a country where Torrent websites are blocked you need to download a VPN.
  • So, hit the Play Store and search for a VPN.
  • VPN is a virtual private network that routes your internet traffic through different servers of the world. So, that government can’t lock this torrent website.

how to install turbo vpn

  • You can download any VPN you want, I’ll go for turbo VPN. Just click on install.
  • Click on open and just click on ‘TAP TO CONNECT’.

Turbo VPN

  • Now, go back to the home screen and hit of the web browser.
  • Go to any torrent website, for me, the best torrent websites are Torrentz2.eu, kickass, 1337x.to
  • Now, search for the Movies, Games or any other thing you want to download.
  • For example, I have searched for Spiderman Homecoming 2017, now, from the drop-down list click on any one of them.


  • Go back to the VPN and switched off to enable downloading disconnected.
  • Now, just click on download with magnet link it will take you to the uTorrent app and just click on add to add the torrent to download menu. It will start downloading in a few moments.

android utorrent download menu

  • So, in this way you can download any movie or any other torrent file on your Android mobiles easily.


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