Samsung Galaxy S10 – Will REVOLUTIONIZE Smartphones! Display | Camera | Storage | Processor

Introduction: –

Hello Guys! Today I’m going to talking about how the Samsung Galaxy S10 might just revolutionize the way smartphones are made in 2019. So, let’s get straight to it-


Variants : –

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Will REVOLUTIONIZE Smartphones! Display | Camera | Storage | Processor

Firstly we’re going to touch on features that you potentially might already know (but you might not). So the S10 is due to have three different variants… well, possibly 5 The Galaxy S10 Lite, the S10, the S10 Plus, the S10 5G and the S10 5G VoLTE.

Now, of course, there will be subtle differences across the five devices so starting with the S10 Lite, it is the budget version of the invention. It’s going to have as far as will wear a flat screen so for all those edge haters that one’s for you.

It’s not going to contain the in displayed fingerprint sense of that we believe is going to be mounted on the side much like the Elephone A5 a brilliant budget smartphone that has just been released.


Display & Storage – 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite & S10 Standard Display & Storage: –

The display size of the S10 Lite version will be 5.8-inches, and it’ll have internal storage of 128GB. Next jump on to the Standard Galaxy S10 or as some people believe the S10 Edge apparently, they potentially might be bringing that name back.

Now I think that would be a bit strange but again that is in the rumour, and that’s, of course, to differentiate between that and Lite version. So the S10 standard or edge version will be a 6.1-inch Quad HD display, and it’ll have internal storage options of 128GB or 512GB.

Now across the range of Galaxy devices, we believe there’s going to be a range of RAM options is probably better of 4, 6 and 8. We don’t think they’re going to go to 10 there was a rumour that we’re going to go to 12 that would be ludicrous because I believe 10 in itself is a marketing gimmick currently for what you do with the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Display & Storage: –

And then we jump onto the Galaxy S10 Plus model, and that is going to have a 6.4-inch curved display, storage options of 128GB, 512GB, and 1TB. The standard model and the Plus model will both come with an in display fingerprint sensor which is of the 3D Qualcomm variety the most secure.

There will be available those two 5G phones are going to be 6.7-inches in size, a ceramic back and potentially six cameras two on the front and four on end.

The S10 Standard across the board will, of course, be the SOC the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will be used by all of them and of course that is a massive lie because more than half of the devices will be running with the in-house Exynos 9820 like for most places in Europe.


Camera: –

The three main Galaxy models will all come with different camera setups, and that leads us on to how the Galaxy devices are going to in my opinion revolutionise how smartphones are made this year.

The S10 Lite version will have a one-punch cutout in the display as leaked on Twitter, and we’ve also seen many renders and leaked images of the S10 standard the edge version with one single punch hole as it’s called in the top corner of the screen. And the Plus model will have a dual cutout punch hole on the top edge of the screen for two cameras sensors, so there’s the main difference in the front.

When we flip to the reverse, we believe the Lite model will come with one camera the standard S10 will come with a Dual camera setup one with primary and one with the 2x telephoto lens. In the Galaxy S10 Plus model, we’ll have a triple camera setup, primary 2x telephoto and a wide angle lens on your brand new smartphones.


How the Samsung Galaxy S10 might revolutionize: –

The Samsung Galaxy S10 display will show this year’s smartphone game because of that punch out display or infinity over something referred to the mask, and the reason why I think they’re going to revolutionise is that we all know that loads of different companies use Samsung displays.

Because they are so popular, they are considered by most the best on the market and therefore if they’re manufacturing those displays with that cutout punch hole in the display many companies will utilise that.


Price: –

Now, of course, we have talk price because they’re going to vary right across the devices. Firstly the Lite version is going to cost we think 699 pounds that’s why we think it’s going to start the S10 Standard or Edge display will be going it to be 799 pounds for the 128GB of storage option and 999 pounds for the 512GB of storage option.

The S10 Plus we’ll start from 899 pounds for the 128GB model, 1099 pounds for the 512GB storage option and 1399 pounds for the 1TB option. Yes, it’s going to be a fantastic device with fantastic storage and an excellent system on the chip, but that’s a lot of money.

Now, regarding the launch, the company do an unveiling at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019 in February in Barcelona, and it’s possible they may do it again this year.

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