In-Depth Specifications Comparison Between the Honor 7X Vs Lenovo K8 Note With Price & Conclusion

Honor 7X Vs Lenovo K8 Note


Introduction: –

Hello, Folks! Today I’m going to do a full specifications comparison between Honor 7X Vs Lenovo K8 Note. So, these two mid-range devices are priced below the 15,000rs or $235 and in this discussion, I’ll compare all the aspects of these two phones and see which is a better value from any device out there. So, let’s start-


Design & Build: –

Design-wise, there are lots of changes between both smartphones, Honor 7X has 18 by 9 aspect ratio so we have on-screen navigation buttons. On the other hand, the Lenovo K8 Note capacitive touch buttons and larger bezels so that’s one difference. The size of both smartphones look almost the same but we have a bigger display one the Honor 7X. Also, the build quality, finish and design look a bit more premium on the Honor 7X when compared to the Lenovo K8 Note. Also, K8 Note is a bit heavy device when compared to the 7X and the K8 Note is a bit thicker than the 7X. so, in terms of the design & build quality the Honor 7X is the better choice.


Biometric, Sound & Others: –

Both phones come with Dual SIM Cards for LTE and Volte support. Now, the speaker performance is better on the K8 Note. Both phones speakers located on the bottom panel but I feel the K8 Note does a pretty good job better than the Honor 7X.

Both phones have fingerprint scanner which mounted on the rear panel. The fingerprint scanner on the 7X, there’s a lot of functions like browsing the gallery, you can lock apps, take selfies and a lot of things. The fingerprint scanner on the Lenovo K8 Note does not do much of task but it is fast and unlocks the device really fast.

Now additionally, the Lenovo K8 Note also comes with a nano-coating that means it’s water repellent but not a water-resistant.


Display: –

Both the smartphones come with pretty good display quality. We have an 18 by 9 aspect ratio Full HD+ resolution display on the Honor 7X with a 5.93-inch screen size. Well, we have 5.5-inch Full HD resolution display on the K8 Note. Both phones have 2.5D curved glass on the display. The viewing angles and text response feels quite smooth on both the phones. Now, we have additionally Gorilla Glass protection on the Lenovo K8 Note but we don’t have any confirmation of any such protection on the Honor 7X. When having said that the current trend is for the 18 by 9 aspect ratio and for that reason, the 7x is the winner of this department.


Camera: –

We have dual cameras set up on these two devices. We have a 16 and 2-megapixel camera combination. Well, we have a 13-megapixel camera combination on the K8 Note. We have Dual LED Flash on the K8 Note while it’s a single LED Flash on the Honor 7X.

On the front panel, we have an 8-megapixel shooter on the Honor 7X while is a 13-megapixel shooter on the Lenovo K8 Note.

Both the devices are pretty good performers in this price range in daylight conditions while the Honor 7X is much more vivid and the brighter colours. The K8 Note excels in the sharpness levels, it’s really good at sharper images when compared to the 7X. But overall, we feel the 7X exactly has an edge in terms of the camera performance.

Also, one of the important the points is the Portrait and Bokeh mode, the bokeh mode doesn’t do a great job on the K8 Note but it’s slightly better I mean that is wide aperture mode is better on the 7X. But the Portrait Mode images are not a strength of these two devices neither of these devices produces some really good portrait images. On the other hand, bokeh mode is better on the 7X.

In low-light, the Lenovo K8 Note images are a bit sharper and they’re slightly better performing than the Honor 7X.

Now, the selfie performance I feel the Honor 7X has an edge or the 8-megapixel shooter does a really good job with the colour reproduction while the Lenovo K8 Note even a 13-megapixel shooter is not that great.


Processor, Memory & Performance: –

This is one area where the Lenovo K8 Note has an edge because the Helio X23 Deca-Core chipset is the one which powers the K8 Note that’s really powerful chipset in compared to the Kirin 659 chipset. So, from the benchmarks score you will see how powerful the K8 Note is when compared to the Kirin 659 on the Honor 7X. Also, the GPU performance is much better on the Lenovo K8 Note so that means the gaming experience is much better on the K8 Note when compared to the 7X.

The gaming performance on Honor 7X is not good where the K8 Note has an edge. The gaming performance and overall performance is really good but where there are 7X wins is the multitasking and RAM management. It’s a really great optimized UI that means some the RAM management is really good and switching between apps is really fast and they are kept in the memory and optimized for superior performance. On the other hand, the Lenovo K8 Note is not that much optimized in terms of the RAM management.



Software: –

Both phones run on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. So, we have Android Nougat 7.1.2 on the Lenovo K8 Note while it’s Android 7.0 on the Honor 7X. also, the K8 Note has the Stock UI which is also updated to get Android Oreo sometime in 2018 but at the same time 7X it also will be getting the Oreo update but that again is not confirmed. So, we have the EMUI 5.1 on the 7X when compared to the Stock Android on the K8 Note.

So, here you need to decide whether you want, the Stock Android then go with the Lenovo but if you want to customize UI with tons of features, it offers the EMUI has tons of features like a theme support, smart assistants, dual app support and a lot of additional features are included when you compare with the Stock Android of the K8 Note which does not offer any sort of additional features.

So, I would suggest you go with EMUI because it’s a really optimized UI and does a really good job but if only you’re worried about the latest updates then you should be looking at the K8 Note.


Battery: –

We have a 3300 milliamp-hours battery on the Honor 7X while we have a 4000 milliamp-hours battery on the Lenovo K8 Note. Further, we have a 15 Watt rapid charger on the K8 Note but there is no support for fast charging on the 7X. So, in terms of battery performance K8 Note has an edge because we got almost close to 7 hours of Screen On Time while on the Honor 7X, we got around 5-6 hours. Battery performance the K8 Note is superior.


Price: –

Let’s have a look at this the pricing so the Honor 7X prices start at 12,999rs or $200 even the Lenovo K8 Note prices start at 12,999rs or $200 for the base 4 gigabytes RAM variant. Here we have 4 gigabytes RAM on the Honor 7X while the top-end variant of the Honor 7X of it’s 64 gigabytes storage is price 15,999rs or $250 while we get that for 13,999rs or $220 for the Lenovo K8 Note.


Conclusion: –

So overall, it’s a tough choice because both smartphones have their own good and bad aspects. The Lenovo K8 Note has a powerful chipset, good gaming experience, fast charging, water resistant, water repellent coating and it supports DTS Dolby Atmos for sound and that is an advantage over the Honor 7X. But the 7X has also good aspects in the design and build quality, the display quality looks good, the EMUI software is highly customizable, the RAM management is extremely good and also the camera performance is good.

So, both the smartphones have their Pros and Cons that’s why it’s tough to decide one device out of these. But in my opinion, the Honor 7X is better than the Lenovo K8 Note because it has a great display with 18 by 9 aspect ratio and great cameras.


You can buy these smartphones and also can check out the full specifications table, click the link below-

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