In-Depth Specifications Comparision Between the Honor 7X Vs Gionee M7 Power and Conclusion

Honor 7X Vs Gionee M7 Power 


Introduction: –

Hello, Folks! Today I’m going to do in-depth specifications comparison between the Honor 7X Vs Gionee M7 Power with my honest opinion. So, both smartphones have a similarity that both came with 18 by 9 aspect ratio. So, in this discussion, we will compare to see which is better and which offers better value for money. So, let’s get started with a detailed comparison-


Design & Build: –

Design wise, both smartphones of a metal unibody construction and looks pretty premium on both the phones. The Gionee M7 power has a sturdy build up with a matte finish and there is also a pattern on a real panel which looks quite decent. But the Honor 7X feels a bit more easy to use because of the slimmer and lighter design and build quality. both devices have an all-metal body and we feel that Honor 7X has an advantage in terms of design because it feels lighter in weight, also slimmer than the Gionee M7 Power and feels refreshing as well.

Now, both phones have on-screen navigation buttons and at the bottom, you have 3.5mm headphone jack, the micro USB port for charging and the Speaker Grilles. On the top, we have IR blaster on the Gionee M7 Power. On the right side of the phones, you have Volume rockers and power button. On the left side, you have the Hybrid SIM Card Slot on both the smartphones. So overall, I fee the Honor 7X has the better design and build quality.


Fingerprint Scanner:  –

The fingerprint reader looks good on both smartphones. We feel the Honor 7X slight edge in terms of the fingerprint scanner experience and a slightly faster than the Gionee M7 Power.


Display: –

Both phones come with a 6-inch Full HD Plus resolution display that’s an 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen. Both smartphones have pretty good display quality. Now, the Honor 7X has a 1080 x 2160p Full HD+ Resolution screen while it’s a 720 x 1440 HD Plus resolution on Gionee M7 Power. So, that’s the highlight here so the 7X has better resolution pixels per inch is higher on the 7X. So, definitely, Honor has an advantage in terms of display quality. But having said that the Gionee M7 power has a really good sharp display if it had been a Full HD Plus resolution display then the M7 Poser display feels a bit more vibrant and crisp. You also have 2.5D curved glass on both smartphones.


Camera: –

We have a dual camera on the Honor 7X, I mean 16 and 2-megapixel camera combination while we have a 13-megapixel shooter on the Gionee M7 Power. On the front panel, we have 8-megapixel cameras on both smartphones.

This is one area where the Honor 7X definitely has an edge in terms of the clarity of the images. It also has a depth enable mode and portrait photos along with that. There is wide aperture mode where you can adjust your aperture values after taking the pictures. So, in terms of the camera experience, we feel that Honor 7X has the upper edge here both in terms of the daylight and low light image quality.

But in terms of Selfie experience, that’s where Gionee M7 Power has a slight edge over the Honor 7X.  The clarity of the selfies looks slightly better on the Gionee M7 Power.


Performance: –

Here, we have two difference chipset the HiSilicon Kirin 659 Vs the Snapdragon 435. So, the Kirin 659 is more powerful than the Snapdragon 435, 435 is kind of a budget chipset not really for this price segment and we feel this is one area where 7X has an edge and overall performance on the 7X feels better than the Gionee AMIGO UI with the Snapdragon 435.

The Snapdragon 435 is a quite decent chipset in this price range. It was of a decent experience and there’s no lag or no issue but app performance and the background management along with RAM management is definitely better on the EMUI on the Honor 7X in terms of the performance.

The gaming experience on both smartphones is quite okay performance. And we feel the Gionee’s Snapdragon 435 offers slightly better performance in terms of the gaming than the Kirin 659 because the GPU that’s Mali GPU is not really powerful and the Gaming experience is not that great on the Honor 7X. Even the Gionee M7 power does not have that great gaming experience but slightly better than the 7X.


Software: –

We have two custom UI on both smartphones. We have the EMUI Vs AMIGO UI. Now, the EMUI is a custom UI which offers additional features and modes, other than the Gionee AMIGO UI also is a custom UI with some basic options and features as well.

Now, Look at the UI, it offers tons of additional modes and features so we have dual app support, smart assistance which offers motion control UI and a whole lot of features including customization of navigation buttons and also there is support for the theme. So, it’s really customized UI offering additional features and modes. So, the Honor 7X with EMUI performs very well.

Now, talking about the Gionee AMIGO UI, it is again customized UI so it also offers additional options like smart gestures, eye protection mode, app clone is included and a few other options are also included in customizing virtual keys and there is also support for theming and there are some additional options like Private Space as well. So, in terms of features the Gionee AMIGO UI offers almost similar experience but in terms of the overall the experience of using the devices, we feel the EMUI is far better than the Gionee AMIGO UI.


Connectivity: –

The call quality looks pretty good on both the phones. The speaker performance looks decent on both devices.


Price: –

The Honor 7X is price starting at 12,999rs in India or 230 dollars in the USA and the top variant price is 15,999rs in India or In the USA around $300. On the other hand, Gionee M7 Power is priced 16,999rs in India or In the USA around $320.


Battery: –

We have a 3340 milliamp-hours battery on the Honor 7X while we have a 5000 milliamp-hours battery on the Gionee M7 Power. So, without any other testing, we can clearly and easily say that the M7 Power is the winner here with 5000 mAh battery. You can get almost two days of battery life while it’s slightly above one day on the Honor 7X. Also, we can use the power bank for charging with Gionee.


Conclusion: –

Finally, both smartphones are good. But without a doubt our choice would be the Honor 7X be the better-looking device, the better display experience, excellent software performance, also the daily performance is much better and the camera is good. The probably the one area where the Gionee M7 Power has a clear edge in the battery performance and also the pricing is a way to higher than the Honor 7X. The Gionee M7 Power is offered at 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage variant while the Honor 7X has two variants 3GB RAM, 32GB variant and 4GB RAM, 64Gb variant so you have choices in the cheaper variant as well.