Huawei Honor 7C Vs Redmi Y2; Full Specifications, Price, Camera, Performance, and Conclusion

Huawei Honor 7C Vs Redmi Y2

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to make a full specifications comparison between two budget smartphones below the 10K price in India the Huawei Honor 7C Vs Redmi Y2. So, these two devices have quite a lot of similarities, and their pricing is also precisely the same 9,999 pricing and another variant in which I saw having 4 gigabytes of RAM, and 64 gigabytes of storage is price 12,999. So, there are a lot of similarities between these two devices so in this discussion lets analyse all the aspects we will see which is a better smartphone in this price segment. So, let’s get started-


Design & Build: –

Design wise, Both these devices are quite similar we have a 5.99-inch HD Plus resolution display and the 18 by 9 aspect ratio. You will see the bezels on the top, and the bottom panel is slightly lesser for the Honor 7C, and also, you will see the Honor 7C is a tad shorter than the Redmi Y2.

Now, talking about the other aspect the back panel, where you will see that Redmi Y2 has a tapered and just giving it a good feel all together but the Honor 7C is also quite right regarding the design aspect. Both these devices have Dual Camera setup. Now, one important thing about Honor 7C is that it comes with metal construction, so that makes it a bit more premium while on the other hand, the Redmi Y2 has a plastic build quality. So, durability wise Honor 7C makes a better choice because it is made of metal while the Redmi Y2 made of plastic. So overall, we feel both these devices have excellent design and feels good in the hand, but the build quality is better on the Honor 7C.


Display: –

Both smartphones have 5.99-inch HD Plus resolution display, and they’re both 18 by 9 aspect ratio. So, looking at the screen, it’s tough to decide which is better here because both these devices have HD Plus panel and neither of them supported with Gorilla Glass support, so you will see that the viewing angles are quite lovely on both the phones. So, we can’t pick a winner regarding display quality we would say both are quite good in this price segment.


Camera: –

We have Dual camera setup on both the phones, we have 12-MP + 5-MP camera combination on the Redmi Y2 while we have 13-MP + 2-MP camera combination on the Honor 7C. Both have LED flash, and the Redmi Y2 has electronic image stabilisation offered for the video. Now, on the front panel, we have a 16-megapixel camera for the Redmi Y2 while we do have an only 8-megapixel camera for the Honor 7C.

In the daylight conditions, both phones produce some outstanding results, but the sharpness level a tad better on the Redmi Y2 and details are also preserved on the Redmi Y2. But having said that Honor 7C a great smartphone regarding camera department in this price segment. So, both smartphones produce good results, but the Redmi Y2 has an advantage.

Regarding portrait mode which is available on the Redmi Y2 while there’s no portrait mode on the Honor 7C, you can enable the bokeh shots with the wide aperture mode available.

Now talking about the selfie camera, here again, the Redmi Y2 with a 16-megapixel camera is a winner with a bokeh mode available for the front camera as well.

Now, video recording again the Redmi Y2 has an advantage because it has Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS).


Performance: –

We have the Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core chipset on the Redmi Y2 while we have the Snapdragon 450 Octa-Core chipset on the Honor 7C and the 450 is under 400 series which is slightly lower in performance than the 600 series but the 450 is almost closer to the 625 in terms of performance even though the 625 is definitely superior to the 450. The overall performance in day-to-day conditions we can’t differentiate between 625 and 450. But when it comes to gaming, we feel that the 625 has the slight edge than the 450. So, regarding the performance of both smartphones are good.

Both phones have 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage, and there is also 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage options. Now, both these devices come with the Dual SIM cards 4G LTE, and there is dedicated SD card slot available on both the phones.


Software: –

This is one area where both these devices have entirely customised UI. We have the MIUI 9.5 on the Redmi Y2 while we have EMUI 8.0 on the Honor 7C. Now, both the smartphones have Android Oreo out of the box the Redmi Y2 has Android Oreo 8.1 while we have Android 8.0 on the Honor 7C. So, we would leave it to your views to decide whether they like the EMUI which also have a lot of features and tools included support for themes and that similar is the case with the MIUI as well, so it comes with a lot of additional features and modes, and both these devices are incredibly customisable UI with the support for themes as well. So that is the personal choice, but otherwise, both these devices are performing UIs.


Battery: –

Now finally talking about the battery, so we have 3080 milliamp-hours battery on the Redmi Y2 while we have a 3000 milliamp-hours capacity battery on the Honor 7C. So, battery performance we can’t say one is better than the other almost similar performance what we notice. You can easily get through one-day usage with moderate usage on both the phones neither of these devices supports fast charging. So that is a battery aspect.


Conclusion: –

Now summing up which is a better smartphone to buy in this price segment.

Regarding the hardware aspects the Redmi Y2 is slightly better options and features including the Snapdragon 625 compared to the Snapdragon 450, and also the better camera ability marginally better, camera performance was exhibited by the Redmi Y2, but the Honor 7C is also great smartphone in this price segment. One of the ethical aspects of the Honor 7C is that it comes with stronger build quality metal construction when compared to the plastic construction on the Redmi Y2. So, regarding the overall performance, we would say the Redmi Y2 slightly better value for performance when compared to the Honor 7C. a