Best User Guide Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S-Pen with Proper Explanation

How to use Galaxy Note 8 S-Pen


Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Welcome back, today I’m going to discuss with you How to Use Galaxy Note 8 S Pen. And of course, I’ll discuss with you every single tip, tricks and features that the S-Pen is hiding for you to discover. So, let’s get started-


S-Pen Settings: –

how to use galaxy note 8 s pen settings menu
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So, in this discussion, I’m gonna be learning just about everything about the S-Pen.

Now, let me start off with talking about just some of the basics. So, you have a floating icon which can be disabled if you tap the floating icon, it brings up the Air Command Menu and I will describe all options and exactly what they do.

On top of that also you can bring up the Air Command Menu by hovering the S-Pen close to the display and clicking on the floating icon. And immediately you understand this button or icon is not necessary, you can always remove it if you so desire or you can just keep it on the side and you can also put it anywhere you want.

Now, you have two ways to go into settings when you bring up the Air Command you can either tap settings icon at the bottom right side of the screen, which will take you into the full S-Pen settings. And if you go settings from the top bar, you can go to advanced features then you can go to the S-Pen and that’s the exact same settings you can access in both ways.


Pointer: –

I just want to make sure that you understand I’m gonna go over all settings from top to bottom. But I just want to get out the quick tips out of the way. Here is the option of a Pointer whose work is that when you hover the S-pen on the screen, there is a little dot appears on the screen that trails the S-Pen. So, the S-Pen does not touch the screen but there is a dot appears on the screen. If this dot is bothering you, what you can do it easily disabled.


Air View: –

How to use galaxy note 8 s pen air view
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Next is Air View, so Air View is something that allows you to get previews of items when you hover your S-Pen over certain items. You don’t have to touch the screen, you simply hover over the screen and the S-Pen is gonna give you some previews. So, if you tap on it, it will go into the details and it will actually show you all the things that you’re capable of doing. So, if you want to launch your calendar you can hover over a calendar of entries and it’s gonna give you little previews you can do the same thing in pictures, context and everything.

For example, go to the gallery then go into your photos folder, when you will hover over a photo to see a quick preview and then you’ll see a little preview. Now, not only do you get a little preview, you can preview the buttons, there’s the edit button, share button and the delete button. Now, like I said the same thing works in the calendar view and the other thing you can do is if I go to one of these text messages and there is a message which included a link to any website or youtube, so if you hover over a link it shows you a preview of that website.

Finally, you can use this Air View feature to actually scroll up and down on various screens. So, if you like this feature you can enable it otherwise you can disable it.

Alarm: –

So, if I scroll down at the bottom under Removal, here you will see an Alarm feature. This is absolutely essential that you enable this because this will sound an alarm if you detach your S-Pen put it on the table and then grab your Note 8 and walk away with it. That happens a lot of people forget their S-Pens and S-Pen is not a cheap accessory, so make sure that you have this enabled. And if you do forget your S-Pen behind and you walk away the phone is gonna sound an alarm and remind you to get your S-Pen.

Direct Pen Input: –

This is actually quite an awesome feature. Basically, it allows you to use handwriting using the S-Pen for text messaging or even entering text anywhere it is available. Let me tell you what I’m talking about, to enable it. Go to the Chrome and on the top, there’s a bar, there is a writing area so you can hover the S-Pen and you’ll see a blue icon. Go to that blue icon and tap it and that’s gonna bring up a different kind of screen, not the keyboard, on which you can start writing anything that you want and the same thing in text messages.

Screen Off Memo: –

How to use galaxy note 8 Screen Off
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Next up you have the Screen Off a memo, so just enable that and I’ll tell you what this does. So, basically, when your phone is turned off you can pull out the S-Pen and without unlocking the phone start taking notes on a black screen. It’s a brilliant feature.


Air Command: –

How to use galaxy note 8 s pen air command
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Next is the Air Command, bring the S-Pen and press on the floating icon or you can also press anywhere for seeing the Air Command option. By the way, the floating icon does not accept touch input, you need the S-pen to access it. So, tap that and take a look at this thing, you have a rotating menu.

The first thing I need you to understand is this menu is fully customizable. So, all you do is you bring up the Air Command you go into the settings and you go to shortcuts. You tap it and here it is all the shortcuts that you are seeing when I pull up the Air Command. I can delete all options and also add all options again.

Samsung Note: –

Let’s go back out, here the first one is Samsung Notes, its very easy you tap it, it takes you to all your notes.

Quick Note: –

The next one is if you tap it, it creates a quick note, so you can start taking notes that are also very good, you can also save it or delete it.

Smart Select: –

How to use galaxy note 8 smart select
Image Screenshot-

The third one is the smart select, this is a fantastic feature. So click it and what we can do you can choose rectangle or you can choose oval and lasso tool. Basically, you can select anything on the screen and it’s gonna save that as a picture, so you can save this and you can even draw on it. For the draw, you can use different colour pens.

The great thing about this is if you use it, if you do bring it up you have these different options. You can go rectangular, you could select any portion of the screen. You can do square rectangle this way vertically rectangle horizontally and it’s gonna select that one portion so you don’t have to waste any space. Again you can do a lot with this you can share it, draw it and save it.

Screen Write: –

Next one is called the Screen Write, so the screen write takes a screenshot of the entire screen as opposed to the user selecting an area. So, if tap on the screen, it took a screenshot and now you can drawing on it or whatever when you are ready, you can save it, share it or crop it.

Magnify: –

How to use galaxy note 8 s pen magnify
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Next thing I want to talk about, let me skip Live message and glance. Now I’m going to talk about Magnify, this is a simple one so if you tap it you get a glass if you hover anywhere on the screen it magnifies that portion of the screen. The good thing is you have control centre here on the top right of the screen, you can tap it so here you can decrease the magnification or increase it.

Glance: –

How to use galaxy note 8 glance
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Next one back to the Glance, this is also a unique feature. So, to enable glance you have to be on an app. So if you go to chrome and you are seeing here some news stories and if you wanted to send a text message to a friend regarding this news article. So you can tap on glance and that actually minimizes that window. So now, you can go to the text messages and you can say something to your friend and then let’s say you forgot something about the article. You can just hover on the article glance at it and send it to your friend.

Live Message: –

How to use galaxy note 8 s pen live message
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Let’s go back here on Live Message, this is one of the new features of the Air Command. If you tap it, it’s gonna bring up a window. In this window, you have a bunch of options. Here, you can choose different brushes, you can choose ink, glow, Sparkle and you can choose the thickness of the message and then you can choose the colour. Basically, this is a live message you can send to anybody. You can draw here anything interesting to share your friend. When you draw anything here, click done and it saves that it actually saves it your gallery but you can but you can share it only from here.

Colouring Option: –

How to use galaxy s pen colouring option
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Next one is Colouring Option, if you tap on the colouring option it brings up a screen from where you can start to colour. Now, this might be fun for some people, they don’t care and some people care. Here many blank diagrams where you can fill the colour whatever you want. When you tap any diagram, you have the option to start colouring.

Translate: –

Finally back to the options here is the Translate feature which is fantastic. So, tap on this it’s gonna bring up a control centre which is gonna allow you to either translating words or phrases. So, let’s go to Google Chrome, open up any news article here and let’s just say that you want to translate a word from English to Hindi. So, you can pick any language you want. So you hover over one of the words it’s gonna translate that word. Now, that’s individual word translation if you want to the entire paragraph you can tap on paragraph icon. Of course, it is using Google’s translation engine to accomplish this so you know that it is very accurate.

S-Pen Settings: –

Let’s go back to the S-Pen Settings, at the bottom, there’s a power savers option if you disable this you may lose some battery power but not too much.

The final two options at the bottom are the feedback options. So, do you want to play sounds when you insert when you insert or remove the S-Pen from its cover? So, when you put the S-Pen back you get a nice voice feedback and when you pull it out you also get nice voice feedback. Same function with the vibration feedback.

So, as you can see I have traversed just about everything regarding the S-Pen. We went to the all the settings and of course, we looked at every single individual Air Command Option here.