Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Full Review After 60 Days, Full Phone Specifications, Current Price, and Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Full Review After 60 Days


Introduction: –

Hello, Friends! Today I’m going to do a full review of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So, it’s been almost 60 days since the smartphone has been out. It got released on 15 September 2017, and I’ve been using it so far for the last 45 days and a little bit more than that. I just want to give you my opinions on what I have experienced so far. It has been my daily driver since day one because I’m a big fan of the Note series. Let’s dive in and talk about the Note 8-


So, you guys know I have the black one so it’s got a black back panel and of course the front panel on all the Note 8 is black. I do wish I got the gold colour because I do like the gold colour smartphones but this one I got in black and it actually grew up on me.

Display: –

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Display Review
Image Screenshot-

The very first thing about the Note 8 that is absolutely stunning is something you probably heard over and over again it’s the display. It’s the large and tall display, it spans almost entire screen. It’s got very thin bezels on both sides. It’s 6.3-inches Super AMOLED display. It’s got the great contrast and extremely sharp.

So as far as displays are concerned this is one of the top phones to have and the fact that the display so large allows me to use the features built into the Note 8 much more in an enhanced to manner.

When it comes to multitasking, I can run two windows side by side and if I’m watching one video and I’m using the calculator on the other window, it’s very easy to perform. That function as opposed to screens that are slightly smaller you can still do multitasking. But it simply does not give you as much satisfaction as doing it on a large screen. And of course, the same thing applies when you’re watching a movie or viewing high-resolution pictures on the screen. Watching a movie on this screen is a pleasure as is viewing pictures. So, this phone has an extremely large display and it’s actually very easy to hold and operate.


S-Pen: –

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S-Pen
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Next thing I’m gonna switch to immediately is one of the biggest features of the Galaxy Note 8 and that’s the S-Pen. So, a lot of people still don’t understand the magic of the S-Pen, they think it’s just to take notes. It is to take notes you can take amazing notes with this phone. You can actually do sketches with this phone and trust me if you have the patience and the skill for it you can literally draw a masterpiece on your Galaxy Note 8 using this S-Pen.

Another thing I like about this pen that a lot of people haven’t mentioned is I actually like to navigate my Note 8 using my S-Pen. It just feels cool and gives me a sense of importance.

Next is the S-Pen has a menu that pops up when you hover the pen next to the screen and press that button on the S-Pen. It brings up the Air Command menu and the Air Command menu has a lot of functionality that a lot of people don’t understand how useful it is.

There’s a bunch of shortcuts right here. The first thing I like over here is you can click on plus and you can add more shortcuts so it’s all customizable. It’s just gonna take you to the customization menu and you can either pick some S-Pen features or you can pick a shortcut. I have also given a detailed description on the Note 8 S-Pen.


What I don’t like: –

I want to talk about is two things I don’t like about the Note 8 even though I can live with it. So, no phone in this world is perfect but in my opinion, that Note 8 is as close you can get to perfection as possible but it’s not perfect.

First one is the placement of the fingerprint sensor right next to the cameras. So, there’s a straight line you got the cameras, you’ve got the flash, the heart rate sensor and then you’ve got the fingerprint sensor which is very hard to reach when you’re holding this tall phone.

Second thing is that it doesn’t have stereo speakers. So, I’m one of those guys that rarely use headphones and whenever I watch a video, a movie on my Note 8. I wish that the sound was simply better and of course because I own all the other phones in the market that the quality difference is obviously better than the Note 8 in terms of sound quality like iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL which I’ve tested.


Conclusion: –

Let me make something very clear the Not 8 is my favourite phone of all the phone which I have used. It may not have a perfectly placed fingerprint sensor, not have dual stereo speakers but it’s got a gorgeous display. It’s got all the flagship specifications, great dual camera system and the S-Pen puts this phone on a higher level and gives you all kinds of functionality. It’s a very software rich smartphone and S-Pen is just an example of that rich software experience.

Here, if you want to check out Full Specifications and if you want to buy this smartphone so click the link below-

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