Full Phone Reviews and Specs comparison b/w HTC 10 vs S7 Edge with My Opinion

HTC 10 vs S7 Edge

Introduction: –

Hello! Guys, Today, I’m going to compare two of my favorite smartphones of 2016 so far  HTC 10 vs S7 Edge. Both are amazing phones but the big question is which one is the best. Let’s find out


Design: –

S7 Edge design review

Do you like all meadow with chamfered edges or combination of glass and metal. You can’t deny that both of these phones look absolutely gorgeous. The design may be similar to their predecessors but they’ve been refined to feel and look better. I personally prefer the way Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks with it’s curved back, curved display and thin edges. But the HTC 10 definitely feels better in the hand and because the back isn’t made out of glass.

HTC 10 Design review and specs

It doesn’t showcase those pesky fingerprints. Both phones come with a fingerprint scanner placed directly on the front. They work well but the HTC 10 definitely gets you to home screen faster. The big thing with the S7 Edge is that it’s waterproof whereas the HTC 10 is only splash proof. For the design round tie Galaxy S7 Edge, it definitely takes the win, especially that’s curved back and smooth edges.


Display: –

S7 edge display reviews and specs


The S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch screen with HTC 10 is a slightly smaller one at 5.2. They’re both Super HD display and Have a resolution of 2560 x 1440. however, the biggest difference is the panels that they actually use. The S7 Edge has a Super AMOLED display that showcases vibrant colors, high brightness, and great viewing angles.

HTC 10 display review and specs

Whereas the HTC 10 other hand uses an IPS panel which looks great but doesn’t get nearly as bright or vibrant as the S7 Edge. Also, I compared the HTC 10 screen to the iPhone 6s plus and I found the colors to be a tad washed out. Samsung has also introduced an always-on display with its Galaxy lineup the screen stays on to show the time and date when the phone is locked.


Camera: –

S7 Edge camera specs and review

Now, Let’s talk about the Camera both are great. The S7 Edge has 12-megapixels with F/1.7 aperture and 5-megapixel front-facing camera.   The Galaxy S7 Edge uses the latest Sony Sensor. The HTC 10 has 12-megapixels with F/1.8 aperture and 5-megapixels with F/1.8 aperture front-facing camera.  The HTC 10 has the same camera module as the Nexus 6P with optical image stabilization. The bottom line is both these cameras take amazing photos and videos, in fact, DxoMark repeatable camera resource.

HTC 10 camera specs and review

Tie the HTC 10 and the S7 Edge as the top two cameras you can buy on a smartphone however based on my tests. I did find the S7 Edge to take slightly better pictures most of the time. Due to having superior image processing something HTC has always been behind on also getting into the camera is much quicker.

On the S7 Edge just double-tap on the home button whereas the HTC 10 you have to swipe down twice which can be hit or miss. So for the Camera round the Edges goes to the S7 Edge and that’s because the better image processing and faster shortcut to get into the camera app. At the end of the day, they both take amazing photos and you really can’t go wrong with either one.



The Performance on both phones is excellent. If you live in U.S. The HTC 10 and S7 Edge share a Snapdragon 820 and have 4GB of RAM. For everyone else in the world, the S7 Edge uses an Exynos 8890 chipset regardless of the chipset both phones are fast and quite frankly. You won’t be disappointed with either one no I couldn’t really tell a difference in speed between both phones- The browsing the web, watching the videos and playing heavy games we’re both quick and fluid.

However, the initial load speed seemed to be a bit faster on the HTC 10 either HTC has better battery management or the animation speed has been increased significantly.
The HTC 10 and S7 Edge they both come with 32GB of internal storage and have a microSD card slot capable of holding up to 256GB.



They both run Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using TouchWiz and the HTC 10 running the latest version of sense. TouchWiz has gotten significantly better but still, needs polishing. There’s a lot of little glitches and Samsung still includes a lot of bloatware. HTC, on the other hand, has done a fantastic job with sense its light, it’s running well and even though it’s themed it’s not overbearing. For one there’s zero bloatware and a lot of the defaults apps are actually from Google.

There’s also a lot of stock Android Shining through especially in the quick setting in the settings menu. Now I’m giving the performance and Software round to HTC. Even though both phones share the same specs. HTC feels faster with its quicker animations and loading speeds sense may be a theme like TouchWiz. But it manages to stay out of the way while allowing some a stock Android to shine through.


Sound: –

HTC 10 audio review

HTC has always had some of the best speakers on a phone and this year they retire the large dual speakers across the top and bottom and opted for a unique approach. There are still two speakers but the top earpiece is now being utilized as-is speaker dedicated to minds and high. While the speaker on the bottom projects the low and bass it’s not as loud but it’s definitely better than a single speaker solution like one on the S7 edge.

The HTC 10 also comes with a 24bit DAC and upscaling tech for the 16-bit profile. They’ve also included an amp that can provide twice the power than a traditional one. The speaker on the S7 Edge actually pales in comparison the single speaker on the bottom has actually taken a drop in sound quality due to the waterproof coating. The mids and highs have a muted sound to it. Now as for sound it’s pretty clear that the HTC 10 wins with its boom sound speaker setup ad 24 bit DAC.

Battery: –

So the Battery comparison on both of the phones is not fair since the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 3600 mAh and HTC 10 has a smaller one at 3000 mAh. The regular Galaxy S7 would be a better comparison and with that being said the HTC 10 and regular Galaxy S7 get pretty much the same battery life. You can come from the gap through an entire day with 25-30% battery life left. However, with the Galaxy S7 Edge, you can easily push a day and a half with its bigger battery. Both phones support quick charging but only the S7 Edge can be wirelessly charged.


SPECs: – 

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Conclusion: – 

Alright, so which one is the better phone well the S7 Edge had the better design, better display, more battery features and slightly superior camera while the HTC 10 had better audio and a more enjoyable software experience. On paper the S7 Edge one more rounds but I personally prefer the HTC 10 and the reason is I find the S7 Edge uncomfortable to hold, it hard to type on and the palm rejection is not as accurate as I want it to be.

Now, If I was comparing the regular Galaxy S7, I would place the Galaxy S7 in first place with HTc 10 slightly behind. The bottom line is whether you go with the S7, S7 Edge or HTC 10 you’re going to get a great experience. Now based on my review it really comes down to what categories or features you value most in a smartphone.

Now I want to know which phone you guys prefer in the comments below and also give the ratings about the whole comparison.

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