Eve V Review: A Cheaper Surface Pro with Full Specifications and Conclusion
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Eve V Review: A Cheaper Surface Pro with Full Specifications and Conclusion

Eve V

Introduction: –

Hello, Folks! Today I’m going to take a look at Eve V Review. So, crowdfunded source products have a long history of being complete garbage, usually shipping years after their original launch dates with missing features broken functionality and no further support. So, when I heard that I could review the crowdfunded Eve V which is a lower cost better-featured competitor to the Microsoft Surface Pro. I was expecting to find yet another piece of junk that failed to live up to the hype. But I was completely and utterly wrong for my experience with the Eve V over the past few weeks. It’s not just a great competitor to the Surface Pro it’s a better option in several ways. So, let’s get start in detailing-


Design: –

Eve V Design
Image Screenshot- https://eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v


The Eve V feels very premium to me. I love the kickstand, it worked very well, wasn’t loose and it felt very much like the Surface Pro. It is an all-metal device specifically aluminium so it’s not quite the magnesium chassis that Surface uses but still it feels very nice. Now, it is jet black and it does pick up fingerprints very easily. In this sense, it reminds me very much of a Razer Blade.

Now, when it comes to weight, you’re talking about 1.33kg or 2.94lbs, that’s not particularly light and it is definitely heavier than Surface Pro but let’s be honest anything less than 3 pounds feels really nice and that goes for here as well.

It was a direct response to the Surface Pro which is not available in all countries and let’s face it, very expensive. Not only do a lot of people not want to pay all that money for it, but it lacks features that a lot of people need. So, the Eve V is sort of that answer to that and it mostly gets the job done.

Now, it’s not perfect, if you gave me a Surface Pro and the Eve V and they both cost the same which would I choose, I’d probably choose the Surface Pro. There’s a lot of good stuff for the Eve V and let’s face it between 300 and 800 dollars cheaper is not insignificant.


Display: –

Eve V Display Review
Image Screenshot- https://eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v

The Eve V display is very good. It’s a 12.3-inch IGZO LCD. That’s the same you find in the Dell XPS 13. I love IGZO, it’s very sharp and has very good contrast. In fact, you talk about a 2880 x 1920 resolution which is going to a little bit better than Surface Pro because the screen is slightly smaller. The Pixels Per Inch, it’s going to be slightly higher here too.

Now, the company behind the Eve V is promising very high colour accuracy. I got 99.9% sRGB coverage with this device when I used a colourimeter, that’s really good. That’s even slightly higher than Surface Pro. I really like the display it’s sharp, it’s bright and it’s around 400 nits. It’s not the brightest in the world but it’s definitely enough to see it outside. The reflection is okay on it, not too glossy. It does pick up fingerprints a little bit more than I would prefer and compared to some other high-end displays, it’s not quite as good and other than that the colour accuracy and vibrancy I thought it was excellent.


Windows Hello: –

Here, you don’t get Facial Recognition with the Front-facing camera. Now, to be honest, the cameras on this, there are both front and rear facing which are just okay. Now, instead, though there is a fingerprint scanner, it’s built into the power button which in one way is kind of better than Windows Hello facial recognition because as you power on the device it’s going to read you fingerprint allowing you in automatically so it saves your time.

Surface Pro often you have to hit the power button and wait for it to turn on and then use the facial recognition so there’s a slight time difference there.


Keyboard & Trackpad: –

Eve V detachable keyboard
Image Screenshot- https://eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v

It’s definitely a highlight of this device just like the display, so obviously, this is a type-cover clone. It did a very good job with it. I’m very picky with keyboards and this is one of the best I’ve used. It’s very stiff and it feels great in key responsiveness. I think they did a great job here.

The trackpad is also excellent because it uses precision drivers. It also has Gorilla Glass, so it feels really nice. A little bit stiff on the clicking port but it worked well.

Now, there are other cool features with this keyboard.  For instance, there’s Bluetooth built-in. I understand that a lot of people like to detachable keyboard and would like to use it wirelessly. It’s a little tricky to turn on but once it paired up it worked pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, a Bluetooth keyboard never functions as well as a connected one but I still like having that feature and I’m sure a lot of you will too.

The other cool thing here is the RGB lighting so the keys are back-lit and you can control that. And there are also 7 different colours. Now the back-light keys are not best out there. It’s going to be a little difficult to see in some lighting conditions but it’s better than nothing and it works well and I like those colour choices.

Eve V Keyboard
Image Screenshot- https://eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v

Finally, the keyboard is covered in Alcantara so it’s very cloth-like. It’s not quite as good as the Surface Pro 1 which is a little bit smoother and this does pick up dust and lint. If you have cats in your household you’ll probably gonna have to clean this on occasion. But other than that, it feels really nice to type on. I should also mention because of that Bluetooth aspect there. There’s gonna be the battery on the keyboard and that makes it a little bit heavier.

Overall, it’s not a huge problem but if lift the screen up very quickly I found the keyboard detaches quite readily because those magnets just aren’t strong enough.

Eve V Touch Pen
Image Screenshot- https://eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v

Now, what’s also cool about that keyboard is that it comes with the device in the box so you don’t have to pay extra for it and that also includes the pen that comes with this device. Now, this pen has 1,024 levels of pressure, it’s intriguing. So, this is like an older generation Surface Pen.


Processor, Memory & Performance: –

The Eve V running a Core M3/i5 or i7 processor. However, these are Y series processors, not the typical U series that are found in most Ultrabooks and the Surface Pro.

Would this mean in reality is two things:

one is where you get better battery life with the Eve V compared to Surface Pro, at least if the batteries were even in size. They’re not quite, but still. This gets around 8 to 9 hours of battery life which is pretty solid in my opinion.

The other thing is going to come down to performance. Basically, the Y series and U series perform about the same when it comes to short bursts.

So, you wouldn’t get very good performance if you are opening a web browser or loading a web page, running short apps and that kind of things. The difference comes down to long term-tasks. If you’re going to be doing video editing, for instance, the Surface Pro is going to outperform this device by a significant margin.

And for my review, I’m using the Core i7 model and I’m pretty impressed with it. For like I said, for a light-computer task it feels just fine to me. But, if you’re going to be using this for playing games, that’s gonna be a different story.

Eve V Ports & Slots
Image Screenshot- https://eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v

But there’s an upside here too for those who like to game which is the port selection so the Eve V is going to have two USB type-A and two USB Type-C ports and one of those is Thunderbolt 3. That means you can connect up an eGPU like the Razer cord to it and I have done just that. It plays video games just awesome. And the reason for that a lot of video games are GPU intensive and don’t rely heavily on the CPU. That means you can play some pretty significant Triple-A titles if you have a powerful enough GPU.

Now, I’m using a 1080Ti, arguably one of the best GPU’s on the market and it is super expensive. It’s a very cool experience just to plug in that one plug, charge the Eve V, power it, get the display, and be able to play high-end video games. So, if that is something that interests you well, this is your device and have no problems there.

You get about 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB SSD that’s specifically PCIe and an Intel 600 P series. That’s overall pretty good SSD. I’m pretty happy with the read and write speeds there. I think most people would be okay with it as well. It’s not most pre-mooned version out there but it gets the job done.


Battery: –

Overall, it is very good. I’m gonna say its around 8 to 9 hours that’s on the Core i7 model. Of course, you may get a little higher on the Core M3 or i5 version and you can also go into the BIOS settings and choose between performance or battery life and possibly extend that by a little bit more.


Conclusion: –

Finally, I’m actually really impressed with the Eve V. it’s much better than I anticipated.

So, is it better than the Microsoft Surface Pro?

Of course, Surface Pro beats it in some department including just overall design. But they did a really bang-up job here and in some ways, this does beat Surface Pro for instance when it does come down those ports, I like having two USB type-C especially for one for Thunderbolt. Being able to connect up an external GPU is pretty awesome because I already have an external GPU but if you don’t it’s a huge investment, you’re gonna have to way the cost of that.

Having said that, if you do wanna get one I think it’s a great choice it’s paired up nicely. That is especially important for that processor, this is a really good processor in my opinion but it’s good for short bursts and light computing. If you’re looking to render video and do a very long-term task where you’re going to be taxing that CPU, it’s gonna be kind of painful. In that case, a U processor is going to be much better.

It’s just going to be a difficult sell for a lot of people. Don’t forget this is going to be sold through a flash sale, meaning they’re not purchasing a ton of these and then waiting for people to buy them; instead you have to reserve yours and get it shipped to you. I still think if you’re in the market though for this type of device and this meets your expectations, I think it’s a great purchase.


Indian Buyers  Buy Now Price
Eve V Coming Soon Rs 96,000
International Buyers
Eve V Coming Soon $ 1,199.99


SPECs: –

  • AC (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Miracast Wireless Display
  • Dimensions- 295.9 x 205.3 x 8.9mm
  • Weight- 925g Tablet + 410g Keyboard 
  • 12.3-inch Sharp IGZO LCD 2880 x 1920 Resolution
  • Gorilla Glass with Anti-fingerprint 
Camera Front: 2-MP

Back: 5-MP 

PROCESSOR OS- Windows 10 Home or Pro

  • Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7Y75
  • Intel 7th Gen Core i5-7Y54
  • Intel 7th Gen Core m3-7Y30 

Storage- 128GB / 512GB / 1TB PCIe SSD



2x USB-A 3.0

1x USB 3.0 USB-C

1x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C 

1x 3.5mm Audio Jack

1 Micro SDXC Reader




Wired & wireless backlit Keyboard with glass covered precision touchpad driver

Gorilla Glass with anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection coating Metal-mesh technology

SENSORS Fingerprint, Hall, Gravity, Light, Gyroscope 



  • Eve V4.0

Here in this Review, I have described Eve V Review: A Cheaper Surface Pro with Full Specifications and Conclusion. I still think if you’re in the market though for this type of device and this meets your expectations, I think it’s a great purchase.

4.0Overall Score
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