Dell XPS 13 Review, Full Detail Specifications, Current Price, and Conclusion

Dell XPS 13 

Introduction: –

Hello! Guys, Today, I’m going to take a look at Dell XPS 13 Review. It’s a very good device I really like the Dell XPS 13. It’s still one of my favorite 13-inch laptops. In terms of performance,  it’s very good, Kaby Lake is awesome. So let’s get started-

Design: –

Dell XPS 13 ports and design review

Now, Let’s go around to the side of the device, Compared to the old XPS 13 nothing has changed. It’s on the USB 3.0 port here, that can also charge. You have a USB Type-C full Thunderbolt 3, so you can use that for external monitors and even trickle charging a little bit. It’s not quite as fast as using the barrel plug here, but you can use that to charge with some devices. You do still have a barrel plug charger, which is really small and compact always a nice thing. Of course, you have a headphone jack.

You do have a little battery gauge here which is very common on Dells. You can also check your battery status without actually turning on the device. Side speaker here really cool design, not on the bottom, not on the top, It’s on the side. Basically right nice in the middle, gives you a really good experience. It doesn’t get muffled. I really like these speakers a lot.

Dell XPS 13 design review

Coming around to the back, of course, nothing new there, same thing over here on the side, you have Kensington lock, another USB 3.0 and a full SD card slot still there in case you need it. One of the few differences left in this UltraBook range here from Dell has they still kept that SD card and Of course the other Speaker.

Coming around to the front here you do have, It’s gonna be a little hard to see here, but a tiny LED which lights up when you’re charging. Really nice effect, very subtle and cool-looking.

Coming to the Bottom, of course, It still very clean. Dell’s been very good with this. In fact, what they do here with the XPS line, They have the little card in the center of the back that opens up and that’s where all your information goes. Here is the grill for the fans, basically the intake and then you have these rubber feet for mounting the device.

Display: –

Dell XPS 13 Display review

It’s pretty expensive but you do get that awesome QHD display. let’s talk about that, not much as changed here you are still running the IGZO IPS panel display, very thin bezels, of course, QHD and full touch. You do have the option still for a full HD matte display which I actually really prefer if you’re gonna be doing a lot of writing.

Processor: –

Dell XPS 13 processor review

It is running the Intel Core i5, i3, and i7 Kaby Lake generation, 7th generation processor. You do get a slight performance boost. The biggest thing besides slightly improved performance with Kaby Lake. However is the improved thermals, So you’re gonna run a little bit cooler and of course, better battery life. And we do see that here with this i7 version that we are running.

In addition, they swapped out the WiFi card which some people had issues with. It is now running the Killer AC Wireless Card 1535 to be specific.

Memory & Pricing: – 

They finally boosted the battery size from 56 watt-hours to 60 watt-hours. You can start off at Core i3 with 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage at 700 dollars. Goes all the way up through to about 1644 dollars depending if you get the rose gold option. That’s for the Core i7 16GB and 512GB of storage. Here we are running a Core i7 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage and that comes with a price tag of about 1264 dollars.

Keyboard: –

Dell XPS 13 keyboard and TrackPad review

Keyboard still the same nothing else has changed but overall you get that nice carbon fiber design here which is very soft to the touch and feels great. It does pick up oil though. So if you ‘re one of those people who hate smudges and everything, you will have to wipe this down on occasion. The outside, of course, stays fine because it’s metal but on the inside, it will get kinda greasy.

Trackpad: –

The trackpad is also still very good. Precision Touchpad one of my favorites, one reason why I really like the Dell is that they stick to that, So this is one of my favorite trackpads to use. If you do order one of these, I do advise you to check out the trackpad as the first thing. Some people have reported that the trackpad is loose, so if you tap it, see how there’s no noise coming there. But if you tap that and you hear a clicking, you may have a loose trackpad.

Camera & Sensors: – 

However, there are few things here, First of all, we don’t have any windows Hello system here. So there’s no bio-authentication. No fingerprint reader, nothing to do with the camera. You still get the weird web camera here at the bottom, depending on how often you use that, that may or may not bother you. I actually do not use the webcam very often, but people who do rely on it. This does give a very awkward angle. So you wanna make sure, think about that before you order this device. On the other hand, you get a really cool display. It’s a very compact design.

Sound: – 

In terms of speakers too, I really do like these speakers. Now, I keep comparing to the HP version, which has 4 speakers. Dell XPS 13 has only two but I actually like the quality of these speakers a little bit better. A little bit more bassy, more full sounding, you can feel the resonance in the body of the device a little bit more as well.

Battery: –

Now Dell gets some like crazy battery estimates for this. I’ll say using the QHD Core i7 version, I’m pushing around 10 hours which is actually really impressive. I used t get that with their older full HD version but now I’m seeing it with the QHD. SO 10 hours mark for me is pretty amazing. I could only imagine it’s going to be higher probably in the 13 or 14-hour range If you do get the full HD matte non-touch option. So, the battery life is your goal, go for that one.

One thing I really do like about the XPS 13 is the fan noise, it’s very low. In fact it barely ever comes on when it’s running idle or just doing light work, you will not hear this fan.

Conclusion: – 

I love everything about this update. You still get the Kaby Lake processor which is gonna be better for thermals, better processing ad overall runs very well. You get a precision Touchpad a fantastic typing experience, that wonderful display and it’s all put into a really compact machine that’s easy to carry around and gets great battery life.

So, far so good but that pricing is definitely quite high. It also doesn’t turn into a two in one, it’s a straight-up laptop. which honestly, for myself is totally fine, your needs may vary. You do, of course, get that SD card slot which is kind of important for some of you, so take that into consideration.

It also doesn’t turn into a two in one, it’s a straight-up laptop. which honestly, for myself is totally fine, your needs may vary. You do, of course, get that SD card slot which is kind of important for some of you, so take that into consideration. But in my personal opinion, it is an excellent laptop in every quality and performance.

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SPECs: – 

  • Dimensions-  9-15mm x 304mm x 200mm
  • Weight-   1.2kg non-touch, 1.29kg touch
  • Size-   13.3-inch Ultra-Sharp, Quad HD+ (3200 x 1800p) Infinity Edge touch
  • -13.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080p) Infinity Edge
  • -Anti-glare, 400-nits, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 72% color gamut
  • -170′ wide viewing angle
  • OS-   Wndows 10 Pro
  • Core-   Intel i3-6100U Processor (up to 2.3 GHz)
  • -Intel i5-6200U Processor (up to 2.8 GHz)
  • -Intel i7-6500U Processor (up to 3.1 GHz)
  • -Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Internal-  4GB, 8GB or 16GB Dual Channel  LPDDR3 SDRAM at 1866MHz-Onboard
  • -3 in 1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC)
  • -Nobel Lock Slot
  • -Widescreen HD 720p webcam with dual array digital microphones
  • Intel 8260  2×2  802.11ac + Bluetooth-  v4.1
  • Dell Wireless 1820A 2×2 802.11ac + Bluetooth- v4.1
  • -128GB SATA, 256GB PCIe, 1TB PCIe SSD
  • USB-    2USB  3.0 (1 with Power share)
  • -1 Thunderbolt; 3 Supports
  • -Stereo Speakers professonally tuned with WavesMaxx  Audio
  • Battery-   56Whr battery
  • -45W AC adapter