Best Specifications comparison b/w iPhone 7 and Google Pixel

iPhone 7  and Google Pixel

Introduction: – 

Today, I’m going to do a full comparison b/w iPhone 7 and  Google Pixel, the smaller set of rivals from Apple and Google. These are very interesting products one of them is and has always been a pure Apple smartphone with hardware and software built and designed by Apple.   However, it was built by HTC which is not a problem and as you know the iPhone was released in September 2016 and the Google Pixel in October 2016.  So they’re very close to each other and people are naturally wondering which smartphone is better is the iPhone 7 superior to The Google Pixel.

Design: – 

Let’s start with the build and design these phones look a little like but that’s a good thing because it is a good design template. The iPhone 7 is a gorgeous looking phone packed in a solid aluminum, unibody.  It has a smooth continuous form and a premium feel which is a staple of Apple products nothing less is to be expected the Google pixel offers a great build and premium feel as well. It has shepherd edges and a two-tone finish on the back panel that looks fancy. It is a unique body aluminum casing but on the backside. The top part has a glass shade which houses the fingerprint sensor and the Camera, the camera does not protrude which is a great thing.

Now, I must say that I prefer the continuous form of the iPhone over the Google Pixel doesn’t seem quite as refined to look at as the iPhone, as a matter of fact. It actually feels rather pixelated which you may have course have a different opinion as this is a very subjective territory.

The iPhone sports to stereo speakers and produces the superior sound of the two while the Google Pixel has one speaker at the bottom which is loud but not quite on par with the iPhone as a counter-attack, the Google Pixel has a headphone jack on the top which will make many people happy.

On the front of water resistance. The Google Pixels suffers a below the iPhone 7 has ip67 grade water resistance which protects it from water splashes and accidental water submersion but the Google Pixel has no water protection.  In this category, iPhone has a slight lead thanks to water resistance the build quality on both is of equal worth but the design choice is up to your personal preference.


Processor & Memory: –

Let’s move on to the processor memory and storage option- the iPhone 7 comes with 18 fusion processor clocked at 2.34 gigahertz and 2GB of RAM while the Google Pixel comes with a Snapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.15 gigahertz and 4GB RAM as for storage. The iPhone can be acquired in 32GB, 120GB or 256GB options while the Google Pixel can be acquired in 32GB or 128GB. There is something that the Google Pixel offers that the iPhone simply cannot match all.  Google Pixel owners get unlimited cloud storage for their photos and videos so anytime you take a picture you can choose to upload it to cloud at a maximum quality which saves space on your local storage.


Dimensions: – 

Let’s take a look at the dimensions really quickly, the iPhone 7 measures 138.2 mm height. It is 67.1 mm wide and 7.1 mm thick, it weighs 138gm.  Google Pixel 143.8mm in heights, 69.5mm wide 7.3mm thick, it weighs 143gm. It seems that the google pixel is thicker but lighter than the iPhone. I’m not concerned about these numbers too much doubt they’re going to affect anyone’s buying choice.


Display: – 

display comparison between iPhone 7 and google pixel


Let’s move onto the Display, iPhone 7 has a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels and 326 PPI. Google Pixel has a 5 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080p which is 1080 x 1920 and 441 PPI.  As clearly has a sharper display due to the higher 1080p resolution because it is not quad HD.  I’m slightly disappointed however 1080p is still a fantastic resolution. iPhone 7 has a strength in that is a color reproduction and has a brighter display but it’s not going to be sharper than the Google Pixel AMOLED display.  Now, I do have to say that either display is a fine choice and affects your buying decision unless you want that extra screen real estate you get with the google pixel which is 5-inch v/s 4.7 inches on the iPhone 7.

Camera: – 

camera comparison between iPhone 7 and google pixel

Let’s take a look at the facts the google pixel 12.3-megapixel rear-facing camera with an aperture of f/2.o and the iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera with an aperture of f/1.8 also. The iPhone 7 has optical image stabilization while Google Pixel does not.  Google Pixel actually has gyroscopic stabilization and both do a great job at stabilization.  So which camera is better that’s really very hard to answer because both of the cameras produce absolutely stunning photos whether it is in bright daylight or in low light conditions.

Video: – 

Now as for video recording both phones can record 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second as well as 4k at 30 frames per second. You can also shoot super slow motion video at 720p at 240 frames per second or if you want 1080p at 120 frames per seconds with either phone. These are some very pleasing numbers.

On the front, we have a 7-megapixel camera for the iPhone 7 and 8-megapixel camera for the Google pixel now selfies using. The google pixel is actually sharper but all both front cameras to a great job of video conferencing and picture-taking so the big question should you make a decision on which phone to buy based on the camera quality absolutely not since you get super cameras.


Softwares: –

The google pixel runs on the latest version of pure android and the iPhone runs on the latest version of ios.  Obviously, there’s a huge difference between android and ios is an open-ended system that allows you to customize your phone’s home screen.

I want to talk about his voice assistance so pixel has google assistant while iPhone has Siri and google assistant is better as it utilizes the vast google database for instance if you are searching for a location google assistant will tap into google maps while seeing real tap into Apple maps and it is universally admitted that google maps are vastly superior to Apple man as such the results offered by google assistant or of higher quality and more accurate google assistant is also a very contextual.

Battery: – 

let’s move on to the battery capacity we are looking at the google pixel width 2770 mAh powers and the iPhone 7 with 1960 mAh. You won’t be disappointed with the battery life and of course, both phones offer battery saver modes. That can activate in case your battery is running short and you want to conserve as much as possible. but only the pixel offers fast charging which gives you 7 hours of battery life within 15 minutes of charging something.

The iPhone 7 can’t do this is the kind of feature that could save the day if you suddenly have to leave your house but realize that your battery is almost dead.  That’s when you just plug in the phone to the charger while you get ready and suddenly you have hours of battery life to sustain your mobile life in the battery department due to the fast charging features I’d give a slight lead to google pixel but they’re pretty much equal when it comes to overall battery life after a full charge.

Sensors: – 

Let’s talk about security features both phones have fingerprint sensors that work lightening fast and flawlessly the only difference is that the iPhone has it on the front while the google pixel has it on the back side now everything looks good here.

Colors & Price: – 

colors comparison between iPhone 7 and google pixel

iPhone 7 and google pixel colors comparison


let’s move on to colors and pricing for the iPhone 7 starts at Rs. 56,500 ($ 841.02) for 32GB model and you can get in jet-black, silver, gold, rose gold and black colors, the google pixel is surprisingly similarly priced around at Rs. 55,000 ($ 818.42) for 32GB model with three colors blue, black or silver.So you have a more diverse color selection on the iPhone.

Benchmark: – 

Let’s move on to the benchmarks so let’s tests between these two champions and see which one produces more raw horsepower, we will be using the latest geek bench benchmarking tool to complete this test. So let’s quickly kill all the background tasks and launch geek bench on both phones and of course, I’ll fast forward the result all the way to the end so we don’t waste several minutes staring at the screen, then you’ll see the iPhone 7 has a significant lead over the google pixel in the single core performance, it’s more than twice as fast and the multi-core performance the lead is still significant but overall it’s very clear that the iPhone has more raw horsepower and now it is time for a conclusion.

Conclusion: – 

Let’s crunch all the information, End the thought experiment and reintroduce iPhone is the way to go if you want customization and personalization. In the case of google pixel if you want a better voice assistant you should go for the google pixel. Google assistant is better than Siri and of course, you still get access to millions of apps but the gaming and app quality is simply not good as the iPhone. Apps are the important so really if you are a generalist you can pick either phone based on some features that appeal to you but if you are specialist you have to very careful about the kind of software experience.

After the full comparison between iPhone 7 and google pixel, both are amazing phones. That’s why I can’t tell you that which one you have to purchase.  I just want to tell you can buy this phone on the behalf your bank balance, A brand and Camera quality both an are awesome phone  and I also want to suggest you that which online website is perfect for buying these amazing smartphones. So click the link below-

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