Acer Swift 7 In-Depth Review, Full Laptop Specifications, Current Price, and My Opinion

Acer Swift 7 

Introduction: –

Hello, Guys! Today, I’m going to take a look at Acer Swift 7 review. Not only in the smartphone segment, Apple also has a big contribution in today’s Notebook design. Since the emergence of MacBook Air, and now, all new MacBook, many other Notebook manufacturers are ultimately interested in creating ultrathin Notebook. And again, we received an ultra-thin Notebook from Taiwan, namely Acer Swift 7. So, let’s find out-


Design: –

Acer Swift 7 design review

Its thickness may complete All New MacBook. When the screen is closed, it is only about 1 cm thick. Just like the New MacBook or the ZenBook series lines from ASUS. Acer Swift 7 is a Notebook specially designed for professional users or businessman with extra high mobility.

This Notebook brings a premium and stylish design with a blend of black colour on the outside and gold colour inside. The stylish impression can also be seen in this USB port. It feels very expensive and black and gold aluminium finish.

On the bottom of the Clamshell, we find a unibody aluminium design with an aluminium bottom plate that is more rigid in my hands and squeaks less while it fixes to make it feel more premium. But that ends up actually performing worse if I bend it.

Acer is still kind enough to provide two USB—C ports on the right side of the Notebook, right next to audio jacks. So, when one port is being used for charging, there is still another port that can be used.


Display: –

Acer Swift 7 Display review

The Screen size is 13.3-inch, IPS Full HD, glossy and coated by Gorilla Glass. The body dimension is just the same as the 14-inch Notebook. This is due to the Keyboard and touchpad area that is very roomy. It’s very rich IPS panel, viewing angles are very good and 1080p on a 13-inch laptop is more than anybody needs everything is super sharp.

In addition to portable, Acer Swift 7 is also quite flexible. This is reflected from the display panel that can be stretched up. But there is one thing that may be bothering, especially if you always open Notebook screen with only one hand. The entire body of the Notebook will all get lifted when we try to open the screen one hand. The reason is that of the weight of this Notebook is only 1.1kg. However, I don’t think if this is a big deal. At least, I’ll not feel that it’s too heavy to carry while travelling.


Keyboard: –

Acer Swift 7 Keyboard and Touchpad review

Moving to the keyboard and trackpad, now, the bad news is that there’s no biometric sensor to be found. So, you can not use Windows Hello to log in. And there’s no keyboard backlight which is a bit of a strange.

The keys feel a bit spongy requiring a lot of pressure to press down but without much of tactile feel though as far as typing speed goes while I don’t like them, they don’t slow me down much so I can’t complain about that.

Compared to all MacBook Keyboard the Acer Swift 7 keyboard has some space between the keys. Its height or its distance is also tolerable. This keyboard feels soft when used to type quickly with a distinctive sound.

Meanwhile, the touchpad area is very wide that it reaches 14cm, equipped with multi-gesture and palm rejection features. Although it is classified as ultra thin and portable notebooks.


Performance: –

Since this is an ultrathin and portable notebook with the passive cooling system, or having no fan, then the SoC used has been adjusted. Acer Swift 7 is brained by CPU Dual-Core Intel Kaby-Lake Core i7-7Y75 which has excellent power efficiency with TDP 4.5 Watts. Its 1.3GHz ClockSpeed basic has been integrated with GPU Intel HD Graphics 615. This SoC is accompanied by LPDDR3 8 gigs of RAM and 256GB SSD. Now, the sad thing, it’s not NVMe it’s only set of speeds.

Specification, on paper, is at the same level as Apple’s All New MacBook. For daily needs, ranging from browsing, HD video streaming, or lightweight to medium graphics, this Notebook is very reliable.

The audio is excellent as well with Dolby Support. We’ve also tried to run everyone’s favourite game, DOTA2. This game feels smooth with medium graphical configuration. We also tried other games, like Argo and Batman Telltale. Both of these games feel smooth and comfortable to play if using low graphics option only. This is quite reasonable because Acer Swift 7 only relies on energy-efficient CPU with integrated GPU Intel.


Battery: –

Regarding the battery, Acer Swift 7 brings 2770 mAh battery capacity. Acer claims that this battery can last up to nine hours depending on usage. But from the test I did, it can last between 5-6 hours on the average.


Conclusion: –

Entering the category of ultrathin Notebook with a classy design, Acer Swift 7 is certainly not a cheap Notebook. This Notebook was created to aim the upper middle class, like a businessman or a young executive. Both in terms of performance and price, Acer Swift 7 is undoubtedly the compatible opponent of the latest generation of other Notebooks. Personally, I also want to suggest you that this laptop is good but keep in mind one thing, you shouldn’t buy this laptop based on, because of the build quality is very good, the weight of the laptop is very light and performance is average. So, think about it and then buy.


Indian Buyers Buy Now Price
Acer Swift 7 Acer Swift 7 buy now Rs. 94,988
International Buyers
Acer Swift 7 Acer Swift 7 buy now $ 1049.00

SPECs: –

NETWORK Connectivity-  802.11ac, wireless LAN
BODY Dimensions-  324.60 x 229.60 x 9.98mm

Weight-  1.1kg

DISPLAY Type & Size-  13.3-inch, IPS Full HD 1920 x 1080p

Graphics-  Intel LPDDR3 Shared Graphics memory

PROCESSOR OS-  Windows 10 Home

Chip-  Intel Core i7-7Y75 1.3GHz


256GB Storage

PORTS 2x USB 3.1 Type-C
POWER Battery-  4-Cell Li-Po 2770 mAh

Adapter-  45Wh